Goth Baby Clothes For Little Creatures of the Night

For fans of wearing black and celebrating the darker side of life, check our list of the best goth baby clothes for your little creatures of the night!

Baby Goth in Training Onesie photo

For you parents out there that own closets full of black attire, religiously celebrate Halloween, and mostly listen to music that came out before 1990 we give you our favorite goth baby clothes that you can purchase online. Yes, there’s quite an extensive comeback for the goth movement that’s currently underway. Please let us know if you find anything that we should add to the list.

toy division onesie

Toy Division Onesie

Joy Division is one of the flagship bands that started the cultural phenomenon of Goth. Furthermore, your little one will tear stuff animals apart due to how much they love them.

baby baphomet onesie

Baby Baphomet Onesie

Poor baby Baphomet must have been lonely without any friends to play with. Luckily, your little one won’t suffer the same tragic fate since you’ll be there to offer comfort and horror movies.

baby goth in training

Goth Training Onesie

Becoming a goth isn’t something that needs to happen when you hit puberty. You can start the training as soon as your little one is born, at least in the fashion department. Just make sure you are stocking that closet full of goth baby clothes. Yes, we feature Halloween baby costumes as well.

goth bunny onesie

Goth Bunny Onesie

Some parents dress their babies up with all the sugar and spice in the world. Yup, it makes us sick just thinking about it. However, being goth doesn’t mean your little one can’t be cute. Check out this little bunny doll from the other side. It just needs some cuddles.

siouxsie sioux onesie

Siouxsie Sioux Onesie

Siouxsie Sioux is another original innovator of the goth phenom in the music industry. This peek-a-boo onesie captures why there are those of us that gravitate to the dark side. If you like the dark side check out our Star Wars baby clothes.

Hocus Pocus Onesie photo

Hocus Pocus Onesie

We were a little hesitant to list a onesie from the classic Halloween film, Hocus Pocus. However, we want to make sure that the best holiday of the year is represented, and this movie holds a special place in our dark hearts.

pentagram onesie

Pentagram Onesie

This romper is perfect for those of you with little demons that stay up all night invoking dark magicks in the form of baby babbling. Yep, we know what they’re up to in their cribs with the candles, stuffed animal sacrifices, and milk-letting.

misfits skull onesie

Misfits Skull Onesie

For those of you looking for something a little more punk to wear, this Misfits Skull romper is guaranteed to keep the playground bullies at bay. A good pairing with Misfits’ hit song, Skulls.

Creature of the Night Onesie

Creature of the Night Onesie

The cult classic horror musical movie, Dracula, features the timeless quote, “Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!” Your little one is now one of those night creatures, wailing and screaming their “music” at 3 a.m.

We’ve got the best Harry Potter baby clothes this side of Diagon Alley.

beath metal octopus onesie

Death Metal Octopus Onesie

Some parents dress their kids in teddy bears, pink tutus, lions, and cute little bears. Not you, you’re more fond of heavy metal sea creatures, headbanging till 3 a.m. and dozing off after eating pizza for breakfast.

i am smiling onesie

I am Smiling Onesie

“Why don’t you smile and make everyone happy.” Are you completely sick and tired of old people telling you to smile? Beware they’ll do it to your child as well. That’s okay just train your child to vomit like Reagan in The Exorcist and everything will be fine.

metal onesie

Metal Onesie

Goth has evolved into many different types of music that all share similar themes. However, metal still reigns as a staple in the goth community. Whether you’re headbanging in the back, moshing up at the front, or just screaming lyrics you now can introduce your little one to one of the most controversial music genres in the history of the planet.

horror movie onesie

Horror Movie Onesie

Do you daydream about cuddling up on the couch as a family and watching the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre? You might have to wait a little while before your child will be able to join you, but in the meantime, you can certainly daydream about the future.

Winona Ryder Forever Onesie photo

Winona Forever Onesie

Let’s just take a moment to reflect on just how important Winona Ryder is to goth culture. From Heathers and Beetlejuice to Edward Scissorhands and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and so many more, she has been there creating some of the most legendary, on-screen goth icons ever. With this onesie you can get an early start on your little one’s love of this Queen of gothic cinema!

lil misfit onesie

Lil Misfit Onesie

The cool kids always start as the misfits at school. You yourself were probably different than all your classmates. Maybe you laughed when others didn’t, cried when others laughed or hid in a corner reading Anne Rice novels during lunchtime. Hopefully, your little one will be able to fit in a little better than you did, but one thing is for sure they’ll be the cootie-patootie in this romper on the playground. 

the cure onesie

The Cure Onesie

Have you ever heard anyone say that they don’t like The Cure? Certainly, not everyone lists them as their favorite band, but The Cure managed to reach across all genres of music and produce songs that became timeless to so many different types of people. There’s no doubt your little one will grow up enjoying at least a couple of their singles while standing in a forest in love on a Friday.

skull onesie and outfit

Skull Onesie and Outfit

This adorable skull outfit includes a headband, cap and pants. It makes the perfect apparel for wearing on family photoshoot day. Wait, I mean the perfect outfit for worshipping the evil one and waiting for his instructions to take over the world.

classic skull onesie and outfit

Classic Skull Onesie & Outfit

This classic skull outfit includes a hat, mittens, pants, and a onesie. It reminds me of the old animated skeleton dance. This is the perfect thing to wear when taking your evening family walks through the cemetary.

vampira's ghoul gang onesie

Vampira’s Ghoul Gang Onesie

For those little ones that don’t quite belong to the cool cliques at the playground, but rather are part of the exclusive ghoul gang. Yes, they would rather shamble around the cemetery eating random body parts. This onesie is for them.

what we do in the shadows onesie

What We Do In The Shadows Onesie

Fans of vampires take heed, this romper is sure to bring a smile on your face. One of the best mockumentaries of all-time is encapsulated right here on this onesie. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like spaghetti. Goth baby clothes are awesome, but if you are looking for more ideas check out our baby shower gifts ideas.

Morrissey Onesie photo

Morrissey Onesie

The king of sad had to make an appearance on this list. Did you think we would forget all about Morrissey? Are you crazy? For those of you who grew up with The Smiths posters covering your walls, this romper is perfect for those quieter dreary days.

Chunky Thighs, Spooky Vibes Onesie photo

Chunky Thighs, Spooky Vibes Onesie

Baby chunky thighs are adorable, or course. However, there are definitely those spooky times in the middle of the night where your baby monitor shows your little one standing up talking to absolutely nothing. Good thing you’re too tired to get scared.

babyhaus onesie

Babyhaus Onesie

Every single goth or industrial rock star started out as a cute little baby. Just think about it. Even Peter Murphy was once a little slobbering infant making adorable little sounds in his crib. I would bet my last dollar that your little one is going to be way cooler than he was.

depeche mode onesie

Depeche Mode Onesie

While not blatantly a Depeche Mode romper, this onesie is really for you hardcore fans out there. Of course, you won’t be enjoying the silence for an awfully long time, at least other parents will think you’re cool.

every day is halloween

Every Day is Halloween

The epitome of American goth culture revolves around Halloween. It’s the center of the universe of all that is black, gloomy, and macabre. While most people love Halloween, there are those that worship the holiday as a celebration of their unique personality and poetic meaning in their life. This is the essential onesie in our goth baby clothes list. Plus, for all you Industrial Goths out there, it’s also a great Ministry song from very early in their career.