Robot Art Coloring Book

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What child (or adult for that matter) could ask for anything more than 178 pages dedicated to coloring robots going on awesome adventures? Artist Vikram Madan has designed Sketchbook: A Rupture of Robots to satisfy all your sci-fi coloring needs.

Each page contains line drawing sketches of adorable, riveted, one-eyed robot buddies engaging with aliens, whales, giant cats, trolls, monkeys, flying pandas, and more. Madan’s imagination has run wild, placing his robots in a multitude of scenarios, some familiar (like robot knights fighting dragons, or walking over a troll bridge), others not so much (like riding a lizard thing with a bucket in its mouth, or in the pouch of a three-eyed, giant kangaroo/bunny creature). You and your kids will have a blast coloring these together!


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