Traveling with Baby Checklist

Whether you’re visiting relatives or heading out for a destination vacation, we have you covered with this traveling with baby checklist.

Traveling with Baby Checklist: Father with Baby using a Baby Carrier photo

Finally, the time has come for you to enjoy a much-needed family vacation. Yet, while packing, you’re probably wondering if there’s a traveling with baby checklist. We know from experience, there’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot to bring an essential item after you’ve already left. Traveling can feel overwhelming, whether you plan on traveling by automobile, plane, train, or boat. So, feel at ease knowing that we’ve created a traveling with baby checklist of absolute must-haves that parents with previous traveling experiences swear by. We cover everything from bags to grooming, so you can focus more on your family time. Whether you are visiting relatives or heading out for a destination vacation, we have you covered with these essential travel items.

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All set? Let’s get traveling!

Traveling with Baby Essentials

Traveling with Baby Checklist: Backpack Diaper Bag with Various Features Highlighted image

Backpack Diaper Bag

With over 20k five-star reviews, this versatile backpack and diaper bag combo comes designed for convenience. Instead of carrying multiple bags of baby and/or toddler things, get this all-in-one to meet all your traveling needs. It holds multiple items, including bottles, food, diapers, clothes, and more. As an additional recommendation, try out this portable changing pad for even more convenient traveling!

Car Seat Protector Bag for Traveling with Baby Checklist image

Car Seat Protector Bag

Protect your child’s car seat with a durable gate check bag, ready to take the brunt of any mishandling while flying. Tough and durable, so you can prevent scratches, rips, tears, or stains from happening when checking your car seat in for travel. The universal design means it keeps up with your growing child. Also, whether you are checking a booster, convertible, or infant seat, you can comfortably carry any child seat as a backpack or with the more traditional handle.

Traveling with Baby Checklist: On the Go Diaper Bag Dispenser in Package photo

On-the-Go Diaper Bag Dispenser

Never be caught off guard when a stinky diaper needs to be tossed away. With this, you’ll always have diaper disposable bags within reach of every dirty diaper change. In addition, the fresh smell of lavender masks unpleasant odors. Further, you can easily snap the diaper bag holder onto the handles of strollers, carriers, or onto the straps of bags for quick and convenient use. Refillable bags are also available, perfect for stocking up in preparation for any upcoming trips.

Travel Dining with Baby

Infant in a Portable Travel Harness Seat photo

Travel Seat Harness

Next on our traveling with baby checklist comes this superb item. To be sure, it’s challenging to find a way for your little one to enjoy a meal out when highchairs or booster seats are unavailable. So, be prepared by bringing this seat harness. It includes a five-point strap system to keep your little one safe and secure as they enjoy eating their meal with everyone around the table. Designed for ages six months and up, and machine washable, allowing for stress-free dining experiences.

Four photos Highlighted Features of a Travel Booster Seat image

Travel Booster Seat with Tray

Heading out to the beach, a day at the park, or camping under the stars requires a comfortable chair for your little one. Certainly, with this, they’ll feel like one of the big kids. Perfect for ages six months to three years of age, this chair is machine washable and includes a detachable tray. As an added bonus, the tray is dishwasher safe, which means less time cleaning and more time relaxing!

Munchkin Snack Catcher Cups 2-Pack photo

Snack Catcher

Prevent grumbling tummies by having snacks on hand in a portable snack catcher. Designed for independent toddlers, this keeps snacks inside of the container until tiny hands reach in and grab what they want to eat. Further, each of the two containers holds approximately nine ounces of treats. In addition, they fit in the standard sized cup holders of car seats, strollers, and automobiles. Lastly, to clean, simply rinse and place on to the top rack of the dishwasher. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Baby Bottle Brush Travel Set with Feature Highlights image

Baby Bottle Brush Travel Set

Keeping baby bottles clean is a challenge at home, let alone when you are traveling with your little one. Thankfully, having a bottle brush set that helps you keep bottles clean makes traveling a bit easier for you. This six-in-one container packs in everything you need, including bottle, nipple, and straw brushes, a soap dispenser, a bottle warmer, and a drying rack. In addition, the travel bottle cleaner is dishwasher safe.

Sleepy-Time Traveling with Baby

Portable White Noise Machine in foreground with Mother and Infant in Background photo

Portable White Noise Machine

Lull your baby or toddler to sleep with the sounds of white noise or gentle surf. The portable sound sleeper can attach to carriers, strollers, cribs, or bags. When it needs to be recharged, simply use the included USB cord. Further it’s compact enough that, when not in use, it can be tossed into a diaper bag or backpack without taking up loads of space. So, drown out those unfamiliar, sometimes chaotic, sounds of traveling, and your little one will be well-rested for their next big adventure. 

Fisher Price On-the-Go Baby Dome Box photo

On-the-Go Baby Dome

Enjoy the great outdoors, or sit in the comfort of the tranquil indoors, while your infant rests comfortably in their own portable dome crib. Importantly, it folds flat, and the handles allow for easy traveling. In addition, because it was created for newborns and babies up to five months of age, the dome canopy can equip activity gym toys, while the dome canopy protects them from the outdoor elements. Plus, it totally reminds us of the Baby Yoda pram in The Mandalorian which is delightful.

Out-and-About Travel with Baby

Expecting snow or rain on your trip? Jump on over to our list of the best cold-weather boots and rain boots for toddlers.

Traveling with Baby Checklist: Mother with Baby in a 4-in-1 Baby Carrier photo

4-in-1 Baby Carrier

Enjoy a leisurely walk without the hassle of a stroller by safely carrying around your baby in a carrier. The convertible carrier is built to hold babies weighing a minimum of eight pounds and up to thirty-two pounds. Further, your baby can either face-in or face-out, while the ergonomic seat that has two styles: a narrow seat for newborns, and a wide seat for older babies. In addition, the adjustable, padded shoulder straps and waist belt provide you with comfort and support.

Car Seat Travel Belt Attaching a Car Seat to a Piece of Wheeled Luggage photo

Car Seat Travel Belt

Briskly walking from one terminal to another to make a flight change can seem like an impossible mission, especially when you have car seat in tow. However, utilizing a car seat travel belt allows you safely attach your child’s car seat to your rolling luggage. In the end, you’ll like that it saves your back from carrying around a car seat through busy airports and while waiting in long lines.

Mother and Baby Using a Munchkin Collapsible Trunk Organizer / Diaper Change Station photo

Collapsible Trunk Organizer / Diaper Change Station

If you are planning on traveling by automobile, keep your baby/toddler necessities secure and altogether with this trunk organizer. It comes with a changing pad, and holds diapers, wipes, disposable diaper bags, clothes, and more! With everything all in once place, road trip diaper changes are worry free and convenient.

Traveling with Baby Checklist: Folding Travel Potty Seat Box and Contents photo

Folding Travel Potty Seat

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean potty-training must come to a stop. Your toddler can potty train while on the go with a foldable, travel potty seat. This travel seat suctions to most toilets and can be easily wiped clean. Once clean, the seat can be folded flat and placed inside the discrete bag that it comes with, which is small enough to placed inside of a purse or travel bag. Ideal for public restrooms, in-flight toilets, and even at home, after your vacation, as your little one continues their potty training.

Burt's Bees Trial Size Bath & Skin Care Kit Package photo

Trial Size Bath & Skin Care Kit

Traveling on an airplane means that you must meet the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) standards, which can affect what you pack. To bring baby and toddler traveling essentials on board the flight, such as shampoo and lotion, they must be in a container that is at or less than 3.4oz. So, to meet these requirements, consider purchasing a gift set that includes sample sizes and have all your baby’s needs while following the guidelines.

Traveling with Baby Checklist: Fisher Price Baby Grooming Kit Package photo

Baby Grooming Kit

And finally, we’ve reached the last item on our traveling with baby checklist. Having the essential grooming tools in a portable carrying case, helps ensure that you have all your baby’s grooming needs met. Included with this is a hairbrush, comb, nail clippers, emery boards, and more. Best of all, it comes in a zippered travel case that’ll fit into any diaper bag or trunk organizer, ready for the next trip!