Marvel Superhero Baby Nursery Ideas & Decor

We’ve compiled a list of the best Marvel Superhero nursery decor ideas for your little superhero’s lair.

superhero nursey theme

One of the exciting parts of preparing for a newborn is decorating a themed Marvel superhero baby nursery. Your baby’s nursery should be a place of solace and relaxation, where you can spend time enjoying your little one’s antics and catering to their every need. That’s why we recommend turning your nursery into an expression of your unique interests, such as the Marvel cinematic universe. 

But where to begin? 

First, head over to our comprehensive guide to decorating a nerdy nursery. You’ll find plenty of tips that will help you curate a space you love, without looking tacky or spending a fortune. 

Next, check out all of the awesome products we’ve gathered into this buying guide! Surround your little one with heroes that are truly out of this world: stock up on nursery essentials and unique decor items featuring your favorite superheroes.

Nursery Essentials

From lighting to bedding to sound-proofing curtains, there are several products that you truly need to help make your life much easier as a new parent. Take a look at our recommended products that combine ‘necessary’ with ‘nerdy’!

Crib Sheets

You’ll need to have several crib sheets on hand, so you can wash them and put baby back to sleep without having to wait for the laundry.

avengers fitted baby sheets

Avengers Fitted Baby Sheets

These handmade crib sheets are made of 100% cotton and come in three bright, colorful patterns that will perfectly complement your Marvel nursery! Choose from a classic collage pattern with renditions of the original comic book characters, a graphic design set against comic book strip patterns, or an Infinity War pattern that includes many of the new characters alongside the classic superhero standbys. Each sheet set also includes a matching pillowcase.

spider-man fitted baby crib sheets

Spider-Man Fitted Baby Crib Sheet

Partial to Spider-Man? This Etsy shop sells an assortment of crib sheet, blanket, and comforter sets with 3 colorful Spider-Man designs, so you will be able to find the perfect set to fit your needs. The bedding sets are made from 100% cotton for washability and comfort that will hold its color through many washes.

Black Panther Fitted Crib Sheet

Black Panther Fitted Crib Sheet

Put your little one under the protection of the King of Wakanda with these Black Panther sheets! If you only need the crib sheets or you are starting from scratch and looking for a crib skirt, sheets, comforter, rail guard, and bumpers, this Etsy shop has you covered!

Personalized Marvel Crib Sheet

Personalized Marvel Crib Sheet

Besides the cute print of your favorite Marvel superheroes, you can have the name of your little one added to the sheet. Not to mention, there are a ton of fabric options to choose from as well.


Lamps are a fun decor piece for any room, but in nurseries they are especially helpful, allowing you to avoid using harsh overhead lights while rocking baby to sleep or walking around the nursery late at night. 

classic avengers lamp

Classic Avengers Lamp

This classic lamp features a bright blue base and a unique lampshade adorned with Infinity War characters. The coolest part? A metal plate was rolled in to make the body of the lamp base.

Captain America Lamp

Captain America Lamp

Make your baby’s nursery look like Captain America battled Red Skull with this awesome shield light. The best part is that it doesn’t have to crack your wall. If you’re looking for a lamp that acts more like a nightlight then you need to check this one out.

classic character lamp

Classic Character Lamp

Looking for a lamp that features some of the classic characters? This 3D lamp projects an image of Spider-Man flanked by Iron Man and Captain America! With 7 color options, you can change the appearance of the lamp every day of the week, or pick a color that matches the rest of your decor.


Curtains are an important visual tool when structuring the design of your nursery, since they are such a large canvas that serves to ground the room. But they also serve as an essential component of any nursery, blocking out noise and light so your baby can sleep soundly.

avengers curtains marvel

Avengers Curtains

These official licensed Marvel Avengers curtains are sure to be the focal point of any Marvel Superhero nursery! The bold panels feature close-ups of beloved heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and even Groot! And the washable fabric will be appreciated by new parents, who may be surprised by how far spit-up can travel across a room.

Marvel Girl Valence

Marvel Girl Valence

If you want just a touch of Marvel flair without the bold look of full-length curtain panels, these valences might be the perfect solution! They can be hung on their own and used with blinds, or paired with a sheer curtain for a cohesive look. These valences are made of a Captain Marvel collage fabric that matches one of the crib sheets listed above.

Nursery Decor (The Fun Stuff!)

Not that the essentials aren’t fun-  any nursery shopping that involves superheroes is fun! But these accessories will allow you to customize the nursery to best fit your family’s needs, while also creating a unique, one-of-a-kind nursery where you’ll love spending time and making memories with your little one.


Provide visual and mental stimulation for your little one with a hanging mobile full of your favorite Marvel superheroes!

marvel hero mobile

Marvel Hero Mobile

The bright, bold colors of these hand-crafted felt characters are sure to delight your little one, and be the perfect addition to your Marvel nursery. Customize the mobile by choosing from ten-character options including Thor, Loki, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther. Which ones would look best in your nursery?

super hero mobile

Super Hero Mobile

Some of the classics like Thor and Captain America join Black Panther and DC’s Batman beneath a starry “sky” in this felt mobile. Stars, clouds, and a moon surround handmade felt versions of these iconic characters.

Wall Decor

superhero wall prints

Superhero Wall Prints

You’ll need to expand your Marvel horizons to appreciate this set of 6 nursery prints that includes one DC character! But it’s okay- Batman is the perfect addition to some classic Marvel Avengers in these ridiculously adorable renderings of baby superheroes! I mean, come on- has the Hulk ever looked cuter?!


Reading to your child is an excellent way to foster language development from an early age. And what better reading material is there than stories based on the Marvel cinematic universe? If you’re looking for more things to read to your little one check out our selection of the best Disney baby books.

night night groot

Night Night Groot Board Book

A sleepy baby Groot getting ready for bed is interrupted by Rocket, who needs Groots help to guard the galaxy once again! An adorable board book to introduce your little one to some of the newer Marvel characters.

spider man board book set

Spider-man Board Book

Spider-Man is on a new mission: to introduce your baby to letters, numbers, colors, animals and more through this collection of Superhero Adventures learning board books! Perfect for little hands and learning minds.

marvel alphablock book

Marvel Alphablock Book

A is for Avengers…B is for Black Panther! Teach your baby the names of Marvel characters as well as their alphabet with this Alphablock book!

Bedding and Blankets

spider man fleece blanket

Spider Man Fleece Blanket

This ultra-soft, machine washable fleece blanket is perfect for snuggling with baby in a rocking chair, or adding an extra layer of warmth on chilly nights. The bold colors and rich navy blue fleece will complement Marvel crib sheets and decor!

superhero bedding set

Superhero Bedding Set

Surround your little superhero-in-training with the protection of the Avengers! Cute baby versions of the Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man, and others adorn the throw pillows, duvet cover, floor mat, sheet, and bumper in this nursery bedding set! The pastel colors and soft, washable fabrics are perfect for a Marvel nursery.

Everything Else

spider-man toy bin

Spider-Man Toy Bin

A Spider-Man toy box will be a welcome addition in your nursery so you can store stuffed animals, rattles, teethers, and other baby toys. As your little one ages, you can teach them to put their own toys away in the organizing bin!

thor's hammer baby rattle

Thor’s Hammer Baby Rattle

Is your little one worthy to wield the hammer of Thor? It certainly appears that they are worthy to wield this Thor baby rattle! The perfect gift for the youngest Avengers to start building their strength.

superhero cube organizer bins

Superhero Cube Organizer Bins

Even superheroes need to keep their rooms clean and organized. Start setting up good habits and maintaining a tidy nursery with these organizing cubes. Each bin features the symbol of a different Marvel superhero!

marvel superheroes switch cover plate

Marvel Superheroes Switch Cover Plate

Why have a boring white switchplate cover when you could have an Avengers switchplate cover? Add that finishing touch to your nursery with an awesome cover that will fit over a light switch, or an outlet!

captain america rug/play mat

Captain America Rug/Play Mat

This 3-in-1 decor piece makes a cute rug and play mat, but the drawstring around the edge actually allows you to turn this play mat into a drawstring toy storage bag! Quick and easy clean-up, especially as your little one ages and the nursery turns into a playroom. Captain America’s shield will remain an attractive decor piece and a functional part of your little one’s room!

marvel monthly milestone stickers

Marvel Monthly Milestone Stickers

This is one trend that we are totally on-board with: taking themed monthly milestone photos for the first year of your baby’s life! These Marvel monthly stickers will help set the theme for the photos, and these Marvel Superhero baby clothes will look absolutely perfect for your photoshoots! Looking for inspiration for nurseries based on different fandom themes? Check out our Star Wars and Harry Potter nursery buying guides too!