Star Trek Baby Clothes & Onesies

Whether you’re the captain of a Constitution-class starship or hanging out on a space station at the edge of a wormhole, this bold list of the best Star Trek baby clothes and onesies is ready to be beamed up!

Funko Pop! Captain Kirk in the grass photo

Star Trek is one of the longest-running sci-fi franchises on the planet. Trekkies come in all ages, and that’s why we feature Star Trek baby clothes and onesies for the next generation of fans. Rest assured, if you are purchasing for your own family or as a gift for a friend, you’ll find the best selection of Star Trek baby clothes below.

Starfleet Cadet Onesie

How cool would it be if our children could actually grow up to work on a giant space station or starship? I don’t have a lot of confidence in that happening any time soon, but this Star Trek Starfleet Academy Cadet onesie keeps hope alive.

Starfleet Recruit Onesie

Space is the final frontier, that’s true in real life and in Star Trek. Your little one gets to grow up discovering and learning so many things that we can only imagine are possible. That’s awesome.

Live Long And Feed Me Onesie photo

Live Long and Feed Me Onesie

You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore. Exploring space for years at a time is way hardcore. You know what is hardcore? The amount of feeding a baby needs every day! Hopefully, you guys can figure the prosper part out later on.

Will Riker Onesie

Let the world know your kiddo will always be number one (even when you’re dealing with number twos) with this onesie featuring the ever-dashing William Riker.

Boldly Went Onesie

You obviously know how we feel about poo jokes. And we imagine if you are looking here for gift ideas, you probably feel the same way. In fact, the only person we can think of who might not get a chuckle at this onesie is probably Spock, and he’s a special case.

Next Generation Picard Onesie

I LOVE this meme. I know it’s old and not up to par anymore, but who cares. Get this romper and then teach your baby to do this gesture. $$$

Spock Smile Onesie

Don’t fret, Spock doesn’t smile for just anyone. Although, I do recall a couple of episodes where Kirk gets Spock to crack a grin. Kirk could be a big baby sometimes, though.

Live Long Onesie

There is no better well wish for the new baby in your life than the immortal phrase, “live long and prosper”. Spock really knew what was up. The classic hand symbol is really what any baby needs for some super classy (and way retro) baby wear.

Deep Space Nine Onesie

Argued as one of the best Star Trek series ever produced, Deep Space Nine holds a special place in many a trekkie’s heart. Go forth and show your love for the show by displaying it proudly on your little one!

Starfleet Spock Uniform Onesie

Ignoring this would be illogical. Are you (or your infant) more the science officer type than command or engineer type? If so, you need this Starfleet blue uniform onesie. Live long and… well, you know.

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Future Captain Onesie

Some would say that your little one is the captain now, but maybe they are a little young to go gallivanting off on space adventures. Definitely a possibility for the future, however.

Captain Kirk Costume Onesie

Speaking of captains, why not simply dress your baby up as one now. You know who is in charge. Your little one is the captain of this crew. Hope you’re keeping a stardate log of all their adventures.

Star Trek Next Generation Onesie and Beanie photo

Next Gen Trekkie Onesie & Beanie Set

What’s your favorite Star Trek crew? A lot of people would argue that the Next Generation is best. I’m not getting into that debate, but your infant is definitely the next generation of your family. See what I did there?

Resistance Is Futile Onesie

How can you resist cuddles from your little baby? It’s tough, right? Well, not so much when they are screaming bloody murder at 3 a.m. I love the little blocks in this design; they look like the Borg’s Cube.

I’m a Baby Onesie

Do you ever find yourself talking to your baby like they can understand what you’re saying? How about asking them for advice? I think it’s pretty normal, and the advice we tend to get back from our little ones is about as trustworthy (but way more cute) as what I discover on Google.

Discovery Onesie

Are you a fan of the 2017 series, Star Trek Discovery? It seems like forever ago when it was announced we would get a new series post Enterprise. This onesie is perfect for those of you looking for something more recent than the Original / Next Gen Star Trek merchandise featured here.

Party Vulcan Onesie

Spock didn’t seem like the partying type, so I’m not sure if it’s really fun to party like a Vulcan. Your baby isn’t much for parties either, unless it involves eating or cuddles. Maybe partying like a Vulcan involves deep philosophical conversations. That could be fun.

I Run This Ship Onesie

As parents, we like to think we’re in control, but as insecure adults, we know who’s really flying this spaceship. Let the world know who is really in charge with this onesie.

Chicks Dig the Uniform Onesie

Is it really the uniform or is it their brain? Maybe it’s simply Spock’s ears. I’m not sure what it is, but I know lots of people dig Star Trek and its uniforms. You know what’s even better? Babies in Star Trek uniforms! Well, we feature that as well.

Beam Me Up A Bottle Onesie

Teleportation theory rarely involves discussing which beverages can be instantly sent to babies. However, I’m sure you’d like to beam up a bottle to your baby while you can enjoy snoozing in your bed for another ten minutes.

Princess Or Captain Onesie

Photon torpedoes fired, Disney. Not every kid wants to grow up as a spoiled pampered princess. Some want to grow up to take on the Klingons or Borg and make astounding discoverers on the edge of the Universe.

Star Trek Original Series Onesie

If you are looking for a design that captures the original TV series, then your search is over. Now you’ll have to teach your little one all the names of the crew featured on the onesie. Easy!

Engineering Uniform Onesie

Some would say that the engineers on board the Enterprise are the most important crew members on the ship. That might be a true statement, but I like to think that Jones is the most important and the saltiest.

U.S.S Enterprise Onesie

The Enterprise is the most famous starship next to probably… the Millennium Falcon. If you nerd out on the design aspects of the ship, then you can share that enthusiasm with your little one by dressing them in this romper.

Vulcan Onesie

When you think of Star Trek you definitely don’t use the word astrology, but here we are. This romper reveals the secrets of the Vulcan’s palm and the mysteries that are found on its lines.

Star Trek Uniform Onesie photo

Next Generation Uniform Onesie

Being a captain on the bridge requires you to wear red. I don’t care about the other series out there where wearing red means DOOM. I’m talking about the Next Generation. Now your little one can be just like Picard, bald head and everything! Also comes in Science/Medical blue or Operations yellow, if Dr. Crusher or Data are more your thing.

Remain Klingon Onesie

There are some seriously devoted Klingon fans out there. They spend hundreds of dollars on their cosplay and attend all the sci-fi conventions. This onesie is for that family, especially if there’s a dad who dresses up like Worf every Halloween.

Burnham Onesie

Michael Burnham is one of the most important characters created in the modern Star Trek universe. Dressing your child in this romper will really take them to the next, next generation.

Star Trek Booties photo

Star Trek Booties

A Star Trek baby outfit isn’t complete without some little booties to go with it. These are handmade based on your little one’s foot size. You can even request different colors. Check it out!

Star Trek Geordi La Forge Cat Onesie

Geordi La Forge Cat Onesie

For you cat lovers out there, this ridiculously cute onesie has everyone’s favorite engineer, Geordi La forge, as an adorable kitty. I’m not sure why this crossover works so well, but it does! There a bunch of other Star Trek Cat designs too, if you’re looking for someone a little more Wesley or Worf.