Super Hero Batman Cape T-shirt Set

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What could be better than a tee celebrating the darkest of knights? A tee with a cape!

That’s right– this gorgeous Batman printed tee shirt comes with it’s very own cape, which means that it’s perfect for fighting crime, nap time, and any other adventures your little super hero decides to partake in.

But don’t worry, Incredibles fans, these capes are only attached with velcro. Which means they’ll stay on through all sorts of playful adventures, but if they get caught somewhere, they will pop right off.

And not only does this tee come with a cape, it comes with the other two Batman essentials– a utility  belt and a set of chiseled abs. Perfect for any toddler willing to fight for right. This isn’t just the tee your little one needs, but the one they deserve.
As always, consider ordering a size up. Little super heroes grow up fast and even the best of tees don’t grow along with them.

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