Where The Wild Things Are Toddler Costume

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You can tell if your kid is a wild thing by looking for these signs: roaring, stomping, and eating the things that he or she loves. That’s right! We are continuing our Halloween spookiness today with this adorable costume from Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, courtesy of Leg Avenue.

This costume is a romper, which makes it just perfectly warm for those of us who live in colder trick-or-treat locations. It’s made of 100% polyester, which makes it feel like a snuggly onesie for even the littlest monsters.

The crown is removable for easier washing and play. Plus, who can get over those tiny whiskers? If this is your kid’s favorite book, or even if it’s YOUR favorite, you know this costume is going to be a hit for everyone who sees it, leading to prime candy rewarding. And do not feel the need to limit its use to Halloween, either. This costume can be worn as snuggly pajamas or as a general play romper for kids who are especially monsterrific.

But our favorite part of this costume? The adorable sewn-in buttons, which really lends a whole made-with-loving-care-by-Mom feel to the ensemble, which is the exact reason the real Max loved his costume.

Leg Avenue makes some of the best-known costumes in the Halloween. You will find their costumes in nearly every brick-and-mortar store that sells Halloween goodies, and they are always the most sought-after looks, whether for men, women, kids, or even babies. There’s a very obvious reason for that– not only are their costumes always creative and adorable, but they look good too.

As always with kids’ costumes, make sure to buy a size up. Sizing information can be confusing for each and every child, and bigger is always better.

For siblings or cousins, or even just playground buddies, make sure to pair it with the Wild Max Monster costume for an extra treat!

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