Pokemon Baby Clothes & Onesies

Pokemon baby clothes are surging in popularity as those that played the card game, video game, and watched the anime start having children. Twenty years and still going strong, the Pokemon universe will likely be around when your little one grows into a teenager. Unfortunately, it’ll be a few years before you can really have delved into the Pokemon universe. For now, you’ll just have to catch all these onesies and dress your baby in them.

Pikachu Onesie

Very few furry cute characters in pop culture are as identifiable as Pikachu. Sure, there’s Gizmo, Alf, and of course Snarf, but Pikachu has somehow managed to stay relevant for over twenty years. He’s even a detective now. Pika pika.

Wild Baby Onesie

Babies don’t just randomly appear as you walk through the tall grass. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that goes into successfully reproducing. Fortunately, your body comes with it’s own eggs, so you don’t have to go out and purchase copious amounts of poke balls.

Snorlax Live To Nap Onesie

Some days your child won’t nap long enough, right? Other times, you’re at the grocery store and you wish your little one would just wake up for a second to get them out of the car. It’s tough to win at naptime, but it could be worse your child could be Snorlax and nap all the time.

Bulbasaur Onesie

Honestly, this was my favorite Pokemon back on the Gameboy Color days. I pictured my little Pokemon tossing garlic at real-life vampires. I guess that would be more like cloveasaur. She’s a little stinky, but she keeps zubats away.

Kakuna Rattata Onesie

Come on, this is the most clever Pokemon play on words you’re going to find. I can’t even tell you how many Kakunas and Rattatas I’ve encountered playing Pokemon. Hundreds, probably, but I never put their names together before. Genius!

Linkachu Onesie

Legend of Zelda, check! Pokemon, check! Cute Nintendo reference, absolutely. We need to see PikaLink in a Smash Brothers mashup.

Hatching Egg Onesie

Do you remember the excitement that came from virtually walking around with an egg and having it hatch. What’s it going to be? Something awesome? Nope, just another Rattata. Drats.

Very Best Onesie

Becoming a gym leader is no easy task. You’re up against people who aren’t just playing Pokemon Go! eighteen hours a day, but they are spending like $400 a week to be number one. The good news is that your little one will think you’re the very best for at least six years of their life. We call that reaching peak performance.

I Choose You Onesie

Your sweet baby is definitely going to choose you for just about everything. Keep that in mind when they wake you up at 3am after you’ve been asleep for 2.5 hours. Pokemon baby clothes aren’t easy to come by, but for you sentimental types this romper seems like a no brainer.

Pikachu Costume Onesie

Babies are like turtles when it comes to speed. At first, they seem slow, but if you take your eye off of them for even a minute they get themselves into trouble. I don’t recommend collecting them like Pokemon either. Decide on a number and stick to it or you will have a hard time keeping up with them.

Cinnabar Gym Onesie

Your little one has a few years before they can earn the Volcano badge from Cinnabar Island. However, there’s nothing stopping you from dressing them in your favorite athletic wear if fire-type Pokemon are your favorite.

Typhlosion Onesie

For you hardcore fans, Typhlosion is ready to erupt like a volcano of joy in your baby’s wardrobe. Personally, I never really evolved one myself, but hey we all have our favorites, right?

Charmander Onesie

There are few pokemon as well known as Charmander and his fire-oriented abilities. This was the first Pokemon I ever used on my old Gameboy Color. Who doesn’t love a fiery lizard?

Lapras Family Onesie

Lapras have always reminded me of the mythical Loch Ness monster. Mostly because it resembles a plesiosaur. This is a wonderful romper for little ones that have Pokemon loving parents. Hint, hint grandparents.

Eevee Pokemon Onesie

Cute, cuddly, and evolves into an awesome Leafeon. Your little one is sure to love Eevee as they get more aware of their surroundings. Now the only question is will they choose Pikachu or Eevee as their starter Pokemon.

Jigglypuff Onesie

Speaking of cute Pokemons, who can forget the adorable Jigglypuff. If only they really existed and could sing your baby to sleep at night. Don’t fret though, you can still play the video of one singing on Youtube. Besides its angelic voice does anyone actually use a Jigglypuff in the game?

Gengar Onesie

If you’re more into goth type Pokemon then you’re in luck with this Gengar romper. Those red eyes will have your little vampire all giggly. Luckily, there are no spikes poking out of this onesie.

Biggie Snores Onesie

We featured another Snorlax romper above, but we couldn’t resist not placing this Biggie Snores romper on the list. It’s one of our favorites. You could say it’s notorious.

Haunter Onesie

If Gengar doesn’t scratch your goth itch in the Pokemon universe then you can look to this Haunter romper. Haunter has been around for years and still remains quite popular. The onesie lets other parents know that your little one isn’t afraid of no ghosts.

Detective Pikachu Onesie

I don’t think anyone predicted a live-action Pokemon movie twenty years ago. Your baby is obviously too young for any movie, but it won’t be long before you’re introducing them to Pokemon Go, or whatever other kid-friendly media that exists. In the meantime, you’ll just have to settle for dressing your baby in super cute rompers.

Baby Sandshrew Onesie

I’m a huge fan of armadillos. I know it’s weird, but living in Florida exposes you to all sorts of strange creatures. The Sandshrew might be more of a desert animal, but it’s the fact it curls into a cute ball that reminds me of those turtle rodents.

Snorlax Spirit Animal Onesie

Maybe I just like sleep too much, but Snorlax shares a special place in my heart. I think it’s the perfect Pokemon for little babies to wear. How much do I know about playing as a Snorlax? Absolutely, nothing. I don’t think I’ve ever used one, but I’ve definitely been one.

Axolotl Onesie

Did you know the axolotl is an actual animal? Also, did you know that Mudkip is based on the axolotl. You can even keep an axolotl in an aquarium. Sure, this illustration doesn’t look exactly like a Pokemon, but hardcore fans will know what’s up.

Lugia Onesie

One of the legendary birds, Lugia is considered the guardian of the seas. Your little one can dream of flying on this Pokemon as they drift to sleep, or at least that’s what you can imagine what happens.

Lickitung Onesie

Lickitung couldn’t have a more basic name, but let’s be honest when we discuss how cute it is. Sure, it’s not the most creative Pokemon, but it has been winning the hearts of fans since generation one.

Raichu Love Onesie

When Pikachu evolves you get Raichu, which is basically a different color of Pikachu. Sure, it’s cute and cuddly, but it will shock the living daylights out of you when it’s annoyed. Plus, it can surf as witnessed in Super Smash Bros.