STEM Marie Curie Baby Onesie

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We have featured a bunch of Ety store NerdywithKid’s stuff on here before, but we have to admit it: we’re in love with the true-blooded nerdiness of their STEM collection. Featuring all the scientists you hope your kids will know about and idolize growing up, these onesies are truly the cream of the crop when you want to raise STEM-minded kids.

This one features Marie Curie with some radiation markings– which may be a grim reminder of this matriarch of science’s doom, or an important message for science-minded kiddos:  “Nothing is to be feared; it is only to be understood.”

Love this onesie too much? Got older kids who will appreciate it? Lucky enough, it comes in big kid and adult sizes. See their Etsy store for more details.

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