Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Clothes

No matter if you’re celebrating Halloween or Christmas, these are the best Nightmare Before Christmas baby clothes around!

Nightmare Before Christmas Lion King Mashup Onesie photo

Created by the infamous Tim Burton, The Nightmare Before Christmas was a godsend to goth kids everywhere. In our family, Halloween is every day. My best friend loves Jack Skellington and had one of those plushie keychains of his face on her backpack in high school. I just recently became a fan, and my stepson loves the soundtrack! Whether you’re a Christmas enthusiast with a dark side or a Halloween fanatic, I think that we can all agree that this movie is a masterpiece. The spooky stop-motion film actually took 3 years to complete, can you believe that? Your baby might not defeat Oogie Boogie and save Santa Claus, but they certainly can do a lot in three years’ time. No matter your age, whether you love musicals, stop-motion, or Halloween, The Nightmare Before Christmas is for everyone.

Jack Skellington Baby Booties photo

Jack Skellington Baby Shoes

No animal or man can SCREAM like I can, with the fury of my recitations! Your baby may not say Jack’s quote in so many words, but holy cow can they SCREAM…at least they’ll be sporting these precious shoes while doing so!

nightmare before christmas predictions card

Nightmare Before Christmas Predictions Card

Okay, I know, this isn’t clothes, but how cute is this prediction card? I just had to share them! Also, I totally didn’t text my best friend asking her to please have a baby so that I can fill this out and send it to her…

nightmare before christmas party onesie

Nightmare Before Christmas Party Onesie

This Christmas why not gather the whole creepy family under the tree and celebrate together. You could even add a little trick r’ treating to your normal holiday traditions. Is that too much? Well, maybe this romper will suffice.

zero halloween onesie

Jack and Zero Halloween Onesie

Hopefully, your baby doesn’t have a glowing pumpkin nose like Zero. This romper will be the perfect addition to your baby’s wardrobe or a Halloween attire.

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mommy and daddy's little nightmare!

Little Nightmare Onesie

This onesie could not be more true. Your little one might be cute, but they can certainly resemble a nightmare. They’re your nightmare, though.

Jack Skellington Onesie Costume photo

Jack Skellington Costume Romper

“I am the Pumpkin King”. Your baby may be your Lil pumpkin, but be careful calling them a king (or queen for that matter) it might inflate their ego!

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Onesie (4-piece set) photo

Sally Cuff Pants & Onesie Set

If you are a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, you NEED this 4-piece set for your baby. The artwork is cheerful, bright and true to Sally’s patchwork dress from the movie. You can also choose between short or long sleeves.

Nightmare Before Christmas Lion King Mashup Onesie photo

The Pumpkin King

We love ourselves some crossovers here at Geek Baby, but this one is king! Mashing Nightmare Before Christmas with the Lion King is inspired, and the chibi Jack Skellington is so cute! All hail the Pumpkin King!

beatles boogie abby road onesie

Beatles Boogie Abbey Road Onesie

This is one of our favorite mashup snapsuits. Lock, Shock, and Barrel follow Jack across the street, paying homage to the iconic Beatles Abbey Road album cover.

sandy claws bodysuit

Sandy Claws Bodysuit

Kidnap the Sandy Claws, tie him in a bag – sorry. Here at Geek Baby Clothes, this is our personal favorite Nightmare Before Christmas song. Teach your baby this song while you’re changing their diaper in the middle of the night.

nightmare before christmas cast onesie

Nightmare Before Christmas Cast Onesie

The gang’s all here in this awesome onesie design. What’s not to love?

oogie boogie loops romper

Oogie Boogie Loops Romper

Lock, Shock, and Barrel take the place of Snap, Crackle, and Pop on this creative spooky snapsuit. The dice included as the surprise inside may or may not be a euphemism for a full diaper. We’ll let you decide.

simply meant to be snapsuit

Simply Meant To Be Onesie

Jack and Sally’s hand-heart makes this onesie a heartwarming stand out. You and your little one are simply meant to be.

the nightmare before christmas onesie

The Nightmare Before Christmas Onesie

Closely resembling the movie poster, this artsy onesie will be sure to spookify your baby’s wardrobe. We’re not sure why, but this reminds us a little bit of a classic painting by Vincent van Gogh.

lock shock and barrel baby one piece

Lock, Shock & Barrel Baby Onesie

If you’ve played Kingdom Hearts II, you’ll know that these three not only serve as Oogie Boogie’s henchmen but also make an appearance serving the “Mistress of Evil,” Maleficent. That has nothing to do with this onesie, of course. I just felt compelled to share that tidbit of trivia. But, hey, this onesie sure is cute!

dr finkelstein one piece

Dr. Finkelstein Onesie

Dr. Finkelstein pays tribute to Mary Shelley’s Dr. Frankenstein. We think that the pink background of this onesie looks best with Finkelstein’s exposed, fleshy brains.

Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Onesie photo

Ooogie Boogie Onesie

Okay, so he eats bugs, he’s made of bugs, and he tries to kill Santa, Sally, and Jack, but, despite all that, this Oogie Boogie onesie is still too cute! I mean, look at him sulking, with his pudgy lil tum-tum and pair of dice. (Capital A) Adorable!

Zero the Ghost Dog Onesie photo

Zero the Dog Onesie

Who doesn’t love Zero, the goodest and ghostliest pup? Jack Skellington’s loyal friend and companion is absolutely adorable on this onesie. Let this pupper with a pumpkin nose guide your way!

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally the Living Ragdoll Onesie photo

Sally Onesie

Sally the living ragdoll is smart, kind, sensible, and talented, and a perfect compliment to Jack’s overzealous schemes. Did you know that the amazing actress Catherine O’Hara voices both Sally and Shock (of Lock, Shock, and Barrel) and does all of their singing as well? Truly, an absolute legend!

Nightmare Before Bedtime Onesie (3-piece set) photo

Nightmare Before Naptime Baby Outfit

Even apart from the clever pun on the onesie, this outfit is stylin’. You could pair this with a cute pair of black booties or socks and watch your baby spook everyone in the house. We wish that they made these accessories in adult sizes!

Nightmare Before Christmas Knit Baby Pants and Hat Set photo

Nightmare Before Christmas Xmas Set

These cozy pants and matching knotted hat are just thing your baby needs on a chilly Christmas night. It’s even got “Sandy Claws” himself on it! Choose from the pants, the knotted hat, or if you’re super-festive, get both!