Harry Potter Baby Nursery Theme Ideas

Here’s our favorite Harry Potter baby nursery theme ideas and decor to transform your little muggle’s bedroom into a Hogwart’s dorm.

“For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let him swim in the deepest ocean, or glide over the highest cloud.”

Albus Dumbledore
harry potter themed nursery

That’s definitely the goal for your Harry Potter baby nursery: a peaceful, serene setting for your little one to rest easy. But it can also double as an awesome expression of your nerdy interests.

In our humble opinion, your baby’s nursery is the perfect place to showcase your fandom collection, and adorn the space with the hallmarks of the wizarding world. (This is also the perfect time to dress your baby in the latest wizarding world fashions- apparate over to our Harry Potter Baby Clothes article for ideas!)

When decorating a nursery for your little witch or wizard, creating a magical atmosphere is just one part of the design process. Check out our guide on  how to decorate a nerdy nursery for some helpful tips for picking colors, patterns, decor, and much more. 

Whether you are just getting started or you are looking for the finishing touches, this buying guide highlights some of the best Harry Potter essentials, plus some fun decor pieces that will leave you saying “Mischief Managed!”. (Not feeling quite prepared for this O.W.L.? Visit our baby preparation checklist for a cheat sheet.)

Harry Potter Nursery Essentials

Harry Potter Baby Nursery Tip #1: As long as your nursery isn’t in a cupboard under the stairs, you should be just fine. 

I jest. But there are some items that are pretty much required for your baby’s nursery, such as linens, lighting, and a good set of curtains. These items will make life much easier for new parents- trust us!

Crib Sheets

Next to the crib itself, the crib sheets will be one of your most frequently used (and laundered) items in the nursery. Make sure you get more than you think you’ll need- you’d be surprised how frequently you end up changing them!

harry potter crib sheet

Harry Potter Crib Sheet

These breathable, washable sheets are covered with adorable pictures of Harry’s friends throughout the series- plus Voldemort, who is definitely not a friend. (How did they manage to even make the Dark Lord Voldemort adorable?! That’s quite an accomplishment.) The sheets come in different fabric types, so you can pick what you prefer for your baby’s skin- soft organic cotton, silky minky, or stretchable jersey.

school of magic crib sheet

School of Magic Crib Sheet

These crib sheets feature a striking pattern composed of watercolor versions of magical objects, such as the Sorting Hat, the Golden Snitch, and Harry’s Nimbus 2000 broomstick. Also available from this Etsy shop are matching blankets for your little muggle.


“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Albus Dumbledore

Make turning on that light a bit more pleasant with softer, subdued lighting that will enhance the magical atmosphere of your nursery.

gryffindor lamp harry potter

Gryffindor Lamp

This bold, striped lamp emblazoned with the Hogwarts crest would look right at home in the Gryffindor common room. Nice bright colors like red and gray make a cheery addition to a Harry Potter baby nursery and will look just as good in an older kid’s room as your child ages.

deathly hallows lamp

Deathly Hallows Lamp

The sign of the Deathly Hallows forms a unique statement piece in this wooden lamp. The light is dim enough to be left on in a corner of the room during the night, but provides enough light to be able to navigate the nursery. And it is a keepsake that they won’t soon outgrow! Can you picture reading the Tales of Beedle the Bard by the light of this awesome lamp?


Your baby’s sleep schedule (and let’s face it- yours, too) might be a little erratic for a while. Help baby stay asleep during the day with thick curtains that will block light and sounds. Curtains will also help ground the other decor in the nursery.

wizard curtains harry potter

Wizard Curtains

These magical curtains feature Harry’s glasses and scar in white set against a black background. Made of 100% cotton, they come in 4 different lengths and can be ordered as regular curtains or blackout curtains. Very striking addition to any nursery!

gryffindor curtains harry potter

Gryffindor Curtains

These Gryffindor curtains would look just as perfect in the boy’s dormitories as they will in your Harry Potter baby nursery. A patchwork of bold stripes, the Gryffindor mascot, and Hogwarts castle adorn these 100% cotton curtains. They are from the same Etsy store as the curtains above, so they are also available in 4 different lengths, regular or blackout!

dobby curtain tie backs

Dobby Curtain Tie Backs

Possibly the cutest Dobby we have ever seen! Rather than installing hardware on your wall to hold back your curtains, these crocheted Dobby tie-backs will do the trick! 


You’ll want a cute and cuddly Harry Potter blanket to keep your little one warm, or for you to snuggle under with baby during late-night feedings.

you are so loved blanket

You Are So Loved Blanket

You couldn’t find a better Harry Potter blanket than this patchwork minky blanket with an embroidered message, memorializing Lily Potter’s last words to her son. Let your little one know how you feel with the words “You are so loved”, and add an optional personalization of their name. 

Nursery Accessories (The Fun Stuff!)

There’s only one place we’re going to get all of this- Diagon Alley.

Molly Weasley (Chamber of Secrets movie- not book, sorry purists)

After you’ve found your nursery essentials, you can select some fun pieces to tie everything together. Shopping online might not be as fun as shopping in Diagon Alley, but it’s much easier to add to your cart!


Did you know that placing a mobile above your baby’s crib can help stimulate their brain development?

(“It’s true. I read about it in ‘Hogwarts, a history.’” -Hermione Granger)

harry potter baby mobile

Harry Potter Baby Mobile

More than just a mobile, this customizable option comes with your choice of 5 characters (from a list of 21 options), plus a Harry Potter lullaby soundtrack that’s over 45 minutes long! Soothe your baby with the gentle sounds of Hogwarts, while they gaze up at Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hedwig, the Snitch, the Hogwarts Express, Dumbledore, Dobby, and more.

Flying Key Baby Mobile

Flying Key Baby Mobile

This is just so cool. Suspended from a hoop, this mobile is reminiscent of the Golden Trio’s trouble facing the flying keys in the Sorcerer’s Stone. Metal keys with wings made from pages of Harry Potter books “flutter” above your baby’s head, with a single Golden Snitch adorning the middle of the mobile. Note that the Etsy seller advises hanging the mobile beside the crib, not directly above it, as some of the pieces, if broken, would pose a choking hazard.

Wall Decor

set of 5 hogwarts house crest banners

Set of 5 Hogwarts House Crest Banners

Show some house pride by displaying these banners on the nursery wall! Bold colors make the Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin mascots stand out. Unify the houses with a large Hogwarts crest banner, also included in the set.

Wizarding World Alphabet Poster

Wizarding World Alphabet Poster

Alphabet prints are a classic option for nursery decor, but you’ve never seen a cooler alphabet than this! Each letter is accompanied by a tiny watercolor rendition of a person, place, creature, or spell from the wizarding world. Why teach your kids that A is for Apple when you could teach them that A is for Albus Dumbledore?! The choice is pretty clear (in my mind at least!)

retro hogwarts travel posters

Retro Hogwarts “Travel” Posters

This set of three dreamy, vintage-style travel posters feature retro renditions of Hogwarts castle, Hogsmeade, and the Hogwarts Express. They would look perfect hung above the crib, or changing table. And they’re classy enough to look at home in an older child’s room too- not even joking, I’m about to order these posters for my home office!


“Because that’s what Hermione does,” said Ron, shrugging. “When in doubt, go to the library.”

It’s never too early to begin instilling that principle in your little one’s life! Reading to your baby helps foster their brain development and language skills.

d is for dragon

ABC Book of Magical Creatures

Start your little witch or wizard’s magical education properly, with this D is for Dragons boardbook. Full of cute pictures of magical creatures, they’ll be exposed to numbers and colors along with some fantastic beasts!

baby dragon finger puppet book

Baby Dragon Finger Puppet Book

The doe-eyed baby dragon in this finger puppet book doesn’t look anything like Norbert, but that’s okay. He’s far preferable to a Horntail! This cute book tells the story of a baby dragon discovering his ability to fly.

Other Nursery Decor

dobby plush

Dobby Plush

They certainly got the “large, bat-like ears and bulging green eyes” right from the book when they made this plush! The Noble Collection produces a great deal of official Harry Potter merchandise, and this Dobby plush is included in that. With posable limbs and a tattered piece of clothing, this Dobby plus would fit in perfectly in your nursery.

gringotts coin bank

Gringotts Coin Bank

If you’re anything like James and Lily, you’ll probably need to start working on the pile of gold Galleons that you’ll leave in Gringotts for your kid. Start collecting those coins in this cool Gringotts coin bank. After all, Gringotts is “the safest place in the world for anything you want to keep safe- except perhaps Hogwarts.”

dumbledore funko pop

Dumbledore Funko Pop

Many of those who self-identify as giant nerds have discovered the amazing world of Funko Pop, and if you’re like most of us, you probably have a growing Harry Potter Funko collection. If not, now’s a great time to start, and who better to start with than Dumbledore? This Funko features the bespectacled wizard holding a tiny baby Harry, preparing to deliver him to the Dursleys.

snowy owl plush

Snowy Owl Plush

A plush Hedwig is pretty much a requirement for any Harry Potter baby nursery, am I right? This soft snowy owl plush would look equally adorable in the crib as it would perched atop a bookshelf or nestled onto a rocking chair.

sensory crinkle toy

Sensory Crinkle Toy

With crinkly sounds, a soft texture, fun ribbons, and bright colors, this Harry Potter crinkle toy has everything your baby could want! You’d be surprised by how much entertainment value there is in a simple sensory toy.

lumos light switch plate

Lumos Light Switch Plate

What self-respecting Harry Potter fan would you be if you didn’t have the Lumos/Nox switchplate cover? I mean, this is about as close to magic as an adult Muggle can get. The neutral black and silver will complement a wide range of color schemes and patterns.

hogwarts trash bin

Hogwarts Trash Bin

You won’t have any house elves to clean up after your baby, so make the job a little easier with this Hogwarts trash bin! It’s made of poly canvas, so it’s easy to clean and would also make a great hamper or storage basket.

Feeling like your little wizard might be more of a Padawan? Check out our comprehensive Star Wars Nursery Guide.