Star Wars Baby Clothes & Onesies

Check out our selection of the best Star Wars baby clothes and onesies this side of the galaxy. Whether you are looking for Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, R2D2 or the cute furry Wookie Chewbacca, we’ve got you covered. Star Wars baby clothes are sold practically everywhere online allowing you to easily purchase Star Wars onesies, pants, pajamas, booties, and even hats. Honestly, it can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ve compiled our favorite Star Wars baby clothes to save you time.  May the force be with you.

R2D2 Onesie & Hat

For a very reasonable price, you receive not only this brightly colored R2D2 Star Wars onesie, but it comes with a super cute hat. This is the droid you’re looking for. We’re not sure it will navigate an X-Wing, but your little one will look awesome nevertheless. 

My Pet AT-AT Onesie

When we were younger, there wasn’t much in the way of Star Wars clothing options for little girls. Now that being a girl is considered to be more socially acceptable, who’s to say that giant, mechanized killing machines can’t fit in with the whole sugar, spice, and everything nice scheme of things?

Jedi In Training Onesie

Yoda trained younglings for centuries and never steered them wrong. If only Qui-Gon would have listened to his concerns about taking on Anakin. Don’t worry, I trust that you will lead your child into the light side of the Force.

It’s A Crap Admiral Ackbar Onesie

Have you ever checked your kid’s diaper, thinking it was only number one, only to find there was a trap waiting for you? Admiral Ackbar knows what’s up, and he is happy to provide a warning.

I Am A Jedi Onesie

The best thing about Star Wars, in our humble opinion, is how timeless it is. For many current first-time parents, not only were the re-releases and the second trilogy a part of their childhood, but their parents grew up with the original series. Now your little one will have the chance to make Star Wars their first fandom– and they can show support for that before they even know how to speak.

Baby Fett Onesie

Try not to lose your head over this cute Baby Fett romper. Jango was a baby at one point. Just remember parents, don’t let your kids grow up to be bounty hunters. 

Baby-8 Onesie and Hat Bundle

Your little one will love to roll around in their favorite droid attire. BB-8 is one of the best things that new Star Wars has to offer. Can we get a thumbs up?

Rebel Rebel Leia Onesie

Star Wars is full of rebels, but very few are played by real life anti-authority types like Carrie Fisher. There’s no sweet princess here. Chances are your child isn’t either. At what age is it appropriate to introduce David Bowie into their life?

Free Hugs Wampa Onesie

It’s a trap, or is it? This cute Wampa probably just wants some cuddles like your little baby. Just be careful she might hang you upside down in her ice cave. Sorry, no free hugs for Force-users.

The Force Is Strong Onesie

For those of you who are a little more direct in your baby propaganda, you can show off how many midichlorians your baby contains. Just make sure they don’t turn to the darkside when they get older. 

Darth Vader Onesie & Hood

There are always two Siths, but your little one will definitely fill the apprentice role dressed as Darth Vader. After all, he was the chosen one. Don’t worry, his light-saber isn’t included. 

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DJ Yoda Onesie

One of our favorite Yoda onesies we’ve stumbled across. He’s not really a dj, but make no mistake, his ability to control the force makes him an excellent host.

On The Hunt With Fett Onesie

Boba Fett’s adult life is completely shrouded in mystery. What are his favorite books? Does he cook and clean? How much does he miss his clone father? We may never know the truth, but we do know that he’s very jealous of Han Solo. This romper comes in different colors.

Jedi Princess Onesie

Our Star Wars baby clothes list wouldn’t be complete without a pink lightsaber slicing off some Stormtrooper heads.

Han Guitar Solo Romper

Another favorite onesie of ours, Han Solo would most certainly approve. Space rock n’ roll will certainly be a thing in twenty years. 

Classic R2D2 Onesie

For those of you that love the original dome head, this R2D2 romper is definitely for you. Sure, he might be old news now, but he’s the original hero in the whole saga. Keep on rolling, R2.

Pooping My Pants Yoda Onesie

Yoda’s lack of proper sentence structure is a timeless comedic trope. However, it will never get old. This onesie also comes in pink!

It’s A Wookie! Onesie

Seriously, has anyone ever uttered the words, “You know, I really hate Chewbacca.” He’s the most lovable character from the silver screen. Look how cute he is on this romper. Why have you not purchased this yet? 

Darth Maul Onesie

This onesie is so metal. Sure, it’s kind of spooky, but you have to admit it’s unique. Perfect for you goth parents out there. Perfect for frightening those old ladies at the supermarket. 

Baby Chicken Walker Onesie

Remember when the Ewoks kick the Empire’s butt and then eat all the Stormtroopers? Oh, yeah they cooked and ate them. Not even the AT-STs could stop that teddy bear offensive. 

Han Shot First Onesie

It’s true, Han did shoot first. He also became a horrible father who dumped his son off with his brother-in-law. Poor Greedo loved his children. Han Solo is a murderer. This onesie is available in a lot of different colors. He’s still a cold-blooded killer and a pathetic dad. 

Tosche Station Onesie

For the hardcore Star Wars fans that have watched Episode IV more than one thousand times in their life. Did you know those power converters are the same as our transformers? No, I’m not talking about the giant talking robots.

Lando Thug Life Onesie

Some call him suave, some call him a scoundrel, but we call him the original gangster. Your little one is going to get nothing but respect in daycare, while reppin’ these threads.  This onesie comes in different colors. 

Shaak Ti Onesie

We just love when obscure Star Wars characters are available on baby rompers. Especially, those that are strong females. Shaak Ti is awesome. She totally deserved more screen time. 

Jawa Utinni! Onesie

Hide your droids, hide your Land Speeders, and make sure you don’t get ripped off when the  Jawas swing by the neighborhood.  Do you ever wonder what they look like under their hoods?

Storm Pooper

These aren’t the poopers you’re looking for… Jedi mind tricks won’t work on your little one when they are ready to drop their cargo in their diaper. They are much too accurate for Sand People.

Pew Pew Onesie

Speaking of Stormtroopers, how can they fire so many times and still not hit a target? Obi-Wan must have been experiencing dementia when he talked about how accurate they were. The Death Star, on the other hand, didn’t miss.

Sleepy Stormtrooper

Stormtroopers need their beauty sleep just like your little one. So what if they sleep with Teddy Bears, they are the lethal enforcers for the Emperor’s will.

Human Star Wars Evolution

Evolution takes millions of years. It’s estimated that we were originally apes over 1.3 million years ago. How much longer before we are given force powers and can wield giant laser swords?

Ewok Paradise Onesie

My favorite teddy bear is Wicket the Ewok. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized they literally eat humans. Matter-of-fact, they’re more like the bear from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Retro Jar Jar Binks Onesie

Who doesn’t love Jar Jar Binks? I mean he’s kind of grown on us after almost 20 years, right? Unfortunately, this is the only onesie we could find with his image. Face it, your child will love this character.

Hen Solo Onesie

If you are looking for a onesie that will make everyone cluck with laughter, then look no further. This image is such a clever play on words. Your little chick will be ready to hop aboard the Millenium hatchling and fight with the Rebellion.

Yoda Yarn Hat

OMG, this is the most adorable thing you’re going to see on this page. Look at those ears! Easy Halloween costume as well. Own this you must.

Princess Leia Pew Pew Onesie

Han Solo wasn’t the only hero that knew how to handle a blaster. This princess dropped more than a few Stormtroopers in her day.

How I Roll BB-8 Onesie

It’s hard to imagine any droid topping R2D2 in Star Wars, but you’ve gotta admit, BB-8 gives him a run for his money. Chances are your little one will be rolling before crawling, so it’s like the perfect match.

Rey Crochet Costume

The Star Wars universe is finally becoming more diverse in terms of gender and race. That’s why we’re so excited to see this adorable Rey crochet costume. A strong female protagonist that’s not a princess. It’s about time.

Finn Hero Onesie

Speaking of making Star Wars more racially diverse, check out this cool Finn onesie. Your little rebel will be all set for the conclusion of the latest trilogy.

New Adventures Awaken

Calvin and Hobbes are one of the best comics you can give your child. Unfortunately, babies are a little young to enjoy those fantastic adventures. However, you can share your love of the duo through this awesome Rey and Chewie onesie. Yes, this item comes in a onesie and t-shirt for older kids.

Don’t Call Me Princess

As previously addressed earlier, Princess Leia is not your average Disney princess. Why not celebrate that by proudly displaying this statement on your little one. Other parents beware, your kid is not being raised with 1950’s stereotypes.

Mandalorian Logo Onesie

When you’re a serious Fett fan or Mandalorian, then you know how important it is to represent the skull. Who knows, your little one might end up being the next Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Yoda Best Dad Ever Onesie

During his life Yoda played a fatherly role to thousands of force-attuned younglings. That earns him the title of best dad ever. Of course Anakin does kill the emperor to save his son…

Girl Squad Onesie

Here’s another example of celebrating girl power in the Star Wars universe. These iconic females are just as important as their male counterparts. Star Wars is truly for everyone…except Hutts, no one likes them.

R2D2 Print Onesie

Be-bop dweep zweet boop. R2D2 says that your little one will be the coolest kid in daycare with this onesie. We’re inclined to agree.

Small Dark Handsome Onesie

It’s tough to find racially diverse baby clothing. I think Darth Vader is perfect for that. Played by a white guy and voiced by an African American. Small, dark, and handsome indeed.

Pink C3PO Onesie

Your baby can be inspired by this famous droid that is fluent in over six million forms of communication. Unfortunately, he cannot speak infant.

Future Red Leader Onesie

We need more rebels. It’s our hope that the little one you are raising will be able to strike a match in the darkness and one day lead an X-Wing fighter squadron to take down the Deathstar.

Darth Vader Costume Onesie

Do you have a little Sith apprentice waiting to take over the galaxy? This onesie is perfect when your child has turned to the dark side and you’re ready to hide in the closet.

Star Wars Baby Leggings

Baby leggings are some of the cutest apparel you can put on your little one. These leggings make me wish they came in adult sizes. Absolutely fabulous and they’ve got an Ewok on them!

Star Wars Bibs

We can list Star Wars baby clothes and onesies all day long, but I know you need some awesome bibs to match. Look no further -these bibs are fantastic. Your child will have so much fun spilling gunk on them.