Star Wars Nursery Decor That’s Out Of This World

We’ve gathered the cutest Star Wars baby nursery essentials, decor, and more for your new padawan.

As a new parent, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your baby’s nursery: late-night feedings, diaper changes, and rocking your beautiful baby back to sleep (so you can finally catch up on your own rest!). 

The nursery should be a peaceful place for all of your baby’s needs. But it should also be an expression of who you are, and there is no better time to express your love of Star Wars than when you have an entire Star Wars baby nursery to decorate!

This buying guide will help you pick everything from nursery essentials like crib sheets and humidifiers to books, mobiles, and wall decor. You’ll have the perfect room put together for your little Padawan in no time!

Nursery Essentials

Now, we tried to find the super cool floating crib that The Child has in The Mandalorian, but no dice. Hopefully, you can find an equally cool crib and other furniture worthy of Your Child! Check out our guide to newborn essentials here for some great recommendations. 

Once you have your nursery furniture picked out, you’ll need to find some other items to keep your baby healthy and comfortable.

Crib Sheets 🛏

star wars bed

May The Force Be With You

Not sure where to start? Cover your bases and get all of the linens you’ll need for your baby’s crib in one convenient bedding set. We love this one from Etsy; it comes with an adorable quilt with the infamous “May the Force Be With You” quote (and adorable baby version of our favorite characters!). The set also includes a bumper that covers all four sides of the crib, along with a fitted crib sheet and three themed pillows. Can we talk about the baby Chewie with the milk bottle?! Too cute.

star wars crib sheet

Personalized Star Wars Crib Sheet

If you’re looking for something really special, check out CuddleMuffinsBlanket’s personalized Star Wars crib sheets! Add your little one’s name to this Star Wars pattern, and let your baby rest in the company of baby Leia, Luke, Yoda, R2, C3PO, Darth Vader, and Storm Troopers.

Baby Yoda Crib Sheets with Sleeping Baby photo

Baby Yoday / Grogu Crib Sheet

Already have your bumper, pillows, or sheet set picked out? There’s no such thing as too many crib sheets! These fitted crib sheets with an adorable Grogu design and the words “The Child” will look perfect in your Star Wars nursery.

Lamps 💡

Rather than rely on a harsh overhead light, you can use softer lamps or night lights in the nursery to promote sleep but still allow you to easily navigate the room.

death star light lamp

Death Star Light

This sophisticated 3D Star Wars night light looks like it could be straight from the movies! And with three design choices (Death Star, R2-D2, and Millennium Falcon) and seven colors, this little light will allow you to easily switch up the decor in the nursery and give your baby something new to look at. As they get older, they will still appreciate this awesome decor piece!

Star Wars Lightsaber Nightlight Packaging photo

Lightsaber LED Light

This plug-in nightlight has a high/low soft white mode, a color changing mode, and a select your favorite color mode. It also is light sensing, so it automatically powers on at night and powers off during the day. You can even use it as a flashlight! My favorite thing about it though? Purple is an option, and there’s only one Jedi with that color lightsaber, the BMF himself, Mace Windu! The Force is strong with this one.

Curtains 🪟

Curtains help filter light to allow your baby to sleep soundly even in the daytime, but they also help set the tone for the entire room. Make sure you measure your windows to find the correct length you’ll need.

Star Wars Vintage Design Curtains photo

Classic Star Wars Curtains

These curtains feature a vintage design straight out of the 70s. Bold and bright, these are made from a Star Wars flat sheet for a twin bed and transformed into these out of this world curtains!

clone wars curtains

Clone Wars Curtains

These light blue curtains are the perfect addition to your baby’s room. With a classic clone trooper pattern, these curtains will bring the whole room together.

Yoda Curtain Tie-Backs photo

Baby Yoda Curtain Tie Back

Now that you’ve picked out your curtains, upgrade the tie-backs to these adorable handmade Baby Yoda ones from Etsy! Baby Yoda’s long arms can be tied together to hold back the curtains, and his cute cuddly face will look perfectly at home in your nursery!

Storage 🧺

Storage is so important in a nursery. After all, where are you going to keep all of those toys, onesies, burp cloths, cloth diapers, board books… you see where we’re going with this.

baby yoda storage cubes

Baby Yoda Storage Cubes

These Baby Yoda…ahem, Grogu, storage cubes are adorable. Stick them underneath your baby’s changing table, under their crib, or right next to the rocking chair for easy access! Those big eyes will match your little ones, too.

Nursery Decor (The Fun Stuff!)

Once you have all of the basics down, it’s time to decorate! Some of these items will help enhance the function of your nursery, while others are just fun and will add to the atmosphere of your Star Wars nursery.

Mobile 💫

Mobiles actually serve a pretty important purpose: they stimulate brain activity and development!

customizable character mobile

Customizable Character Mobile

This customizable Star Wars mobile is the perfect crib accessory for your nursery since you can pick and choose your favorite characters to include. Influence your baby to stay away from the Dark Side of the Force by surrounding them with Jedi like Luke and Yoda, or go for a fun twist with some side characters like the beloved Mos Eisley Cantina Band!

leia ewok mobile

Leia Ewok Mobile

Ridiculously adorable. With handmade felt characters like Leia and an Ewok along with cute stars, this mobile is a great option for nurseries with lighter pastel color palettes.

Wall Decor 🖼

set of 4 nursery prints

Set of 4 Nursery Prints

There is seriously nothing cuter than seeing your favorite Star Wars characters as babies! From Chewie with his Millennium Falcon mobile to an infant Vader practicing choking out Storm Troopers using the Force, you need these prints for your nursery wall!

minimalist watercolor prints

Minimalist Watercolor Prints

If you are going for a more minimalistic nursery, these watercolor art prints will perfectly complement your Star Wars theme without being too busy. Not looking for these droids? Find more choices here!

colorful art prints

Colorful Art Prints

Artistic renderings of the main Star Wars characters as kids against colorful backgrounds provide cheery wall decor to brighten up your nursery. These art prints would be so cute hung over a dresser or changing table!

personalized wooden name sign

Personalized Wooden Name Sign

This is an awesome decor piece that will look just as good on the nursery wall as it would in a master bedroom or by the front door. Etsy seller BenchmarkSignGifts creates custom wooden signs of your name, carved in the classic Star Wars font! This would be a cool piece to adorn the nursery that your child will continue to enjoy as they get older. Or you could order one with your last name, and move it from the nursery to the main room as your baby ages!

Books 📚

Reading to your baby has been proven to help brain development and language skills. As they get older, your child will love hearing stories about the awesome characters from Star Wars that decorate their room! Go here for even more Star Wars Baby Books.

abc 3po board book

ABC-3PO Board Book

Give your little one a jump start on learning the alphabet with this Star Wars ABC board book. (They’ll learn the names of Star Wars characters while they’re at it!)

obi 123 board book

OBI-123 Board Book

This Star Wars OBI-123 board book complements the alphabet book. Teach your young Padawan learner to count with Obi-Wan!

goodnight darth vader

Goodnight Darth Vader

As a Star Wars fan and a parent, you have to get this book. Seriously. A hilarious Star Wars comic-style bedtime story about the trials of Darth Vader attempting to put the twins to bed! New parents will definitely relate.

Extra Nursery Items 🎁

the child stuffed pillow

“The Child” Stuffed Pillow

The Child (a.k.a Grogu) has never looked more cuddly than in this cute pillow form! It would look great as a throw pillow on a rocking chair in the nursery or as a snuggly addition to your baby’s crib.

the child fleece blanket

“The Child” Fleece Blanket

During long nights up with your newborn, you’ll want a cozy blanket to snuggle under as you rock your baby (and probably drift off to sleep yourself). This soft fleece blanket features a cute print of The Child, and is machine washable.

r2-d2 trash can

R2-D2 Trash Can

The amount of waste produced by your newborn in their first months of life will be, frankly, astounding! Make the chore of taking out the trash a little more enjoyable with this R2-D2 wastebasket.

Star Wars Wooden Letters Wall Decor photo

Custom Wooden Letters

Wooden initial letters are a popular decor trend right now, and they’ll look great on top of a dresser in your Star Wars nursery. You can choose your letters and then specify which character design you want- pick from Yoda, R2D2, Han Solo, Darth Vader, or Obi-Wan.

round galaxy rug

Round Galaxy Rug

Still feel like your nursery is missing something? Tie everything together with this beautiful galaxy rug. Choose from 12 different designs featuring starry skies and stunning nebulas.

Galaxy's Edge Inspired Light Switch Cover photo

Galaxy’s Edge Inspired Light Switch Cover

No Star Wars nursery would be complete without these incredible light switch cover plates. The perfect decor item to showcase your love of Star Wars! Comes in a variety of options to accommodate all your light switch needs!