Girl Baby Clothes for Rebels

We’ve compiled the best list of girl baby clothes for rebels that inspire and empower females.

Baby in a Johnny Cash Onesie Being Taken to "Prison" by Parents photo

Even though this article is aimed at girls, that certainly doesn’t mean that these awesome onesies can’t be worn by boys either. As we try to tear down gender stereotypes, we want to encourage our children to follow their dreams. Through the creation of this list, we’ve tried to emphasize that our little ones are not solely limited to their biologically assigned genitalia. Please check out our cute baby clothes for boys as well, since both lists are appropriate for all genders.

Rebel Leia Album Cover Onesie image

Rebel Rebel Leia Onesie

From another galaxy far, far away this Princess Leia romper is perfect for you rebellious Star Wars fans out there. Leia is the perfect example of the strong female archetype we’ve grown to love and promote. If you like this onesie, then check out all of our featured Star Wars baby clothes.

Marie Curie Onesie

Marie Curie Onesie

This onesie has one of the most famously celebrated female scientists to have walked the Earth. Marie Curie helped discover radioactivity, and became the only woman to win two Nobel Prizes. Talk about the female power.

Women With Vision Onesie

This romper features more very successful talented women your child can look up to. The four women on this shirt are:
Malala Yousafzai (Nobel Prize Laureate), Frida Kahlo (Artist), Rosa Parks (Civil Rights Activist), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Justice of the Supreme Court).

13th Doctor Who Onesie

Finally, a woman Doctor. It’s about time. Beyond all the criticism of Jodi Whittaker, the door is now open for females to have a larger role in the show. If you’re a huge fan of Doctor Who and cute baby clothes for girls, then be sure to check out all of our Doctor Who baby clothes.

Let's Go on an Adventure Onesie photo

Let’s Go On An Adventure Onesie

The best thing about having a baby is watching them grow up and experience life on a very fundamental level. While grownups drone on and on about what profession a child will take on, children are developing entire imaginary worlds in their heads. Now that’s an adventure worth having.

Future Dungeon Master Onesie photo

Future Dungeon Master Onesie

Speaking of adventures, who is ready to teach their baby how to play Dungeons & Dragons or another pen and paper role-playing game? Get out your dice and start rolling for initiative.

Future Astronaut Onesie

Future Astronaut Onesie

Astronauts come in all genders these days. I think this romper captures that spirit, but even if your child doesn’t become a successful scientist they can still visit different worlds using their imagination. The fact that women can go to space is a huge testament to the world we live in today.

Legend of Zelda Onesie

It is, after all, called Legend of Zelda. There’s no Link in that title. Maybe Zelda has to save Link this time. I really love that idea, or maybe they just team up to stop Gannon. Either way, this is the true legend of Zelda.

To The Disco Onesie

Who says only boys love Dinosaurs? Girls can definitely be into giant angry lizards as well. This romper captures everything wholesome with a prehistoric dance party. If you love ancient reptiles, check out our dinosaur baby clothes.

Gamer In Training Onesie

Is your little one ready to grab a controller and start on their couch quest of conquering virtual worlds with you? Probably not, but I’m sure you’re ready. Just give it a few years.

LOTR Eowyn Onesie

Lord of the Rings is a timeless classic that you’re are itching to read and show your child. The journey of the Ring is one of the best adventures created by any human. Check out all our featured Lord of the Rings baby clothes.

Sailor Moon Costume Onesie

Sailor Moon got really popular in the US around the late 90’s and early 2000s. It was one of the first anime to really make it in America’s pop culture. This Rini costume comes with a hat.

Game of Thrones Onesie photo

Game Of Thrones Onesie

Your baby is the moon, stars, and sun of your life. However, there are times where you want to run away or cry your eyes out in the closet. These are great times to escape into your favorite HBO series. Make sure you check out all our Game of Throne onesies.

DNA Blocks Onesie

You’re responsible for half the building blocks in your little one’s body. How cool is that? This romper is perfect for those of you who are interested in genetics. Especially, if you are obsessed with how much your child looks like the father and mother.

When in Doubt Go to the Library Onesie photo

Go to the Library Onesie

Welcome, you fans of Harry Potter, to the website that’s happy to show you how to spend all your money. After you purchase this adorable outfit, take a look at all our featured Harry Potter baby clothes.

Charles Darwin Onesie

Darwin Evolution Onesie

As your child grows into an adult you’ll be able to watch them evolve into an independent human being. That’s not the definition of evolution that Darwin gave us, but we now know that organisms spend years and years adapting to their changing environments.

Femme Superheroes Onesie

Talk about some serious girl power! When the females of Marvel and DC team-up, criminals don’t stand a chance. This romper features the best of the best. Your little one will be saving the planet in no time. In addition to these cute baby clothes for girls, make sure you check out our selection of Marvel onesies and DC baby clothes.

Legend of Zim Onesie

It’s not Link that’s saving the princess in this story. No, it’s the cute cuddly… Zim. Wait, you disagree on the cute and cuddly part?

Be A Scientist Onesie

Girls wanting to be princesses are so 20th century. The fantasy for most parents now is to have their kid grow up and become a scientist. However, let’s make sure we don’t pressure kids too much. The most important thing about being a child is getting to have fun.

Princess Peach Onesie

Speaking of 20th-century princesses here’s Peach from Super Mario. A long time ago, she was a defenseless princess that always needed saving in different castles. Nowadays, she’s just as important as Mario. Whether racing karts, defeating Bowser or competing in athletic competitions, Peach is a modern independent woman. Sure, she’s on the list for cute baby clothes for girls, but she will stomp a Goomba any day of the week.

Spider Gwen Onesie

I loved Spiderman Into The Spider Verse. That’s where I first saw Gwen in action, and I became a fan of the female Spidey hero right away. Sure, Peter Parker is awesome, but there’s definitely room for a Spider Gwen story.

Baby Goth In Training Onesie

There are a lot of parents that are either recovering goths or still hide in the shadows when the sun is at its highest peak. The teen angst left us years ago, but we still listen to a lot of the same music, watch horror movies, and still own a lot of black t-shirts in our closet. There’s nothing wrong with exposing your child to the things you love. Check out all our goth baby clothes.

Punker Plus One Onesie

Being a parent is tough, on one hand, you want your child to grow up following rules and being polite, but on the other hand, you want your child to be anti-authority and stick it to the man. It’s a narrow line to walk just like the one Johnny Cash sang about. For now, you can just put your little one in this romper and enjoy how cute they are.

Siouxsie And The Banshees Onesie

Most modern pop music is forgettable, recycled, neatly packaged garbage. However, there’s still great music being released if you look for it. We can thank iconic post-punk rockers like Siouxsie for influencing a lot of the new bands that continue to give life to rock n’ roll.

Eat. Sleep. Poop. Onesie

Becoming a developer isn’t just for boys, girls can definitely take an interest in programming and create awesome software for the rest of us to use. Get your little one started on that path with this bit of code found on this romper. Eat, sleep, and poop… sounds just about right for the life of a baby.

Cthulhu Onesie

All hail the great Cthulhu who has come to… wait, this ancient god sure does look like a cutie-pie. No need to worry about worshipping this god, she’s pretty harmless. However, don’t make her angry or you’ll suffer some serious temper tantrums.

We All Scream For Ghostface Onesie

Who says girls can’t love horror films? Actually, no one. Turns out more women go see scary movies than men. This cute onesie blends two things a lot of us like horror and ice cream. It really melts my heart.

Retro Bot Onesie

Robots are taking over our daily tasks more and more as time goes on. They may not exactly look how we originally imagined them to be in the ’50s and ’60s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress your baby up as a retro android. This awesome romper celebrates the origins of robots and shows how far we’ve come.

Nerdy Girl Onesie

Did you know if you combine the elements neon and Iridium you get one nerdy girl? This adorable romper celebrates chemistry and the culture you’re planning to raise your baby in. Don’t worry, it comes in lots of different colors.

Leia Saving Luke Onesie

Star Wars continues to remain relevant even though it was first released 40 years ago. Personally, I love how artists re-imagine key scenes from that first trilogy. The what-ifs if you will, that make me spend the next 30 minutes on what would have changed if this happened differently. That’s why I’m drawn to this romper. Leia could have easily been the hero in the original trilogy. Strong, independent, and smart – she’s the other Skywalker that could have led the rebellion for the Alliance.

The Babe Onesie

Labyrinth holds a special place in my heart. Between the wonderful performance delivered by David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, and all the magical creatures the story just sucks you in. Absolutely, wholesome.

Living Dead Girl Onesie

This zombie girl onesie highlights the beauty of being different. Not every girl wants ponies, tiaras, blond hair, or blue eyes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think that’s cool. Other times, we just want to dress our kid in a unique romper.

Science Is For Girls Onesie

One of the recurring themes in these cute baby clothes for girls list is the promotion of science. That’s because for years females were told that managing the household and raising children is what women were supposed to dedicate their lives to. It’s important that we move away from that traditional line of thinking and tell our children that they should become whatever makes them happy.