Toddler Astronaut Costume

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For all truly geeky babies (and even big kids too!), this costume is an accurate representation of  your child’s real-world hero.

Not only does this costume come with the very accurate orange jumpsuit, but it also has NASA and flight wing patches to ensure that your kiddo is ready to make history.

Consider pairing your astronaut with a moon or a rocket ship costume for you and/or your spouse. Even a Sailor Moon costume could get some laughs from friends during your local Halloween party or harvest festival.

And this costume isn’t just great for Halloween. It can be used to encourage play and help even big kids dream of outer space. After all, active play is the best way to turn kids towards exploring their own world– even when they are adults.

Aeromax, the company that makes this costume, also makes this awesome helmet which could easily go with the jumpsuit, although younger space adventurers may find it uncomfortable or annoying. In fact, they make a lot of extra accessories to enhance this costume– like gloves, boots, and even a candy bag.

This astronaut costume comes in sizes ranging from 6-12 months to 12-14 years. That’s right– even teens can get into the space race this Halloween! One thing we recommend? Make good use of the sizing chart. Traveling to space depends on very precise measurements and so do kids’ Halloween costumes. Buy a size up just in case.

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