Halloween Baby Costumes For Boys and Girls

We’ve compiled our favorite Halloween baby costumes for boys and girls that you can easily purchase instead of making your own. Of course, we feel that babies can dress up in whichever costume you want them too regardless of their gender. These Halloween costumes will sell out fast so if you come across one that’s sold out, please let us know and we’ll replace it.

Spider-man Baby Costume

Unfortunately, your little one won’t be swinging from any tall buildings while wearing this superhero outfit. However, you can rest assured they’ll still look super adorable dressed as your favorite neighborhood wallcrawler. Before you leave, make sure you check out all our Marvel baby clothes.

Chewbacca Baby Costume

This handmade Chewbacca Halloween baby costume is amazing. It’s so furry. Luckily, your little one won’t be able to rip off your arms while wearing it. Did you know we have a whole selection of awesome Star Wars baby clothes?

Wonder Woman Baby Costume

Still one of the best DC superhero movies, this Wonder Woman outfit even includes a faux tiara for the ultimate cosplay. Just be careful equipping them with the lasso of truth. Meanwhile, we have a ton of DC superhero baby clothes, come take a look.

Incredible’s Baby Jack Infant Costume

This is one of the cutest costumes we’ve found and it’s all because of the spike of hair. Just think of how you’ll be able to make your friends and family vomit as you fill up their Instagram feed with your awesome photos. Cuteness overload.

Dragon Baby Costume

There are a couple of ways to dress your baby as a Game of Thrones character. First, you can spend a lot of money and time and create your own Jon Snow or Arya Stark outfit. Or, you could simply dress them up as a dragon. Given how parents don’t have any time or sleep, we choose the latter option. Don’t worry fans, we’ve got plenty of Game of Thrones baby clothes to choose from.

Hermione Baby Costume

Harry Potter is always a popular choice for Halloween. However, dressing babies up as your favorite wizard is no easy task. This Hermione baby costume is awesome. Don’t fret, here’s a nongender option as well. Plus, we have a whole slew of Harry Potter baby clothes for your wizarding needs.

Star Trek Baby Costume

We have a whole selection of Star Trek baby clothes, but we felt this costume would be the most popular to feature in our Halloween baby costumes article. Get your baby to the bridge, pronto.

Werewolf Cub Costume

We’ve been talking a lot about superheroes, but what about the classic monsters? Sure, babies are limited to what they can reasonably wear, but there is still a wide selection of options without having to make a costume. Anyhow, this werewolf Halloween baby costume has us howling at the moon with cuteness.

Pokemon Pikachu Baby Costume

Pika, pika, pikachu! We love Pokemon baby clothes and this Pikachu costume is no exception. Perfect for those of you who are worried about their little one getting too chilly during trick or treating.

Actual-Spider Baby Costume

Sure, you could dress your infant up in a Spider-man costume, or you could simply turn them into an adorable spider. We simply love this costume which gives your little one a total of 8 legs.

Ghostbusters Baby Costume

What’s not to love about dressing your child up as a Ghostbuster? At this age, they probably aren’t even afraid of ghosts yet. So strap on your proton pack and make sure you don’t cross the streams. It’s ghost bustin’ time!

Bowser Baby Costume

This doesn’t have to be worn just on Halloween, with something this awesome you should dress your little one in it every week. Just don’t put them in their own little go-cart.

Baby Dracula Costume

You won’t have to visit Translyvania this year to drop in on the Count. Nope, the little vampire will be dozing in their crib waiting for 3 am to wake you up. You’ll be the one rising from the grave.

Lil’ Ghost Baby Costume

One of the best Halloween baby costumes we’ve seen this year goes to the simple ghost costume. Your little boo will be winning the hearts of family, friends, and neighbors. Perfect for getting you some of that sweet, sweet candy.

Pink Monster Baby Costume

Monsters, much-like children, come in all colors. It’s rare we come across a cool pink monster costume. Everyone is dressing their kids in the regular ol’ green ones. Not this year, you are putting your little girl or boy in this adorable Halloween baby costume and stealing the hearts of everyone.

Dragon Ball Z Baby Costume

This fantastic Dragon Ball Z costume is perfect for you anime-loving families. Unfortunately, options are limited unless you want to make your own. This bodysuit is really cool and unique though. What’s your kid’s final form?

Link Baby Costume

We love Legend of Zelda. It’s not just nostalgia either. Nintendo keeps the series alive with all the awesome editions it keeps releasing. Dressing your child in a Link Halloween baby costume is a wonderful idea. Just make sure you get a green cap.

Dinosaur Baby Costume

We already feature dinosaur baby clothes so it makes sense to add a dino Halloween baby costume as well. Don’t worry it’s a vegan species so no Jurrasic Park mishaps here.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Baby Costume

Pizza, hanging out in sewers, and saving the world from an evil ninja clan are things your little one can’t do yet. However, they can still pretend, right? Cowabunga, dudes!

Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby Costume

It’s our second featured Ghostbusters Halloween baby costume, but it’s super cute and we had to do it. Dress your child up as a giant marshmallow bent on destroying NYC. Where’s Godzilla when you need him?

Yoda Baby Costume

Have your infant teach the other babies how to master the force in this fantastic Yoda Halloween baby costume. Before you know it they’ll want to move to the swamp and talk to ghosts.

Harry Potter Baby Costume

This is a really cute Harry Potter costume that you can have made for any of the four houses, not just the Gryffindor one featured in the image. Just don’t give your little one any magic wands, because they are too young to be casting any spells.

Groot Baby Costume

This Groot Halloween baby costume looks like it’s just for big kids, but rest assured it comes in sizes that will fit your baby as well. Sorry, we couldn’t find any baby Rocket outfits, but if you come across one let us know.