Star Wars Baby Books To Train Your Little Padawan

We’ve scoured the galaxy to find the best Star Wars baby books to start reading to your little one.

Bedtime stories are a crucial part of family bonding. Reading to little ones can promote a fondness of literature as well as develop the roots of language. Why not introduce to your little ones the powerful stories of Star Wars at an early age? The magic of experiences in a galaxy far far away can bring the most daring adventures, empowering perceptions, and truly form a sense of vivid imagination. With compelling characters, significant origins and backgrounds, and incredible imagery, your family will feel like you are actually in the world of Star Wars just by immersing yourself in literature. 

Geek Baby Clothes has curated an incredible list of Star Wars Baby Books for your intergalactic space traveling family! From educational books, adventurous tales, self-discovery empowerment, your little one will be fascinated with these stories!

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Star Wars ABC – 3CPO: Alphabet Book

Your tiny padawan will be diving right into a galaxy far far away to learn the alphabet in the most adventurous way! With adorable pictures and silly rhymes, this book belongs in any Star Wars fan’s book collection.

Star Wars OBI-123: A Book of Numbers

If your little galaxy adventurer is learning their ABCs why not continue their galactic journey of learning with their 123s? This book is perfect for a family reading time while discovering Star Wars vocabulary at a young age!

Star Wars Creatures Big & Small

Cute, cuddly, and silly creatures reside in this special poetry book about exploring all the animals and creatures Star Wars has to offer! Your space traveling baby will know all about Star Wars’ big and small beings! 

A Jedi You Will Be

Your small Jedi in training will be following the path of Luke Skywalker. This lovely story narrated by Yoda explains to Luke Skywalker how to use the Force. Yoda’s knowledge sets the tone with his wise words and inspirational speeches on how padawans of any age can be a true Jedi! 

Darth Vader and Son

We all know the quote “Luke, I am your father” so why not dive into a delightful and sweet story of the parenting adventures of Darth Vader and his son Luke. From silly scenes of Halloween, potty time, ice cream runs and more will surely bring a smile to the whole family’s faces.

Vader’s Little Princess

How challenging can raising a little girl truly be? Well, join Darth Vader’s zany and precious adventures of parenting Princess Leia! From youthful tea parties to turning into a rebellious teen, this darling story will surely be one for the book collection! 

Goodnight Darth Vader

This charming story is perfect for bedtime! Goodnight Darth Vader is the follow-up the Jeffrey Brown’s other two books Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess. Follow Darth Vader trying to soothe his twins Luke and Leia before bedtime by telling them wonderful stories of the Star Wars universe.

Rey and Pals

Rey and Pals is a true delight featuring an array of Star Wars characters adventuring in silly antics together. With the crew playing Dungeons & Dragons together, Poe playing bowling and fetch with BB-8, enjoying Summertime together, and other witty situations! Highlighting the importance of teamwork is very much introduced within the pages of these stories.

I Am a Princess

Princess Leia isn’t a typical princess-like character and this story I Am a Princess surely proves it. Brave and heroic, Princess Leia will journey with your little padawan through the galaxy and promote that anyone can be a fearless hero!

I Am a Hero

I Am a Hero showcases that heroes can be big or small, old or young, and can come from any background! There are beautiful messages within the beautiful pages of this book filled with favorite Star Wars characters being heroic and powerful and inspiring strength deep within!

I Am a Wookie

One of my personal favorite characters in Star Wars is the loveable furry Chewbacca! This wonderful story follows the brave Wookie and the crew of Star Wars into the adventures of scenes from Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and even Solo!

I Am a Padawan

Another one of my favorite characters is the brave padawan, Ahsoka Tano! Introduce this fantastic character to your tiny padawan and follow the adventures of Ahsoka learning the way of the force from Luke Skywalker. Fun fact, the author Ashley Eckstein is also Ahsoka’s voice in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels! 

I Am a Stormtrooper

Learning about Stormtroopers and their duties ties in a fantastic story about Phasma, FN-2187, and other stormtroopers in the galaxy. Are stormtroopers good? Evil? This Little Golden Book story will explain while showcasing FN-2187’s journey to becoming a hero of the resistance. 

Little Golden Book Star Wars Box Set

This Little Golden Books box set contains 5 stories from the “I Am” stories! Featuring I Am a Pilot, I Am A Jedi, I Am a Sith, I Am A Droid, and I Am a Princess. This box set is perfect for a baby shower gift or a bookshelf in a Star Wars themed Nursey!

Star Wars: The Mandalorian: This is the Way

No one can resist how cute The Child is a.k.a. Baby Yoda! Introduce this iconic cute character to your very own cute baby in the book This is the Way featuring characters and highlights from the first season of The Mandalorian.

Star Wars Galactic Storybook by Various Authors

Bedtime will be full of adventures with this fantastic Galatic Storybook that will take your galaxy-exploring family to the greatest adventures in space!  With padded pages for ultimate protection against tiny hands, this book is perfect for early readers to discover their vivid imagination!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Galaxy Needs You

With fantastic morals and admirable affirmations, The Galaxy Needs You is a heartwarming tale about following Rey’s empowering journey through self-exploration! Your little padawan will be empowered to do their very best just like Rey! 

5 Minute Star Wars Stories

5 Minute Star Wars Stories is a book with a padded cover for deep intergalactic exploration at lightspeeds ahead! Perfect short tales for bedtime or anytime throughout the day. Join the infamous characters of Star Wars, like Rey and BB-8, Yoda and Count Dooku, Luke Skywalker and the Rebels, and many more in 11 chapters full of grand adventures.