Star Wars AT-AT Wallpaper

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The AT-AT is one of the most recognizable and popular vehicles in the Star Wars universe. Sure, the X-Wing is probably the coolest, the Naboo Royal Starship is the most phallic, and the Millennium Falcon is the most beloved, but there’s just something about the AT-AT that we are all drawn to. They’re like an old, mangy, wobbly dog you feel some sympathy for; they could be life-threatening, but in a so-ugly-they’re-cute way. They may be a tool of the evil Empire, but you feel kinda bad when Luke topples the poor thing with a tow cable and it lands flat on its face.

The AT-AT has been immortalized many times over in a variety of merchandising, and now you can nab a colorful peel and stick wallpaper for your kids’ room featuring a repeating image of the mechanical beast walking its way into our hearts. 

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