Science Books for Babies and Other Stories That Inspire Learning

Our hypothesis: These are the best science books for babies that deal with the microscopic to the galactic!

ABCs of Science book cover

There’s no doubt science helps early learners develop key life skills, gives them an understanding of their bodies, and informs them all about planet Earth and beyond. Science benefits children of all ages to develop their senses and gain overall awareness of the world around them. Sometimes, though, science can have very big words or perhaps be too complex for small learners to grasp, but don’t worry, because Geek Baby Clothes has compiled a fantastic list of science books for babies that will inspire and encourage learning.

Your tiny future scientist will be mastering all there is to know all about colors, weather, planet Earth, outer space, STEM, sensory, and languages! Your science-loving baby will be hopping on Ms. Frizzle’s magic school bus in no time!

Colors, Weather, and Planet Earth 🌎

Color recognition soft books for babies (set of 9) book covers

Color Recognition Soft Books

Your little one can learn their colors with this soft and vibrant set of 9 cloth books. Vivid, visually stimulating illustrations of animals, insects, fruits, vegetables, and flowers delight the eyes while the front and back covers crinkle, engaging your baby’s touch and auditory senses!

Baby, See the Colors! book cover

Baby, See the Colors!

Teach your baby colors with this Indestructibles book. Made with waterproof and rip-proof pages to fully be able to explore and discover the magic of colors. Pages are filled with different objects and animals in all the colors of the rainbow.

Let's Go Outside book cover

Let’s Go Outside

Here’s another lovely Indestructibles book to teach your toddler about the world of nature and life outside. From the big, blue sky to all the plants and animals living on the ground, and everything in between, there’s so many wonderful reasons to go outside!

Hello World! Ocean Life book cover

Hello World! Ocean Life

The ocean is a vast and beautiful part of our planet. Your little reader will be discovering all the magic that is within the deep blue sea! From underwater creatures like whales, dolphins, and octopuses to learning all about sea turtles and seashells! Exploring the ocean wonders will be an exciting adventure for your little one.

All About Weather book cover

All About Weather

Sunshine, cloudy days, rain, thunderstorms, and snow! Your toddler will become a mini meteorologist in no time with this book that is all about weather. This charming book has many fun facts, explanations of the four seasons, and how weather and temperatures change.

Outer Space and the Solar System 🪐

Is your budding science officer into trekking through the final frontier or rescuing a galaxy far, far away? Be sure to aim your scanners at the best lists of Star Trek Baby Clothes & Onesies and Star Wars Baby Clothes & Onesies in the universe!

ABCs of Space book cover

ABCs of Space

This intergalactic board book is perfect for your tiny space explorer to discover the interstellar world of outer space, all the way from A to Z! With fun illustrations and amusing facts, this book contains 3 levels of learning to help absorb information at every stage of reading.

There's No Place Like Space: All About the Solar System book cover

There’s No Place Like Space: All About the Solar System

The wonderful world of Dr. Seuss is now exploring the wonderful world of outer space! With the classic Dr. Seuss style of rhyming and poetry, learning about space, planets, constellations, astronauts, and more is quite an adventure with the Cat and the Hat!

How to Catch a Star book cover

How to Catch a Star

Your little one will be reaching for the stars with this delightful story about a boy who tries to catch a star for himself. The situation may seem impossible, but there are always other ways to succeed. An inspiring tale of determination and persistence.

8 Little Planets book cover

8 Little Planets

It’s time to hop in your imaginary rocket and blast off to outer space to learn about the 8 fantastic little planets of our solar system! Colorful illustrations and fun facts that are enjoyable for parents and children alike! (Warning: Pluto not included.)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) 💻

ABCs of Biology book cover

ABCs of Biology

Exploring biology is exceptionally fun with this ABCs board book. Learn all about Anatomy, Bacteria, Cells, all the way to letter Z! Fascinating facts that will keep your little biologist interested and wanting to learn more!

ABCs of Science book cover

ABCs of Science

Amoeba, bond, and conductor—oh my! Learning all about science will be a blast with this ABCs of Science board book. Scientific concepts and engaging facts all the way down to zygote!

Little Scientist Board Book Set book covers

Little Scientist Board Book Set

The Little Scientist Board Book Set is perfect for future tiny scientists to learn all about the important people who have made a historical impact in the world! This book set comes with 4 delightful books: Astronomers, Chemists, Physicists, and Earth & Life Scientists.

My First 100 Science Words book cover

My First 100 Science Words

This wonderful collection of science words is perfect for introducing babies to physics, biology, astronomy, geography, medicine, and other concepts at an early age. Charming illustrations and bold words truly capture the essence of learning!

Baby University Explore Science Board Book Set book covers

Baby University Explore Science Board Book Set

Focusing on Blockchains, Organic Chemistry, Electromagnetism, and Robotics, this four book set is made for families interested in engineering! Perfect for small STEM learners to dive into a world of scientific principles. 

Baby Biochemist: DNA book cover

Baby Biochemist: DNA

What does DNA stand for? Well, this darling board book teaches that, along with many other fun and interesting facts all about the body’s ultimate molecular messenger! You and your child will learn all about how the twisty molecules give instructions to the cells to keep our bodies moving smooth and steady!

Baby Loves Quantum Physics! book cover

Baby Loves Quantum Physics!

Quantum physics is explained beautifully in this board book for toddlers of all ages! Simple words and cheerful illustrations break down quantum physics concepts, like Schrodinger’s cat, in an easy to understand way.

More Than a Princess book cover

More Than a Princess

More Than a Princess is all about vision, dedication, and encouraging children of all backgrounds. Through the power of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), they can achieve fantastic accomplishments while being true to themselves!

A must-read fairy tale adventure that uses science and inspiration to empower young minds.

Sensory and All About Me 👶

See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book book cover

See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book

Stimulate your baby’s curiosity with this wonderful sensory book that covers Vision, Touch, and Auditory explorations! Hitting a drum and hearing the sound, looking into a mirror, touching different materials and fabrics, create a safe and engaging space for babies to learn all about their senses.

Where is Baby's Belly Button? book cover

Where is Baby’s Belly Button?

This entertaining lift-the-flap book teaches little ones where their body parts are with silly, vibrant illustrations. Peek-a-boo has never been more fun! My classroom of toddlers truly enjoyed this book, which also implements the concept of sharing!

Hello, World! My Body book cover

Hello, World! My Body

Combinations of science and nature are presented beautifully in this book all about the body and how it functions in everyday life! From curiosities to fun facts about eyes, noses, fingers, arms, legs, toes, and belly buttons, your baby will love learning all about their body!

Baby Medical School: Bacteria and Antibiotics book cover

Baby Medical School: Bacteria and Antibiotics

Our bodies are filled with bacteria, good and bad. With this book, your baby will learn all about what happens inside their bodies, the differences between bacterias, and how antibiotic medicines can help the good bacteria defeat the bad!

Languages 🧏‍♂️

Baby Sign Language Made Easy book cover

Baby Sign Language Made Easy

Learning American Sign Language at a young age can promote communication before the development of verbal skills. Teaching sign language to a baby can be beneficial as the child learns to sign their wants and needs to their families. This book is a wonderful tool to teach your baby communication skills that can last a lifetime with ASL.

Un Deux Trois: First French Rhymes book cover

Un Deux Trois: First French Rhymes

The power of music is a great way for little ones to learn a new language. It requires lots of practice, so why not have fun singing and chanting rhymes in French to encourage communication in another language? Comes with a CD to sing along to.

Slide and Seek: 100 Chinese Words book cover

Slide and Seek: 100 Chinese Words

Not just a fun book full of words in Chinese and English, Slide and Seek is designed with pull tabs to promote learning! Teaching concepts of colors, what to wear, outdoors, and more, this book is perfect for families wanting to learn Chinese.

First 100 Words Bilingual: Spanish/English book cover

First 100 Words Bilingual: Spanish/English

With simple words and charming pictures, this soft book is perfect for English speaking families learning Spanish or for Spanish speaking families learning English! Each colorful image has the English and Spanish word below it, making for a fun and easy way to learn a new language.