Harry Potter Baby Clothes & Onesies

Accio onesies! Dress up your little one as your favorite magician.

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Your toddler may not be off to Hogwarts with Harry, Ron, and Hermione just yet, but you can still get them prepared with these adorable onesies and Harry Potter baby clothes. You won’t find them in any shop in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade, but we have the exclusive hookup from your favorite retailers. These are the only onesies certified to ward off dark magic from Voldemort– I mean, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Dumbledore would be proud. Make sure you check out our Harry Potter baby nursery ideas for the ultimate Potterhead family.

Expecto Poopy Onesie

You want to know a secret? Babies’ poop only stinks if you don’t breastfeed. True fact, but you can still count on having to change those messy diapers on a regular basis. It’s not a magical spell, but more of a warning that’s printed on the front of this onesie. Available in different colors.

Harry Potter Costume Onesie

Your child will undoubtedly have a hard time getting into Hogwarts, but you can still dress them up like the next Dumbledore. Honestly, let’s be thankful babies can’t cast any spells. How scary would that be? Don’t worry we have a baby checklist on how to prepare for newborns that will ease your mind.

Snuggle This Muggle 3-Piece Onesie

Your precious child needs lots of snuggling and cuddling during the infant stage. Sometimes, you need a reminder to keep you from jumping off a cliff because it’s 4am and your baby is screaming louder than a Megadeth concert. Look, matching cap and pants!

Speaking Mandrake Onesie

Behold the true tongue of babies everywhere. Their ear-piercing screams jolt you awake in the middle of the night. Their blood-curdling cries draw the eyes of everyone when you’re in public. Sometimes they are mistaken for those irritating mandrakes. How can this not make our best Harry Potter baby clothes list?

I’m A Keeper Onesie

Did you know that Quidditch is a serious sport in the United States? Seriously, college athletes play it and there’s a pro league as well. The best thing is that it’s mixed gender allowing everyone to get into the game. It’s way better than Football, I’ll tell you that much.

Doin’ Time Onesie

Your little one has been doin’ some major time in her mommy’s belly. Sure, there’s no Dementor’s, but that kind of isolation is akin to being imprisoned in Azkaban.

Mischief Managed Onesie

Once a baby starts to crawl, there’s no stopping them. Oh, and you can bet they’re definitely up to no good. You turn around for half a second and your little one is about to permanently injure themselves. And why do they insist on putting everything in their mouth?

Harry Potter Print All Over Outfit

Sometimes you come across a onesie that is so unique that you kind of wish it was a print you could put on your wall. I’m talking about art, folks. I want bedsheets, a tent, and chair made with this fabric. For now, we’ll have to settle for something the baby can wear.

Slytheriffic Onesie

I know some of you love Hufflepuff and hate Slytherin. However, let’s be honest Hufflepuffs don’t exactly grow up and have fruitful careers. I’m talking about success, people. That’s where the snake comes in. Don’t get mad, if you want your baby to change the world, then dress them in Gryffindor apparel.

Hogwart Gryffindor 5-Pack Onesies

Speaking of dressing your kid in different house mascots, you can now purchase this awesome 5-pack of mostly Gryffindor rompers. Honestly, there’s no wrong choice when choosing which house best suits your child. As long as they don’t grow up being addicted to CSI Law and Order, you’re doing a good job.

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Hufflepuff Onesie

For those Hufflepuff fans out there, this onesie is absolutely precious. Not everyone can be the hero or villain in the story. Sometimes we just need the cute sweet wizards to get us through our day.

Harry Potter Iconic Set

With seven novels and eight films starring Harry Potter, these onesies do a good job capturing that iconographic imagery you fell in love with.

I’m A Catch Bib

Generally, we frown when someone refers to themselves as a snitch, but if we’re talking about Harry Potter, then it tends to be a more positive self-identification. Just you wait. In a year or two, you’ll be playing the Seeker every day of your life.

Snitches Be Cray Onesie

There is no room for tattle-telling in Hogwarts. That is one of the first lessons any little wizard or muggle learns when they start school. No one likes a tattler. Babies never tattle on each other, I learned this from watching the cartoon Rugrats as a kid.

We Can Be Tuff Onesie

Hufflepuff fans, rejoice! Here’s a romper specifically celebrating your love for the most underrated house in Hogwarts. Although, I would think any respecting parent would want their child to be a Gryffindor.

Hedwig Onesie

For those hardcore fans that love Harry’s owl Hedwig. That cute looking white owl didn’t get near enough attention in the films. Hopefully, your little one will be able to find a companion that is as loyal as Hedwig was to Harry.

Marauder’s Map Onesie

This is one of the coolest Potter onesies we list. It’s the print from the Marauder’s Map. You’ll easily be able to keep track of your child while they wear this. Unfortunately, it won’t keep them out of mischief.

Wizarding News Onesie

“Read all about it, this all-over print onesie is one of the best things you can dress a baby in.” Let’s be honest this thing is rad and we all want an adult-sized t-shirt with the same graphic. What’s this? A mass breakout at Azkaban. Hide the kids!

Potterhead Onesie

For you hardcore fans that named your children after minor characters in the Rowling universe. You know who you are. Don’t worry the onesie comes in different colors, but it’s not enchanted with any spells.

Hogwarts Letter Onesie

Let other parents know that you hold high expectations for your child. While some moms and dads might want their baby to grow up and attend an ivy league university or become a doctor, lawyer, or business executive. You’re hoping for a powerful wizard, or at least a Hufflepuff.

Hogwarts Tie Onesie

Dress your baby for wizard success, in this Hogwarts approved onesie. It might be too early for them to wield a wand or learn about defense against the dark arts , but you can pretend.

My Wand Onesie

Never ever anger a baby because they will break out their wand and turn you into a frog. Just kidding, they will throw up all over you in the check out line instead. Fun times!

Free Dobby Onesie

Dobby is a fan-favorite character in the Harry Potter universe. He’s cute, clumsy, and of course loyal till the very end. He’s like the uglier cousin of Legolas.

Little Mandrake Onesie

Maybe your little one is more of a mandrake, rather than a dementor. You don’t feel your soul being ripped from your body, but instead, it’s more your ears are bleeding. Either way, you’re probably not getting any sleep at night.

Marauder Squad Onesie

The coolest crew in the whole bunch of wizards are the ones that created the Marauder Map. That’s right, even that little rat, Pettigrew. We really need a movie about them.

Always Onesie

You love your child unconditionally just like Snape loved Lily Potter. There’s no end to your love and though you might not be able to gift them the Elder Wand, Invisibility Cloak, or the Resurrection Stone, you will always hold them in your heart.

Little Snitch Onesie

Everyone forgets about Ravenclaw. Sure, they’re not the heroes of the story, but they aren’t the villains either. And they certainly aren’t those special kids in Hufflepuff. They’re the academics, the thinkers, possibly the most eccentric of the houses. Who doesn’t want their kid to be like Luna Lovegood.

Wizard In Training Onesie

Let the world know your little one is ready to take on the evil Voldemort. Well, maybe not quite yet, but next year for sure.

Yer A Wizard Onesie

Yer a wizard, Harry. Remember those iconic words uttered by the lovable Hagrid? They take you back to an innocent time.

Donate A Sock Onesie

Every house-elf needs to be set free, but in the meantime, we should be donating our socks to their cause. Unfortunately, all the sock gnomes raided my drawers and pilfered my good stockings long ago.

Hogsmeade Xmas Onesie

It’s safe to say we all want to spend Christmas in Hogsmeade drinking butterbeer and learning about all the fantastic legends in Hogwarts.

Always Onesie

Sometimes it is better to just go with a simple design for your baby’s wardrobe. What better simple design than of a patronus to protect your little one when you’re not around. Hah, like you’re never not around.

Wizard in Training PJs

Ignoring the clever play on words, your son or daughter might just be the offspring of a witch. Assuming you know how to cast spells, charms or brew potions. I’m doing well to bake a dozen cookies without setting the apartment on fire. These pjs come with a bib and blanket!

No Good Onesie and Leggings

Are those Star Wars fans giving you a hard time about being a Potterhead? They are still upset that Disney hit the reset button on the Force. Don’t let your baby be bullied by these dark side tormentors. This little outfit will make those fanboys/girls jealous. Are you a fan of black? Check out our best goth baby clothes list.

Harry Pooper Onesie

If you’re looking for something more on the funny side, then you can stop searching. Babies love to poop, but when your child reaches 4-years old and that’s all they talk about, you’ll learn to hate that word.

Expecto Vomito Onesie

Most babies spit up from time to time. Be glad there’s no spell to conjure up even more of a mess! At least your little one won’t start spitting out slimy slugs.

Accio Milk Onesie

If only there were a spell that could easily provide your little one with mommy’s milk. Sadly, there’s no such thing, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get laughs from other parents by putting your baby in this cute onesie.

Sorting Hat Romper

This onesie comes in four designs! The Sorting Hat is one of the most dramatic scenes in the whole series. Placing Ron, Hermione, and Harry in the same house is quite a pivotal moment. Your little one doesn’t have to worry about that kind of judgment ’till they graduate high school.

Blame Nargles Romper

Nargles are the mischievous magical creatures that Luna Lovegood says live in mistletoe. No one knows if they exist, but Luna insists they stole her shoes. Feel free to blame them next time your child’s socks are missing.

Mom Teaches Horcrux Onesie

For you moms that can’t wait to dump all your excitement of Harry Potter on your little one. This onesie comes in a variety of colors. Make sure you pure your life savings into all the Harry Potter baby clothes we have listed.

Harry Potter Leggings

No baby outfit is complete without some really cute leggings to dress your little one in!

Everyday Mugglin’ Onesie

It’s not easy being a baby, much less a wizard. Everyone expects you to act normal. For wizards it’s even more difficult because they sometimes have to earn a living without using magic. Can you even imagine?

Harry Potter Snuggle Onesie

Nothing beats snuggling your baby except maybe a date night with your other. This onesie is perfect for new parents that can’t stop talking about their little one. This romper is the staple of our best Harry Potter clothes collection.

Harry Potter Lovey

Check out this soft cuddly lovey that comes in multiple colors. Perfect for new moms! Be sure to check out our best cloth diapers as well.