Top Activity Cubes, Toddler Activity Centers, & More

Activate your child’s motor skills with our list of the best activity cubes, toddler activity centers, busy boards, and more!

Mother and Child Playing with Wheeled Activity Cube photo

How many of you remember playing with a bead maze activity cube at the doctor’s office? It seemed those delightful toys were a waiting room staple of every pediatrician or dentist I had the “pleasure” to visit. There’s just something so satisfying about pushing wooden beads along a twisting wire rollercoaster. All this time, I thought activity cubes were nothing more than toys, but it turns out they offer so much more, especially for babies and toddlers!

See, activity cubes, activity centers, and busy boards are great ways to develop your little one’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as improve critical thinking and teach cause and effect. Certainly, there are many kinds of activity cubes on the market, so we did the work and found the ones that struck the right balance between cost and features. For the most part, our goal was to stick with non-electronics, but we couldn’t help ourselves and also threw in a few items that require batteries. We’re all geeks here at GeekBaby, after all.

It’s crucial to develop your child’s fine motor skills, but just as important are their gross motor skills, and swings are proven to strengthen a child’s balance and coordination. So, for the perfect compliment to an activity cube, check out our list of the best baby/toddler swings indoors or out!

All right then, let’s do this. Read on for fifteen cute, cool, geeky activity toys for your baby.

Wooden Activity Cubes

Cut the Rope Wooden Activity Cube photo

Cut the Rope Activity Cube

Ever played the app Cut the Rope? It’s a simple but engaging puzzle game enjoyed by not only kids but parents alike. So, the first item on the list brings Om Nom and friends to life with many puzzles, hooks, and doorways to interact with. In short, this large activity cube is big enough for older toddlers, small enough for barely standing infants, and something even parents themselves will enjoy!

Farm Animals Wooden Activity Cube photo

Farm Animals Activity Cube

This activity cube is adorable and filled to the edges with fun activities. In addition to a zigzag track and spinners, there’s also bead mazes and animal puzzles, to name just a few of its features. Not to mention, this cube helps with hand-eye coordination and teaches cause and effect. For me, it’s all about those cows and ducks. So cute!

Wheeled Wooden Activity Cube with images of all sides

Wheeled Activity Cube

How can one make an activity cube more active? Add wheels! This cube has it all, including a learning clock and a side that helps teach numbers, colors, and shapes. However, it should be pointed out that this is not a training toy for walking and should be used by experienced walkers only. Otherwise, holy cats, is thing awesome!

Wooden Activity Centers

Tree Top Adventure Activity Center photo

Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

In addition to being toddler-sized and filled with interesting and adorable activities, this activity center makes for excellent nursery decor. I mean, look at how cute that snail and ant are! Even the bumblebee is delightful, and I’m deeply afraid of bees (real ones anyways). Plus, this table is sturdy enough for toddlers to pull on without tipping, making it great for strengthening their standing skills.

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Deep Sea Adventure Activity Center photo

Deep Sea Adventure Activity Center

On the other hand, perhaps you prefer the ocean over the forest. Well, we got you covered! Loaded with fun activities and ultra cute sea creatures (that crab is giving me life!), this activity center is another great choice for the nursery, especially for an underwater themed one. Above all, this bright, colorful, and highly detailed activity center is sure to capture your child’s imagination!

Rocket Activity Center with close up images of features

Rocket Activity Center

From the tree tops, to the deep seas, and now to outer space, this activity center is ready to send your child’s imagination to the moon and back! Filled with features that develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills, this rocket would be a fantastic addition to any space-themed nursery. Even more good news, absolutely no ego-driven billionaires had a hand in making this rocket!

Travel Activity Cubes

Plush Camping-themed Sensory Cube for Infants photo

Plush Camping Activity Cube

Designed for infants to develop and enhance their senses, this plush cube is perfect for entertaining your little one while on the go. We recommend keeping one of these cubes with your stroller and/or in the car, so you always have it when you’re out and about with your child. However, if camping isn’t your thing, hop on over to the seller’s full Etsy shop for lots of other options!

Lego Mini Cube photo

Lego Mini Activity Cube

Everyone loves Lego. That’s a fact. Okay, maybe not a fact but you get my meaning. This cube is perfect little builders ages 2 and up. The string-attached Lego pieces mean no missing pieces or painful footfalls in the dark. In addition, this tiny cube will keep any toddler entertained for on-the-go brain stimulation and learning. Fine motor skills will be honed right before your eyes with this touch of throwback. Another perk, it’ll easily fit in a purse, pocket, or pouch, making this a great option to bring along on any trip.

Three Montessori Wooden Busy Cubes photo

Montessori Activity Cube

Not only is each of these cubes tiny and adorable, but they’re also unique due to their variety of designs and colors. Options include Hello Kitty; planes, trains, and automobiles; underwater; and a sweet, tactile sheep friend. These cubes are made for a learning baby on the go, perfect to battle the road trip blues for baby and you.

Busy Boards

LED Wooden "iPad" Toy photo

LED Busy Board

This wooden “iPad” for toddlers uses hands-on and visual stimuli to keep kids interested. As they grow, they can practice their letters or drawing skills with the individual light-up buttons to create and learn. The on/off switch flip switch, light-up buttons, and easily stowed design make this a great option for long car trips or adventures through the grocery store.

Custom-made Toddler Busy Board photo

Fully Loaded Busy Board

Maybe you want all of the fun activities a proper activity cube offers but don’t have the space (or you just prefer flat rectangles over cubes). Well, this customizable busy board is the perfect solution for you. Hang it on the wall, or tuck it under the bed, if that works better. Wherever you decide, just know, your little one is going to all about this!

Personalized Outer Space Busy Board photo

Personalized Outer Space Busy Board

How about a personalized busy board with an outer space theme? Add your child’s name and, if any of the attachments don’t suit your child’s interests, the seller is willing to work with you to build the ideal busy board perfect for your child. And, if space isn’t your thing, the Etsy shop has loads of other themes to choose from, so check them out!

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Unique Activity Toys

Interactive Electronic Pig Activity Cube with Highlighted features image

Piggy Activity Cube

Gosh, this is cute. It’s also got some really fun features. Press the nose for pig sounds. Rotate the gears to build fine motor skills. Pound the top for fun effects. There’s more, of course, but really, it’s all about that adorable little piggy. charming and delightful, what’s not to love? I suppose if you don’t love pigs as much I do, you could always go with cow option.

Toddler with a Learning Cube with Features Listed image

Learning Cube

Focusing on helping your little one to learn by having fun, this learning cube lands in the middle of busy toy and educational toy. Each of the big, colorful buttons sends kids on a learning journey. They can count to ten, practice the alphabet, learn colors, and even develop rhythm and musicality. Seriously, this thing’s won loads of awards and accolades, so you don’t have to take our word for it. Check it out!

Montessori Wooden Numbers and Shapes Toy photo

Math Activity Toy

While not a cube, this activity toy will keep your baby or toddler engaged while introducing them to the world of math early! You can try calculating the amount of fun you and your toddler can have, but the limit simply does not exist. Your child is sure to love the brightly-colored shapes, numbers, and counting disks, but really it’s all about that magnetic fishing rod for some dexterity fun! In a nutshell, this is an excellent choice for starting off your little one’s math journey right.