Gamer Baby Shower Ideas To Help You Throw The Best Party

Are you looking for gamer baby shower ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are hosting a Gamer baby shower or being invited to one, Geek Baby Clothes has curated the perfect list of video game inspired decorations, gifts, and party games to create an excellent event for the celebration of the future gamer that everyone will remember. 

The only worry Parents-to-be will have is deciding which theme to choose from for their newborn’s arrival celebration. Will it be the bright and colorful characters of Super Mario Bros? The elegant greens and golds of the Legend of Zelda? Or the radical designs of video game controllers and gaming memorabilia?

The delight of video games within a baby shower celebration will bring a nostalgic blast to the past. Excellent ideas from different themed invitations, decorations like banners, streamers, and balloons, and tabletop embellishments will surely make the experience a whimsical 8-bit paradise. Don’t stop here, we have a whole category devoted to baby shower themes and ideas.

Video Game Baby Shower 🕹

Pac Man Party Invitations image

Arcade Style Baby Invitations

No baby shower is complete without some awesome invitations to address the big event! This digital download is fully customizable and goes over the top with creativity! Featuring the beloved arcade game Pac Man, your Video Game Baby Shower will be filled with nostalgic memories and new loving ones too!

Video Game Baby Shower Invite image

Video Game Baby Shower Invite

If you’re not into old-school games, like Pac Man, then these baby shower invites are for you! The text of this digital file is fully editable, and there’s even a link to a demo version in the product description, if you want to try before you buy.

GAME OVER Thank You Tags

It’s always a great idea to be polite and courteous so why not show your appreciation and thankfulness to your guests with these super cool Thank You tags! With GAME OVER in the infamous gaming font with a pixelated heart, these tags are perfect for gratitude!

Video Game Controller Gender Reveal Buttons

These video game controller gender reveal button pins will be a hit with your guests! Having your guests choose a Player Girl or Player Boy button to wear around the party before the big reveal will show off some baby welcoming spirit for sure!

Video Game Streamers

Decorating a baby shower for gamers can easily be done, especially with these radical and bright video game theme streamers! With controllers, joysticks, Pacman, and stars swirl streamers. Signs that say Level Up! Bonus Point! Game On! and LOL! There are 48 pieces of delight with this decoration party pack.

Video Game Controller Toppers

Decorating treats like cupcakes, cakes, and sweets will be an absolute treat for your guests with these awesome video game controller toppers! Your video game baby shower will be filled with game-loving decadence in the colors of green, red, black, and blue.

Super Mario Bros Baby Shower 🍄

Super Mario Decorative Garland Banner

With Super Mushrooms, 1 Up Mushrooms, Clouds, and SuperStars, this banner is a necessity for any video game theme or Nintendo theme baby shower. This banner will surely bring a wow factor to your big event with bright and beautiful colors and designs. This banner does not come assembled but is easily constructed to create any pattern.

Super Mario Candy Holders

Whether it’s for sweet treats, small party favors, or other decorated items, these Super Mario Candy Holders are perfect for any Super Mario Bros, Nintendo, or Video Game baby showers. With options of Piranha Plant (with or without teeth) Super Star, 1-Up Mushroom, Mario, or Mario’s Face, these 50 piece units would look pretty terrific decorated on tables, counters, or even as a guest’s thank you gift!

Baby Mario and Baby Peach Gender Reveal Invite image

Super Mario Bros Gender Reveal Invitations

First impressions are always a big deal, so why not invite your guests with these fantastic and bright invitations. With Baby Mario and Baby Peach, these instant download invitations have all the information necessary for your baby’s big reveal!

Super Mario Mushrooms Gender Reveal Buttons

If you’re revealing the baby’s gender during the baby shower, these Super Mushroom button pins in pink and blue are a definite must-have. With two sizing options, 1 inch and 2.25 inches these pins will be a delightful way to welcome the baby but also a lovely keepsake of the event. 

Yoshi Standee Display

What could be more perfect to decorate a Video Game baby shower than this Yoshi Standee Display? At 2 feet, this die-cut can be displayed hanging to create a perfect decoration for the baby shower or even an excellent photo op prop. Check out the other listings from this seller for other Super Mario Bros characters to attend your event.

Legend of Zelda Baby Shower 🧝‍♂️

Legend of Zelda Triforce Baby Shower Party Pack

Your baby shower will blossom in green and gold celebrating the tiny hero’s arrival into the vast world. This Legend of Zelda Triforce Party Pack is exceptional for all your baby shower needs. Comes with beautifully designed invitations with the Hyrule Crest, Thank You cards, Diaper Raffle cards, and Bring Book cards. I truly love the Bring a Book idea which replaces cards and gifts with the magic of books and stories! Make sure you check out our Legend of Zelda baby clothes article to transform any baby into a hero.

Legend of Zelda Invitations

One of the most notorious quotes of Legend of Zelda would have to be “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone -Take This!” So why not have that designed on your baby shower to make a truly lasting impression with your guests. With a baby theme twist to it, these invitations will surely be worth the adventures ahead!

Legend of Zelda Cookie Cutters

How delightful would it be to present Zelda theme cookies to your guests? With a sweet scent in the air and a whirl of adventure, these cookies will be a definite hit for the event. Even makes a great baby shower gift, as well. Comes in shapes of Navi the Fairy, Majora’s Mask, Hylian Shield, Triforce, Rupee, or a collection of all 5!

Legend of Zelda Rupees Table Confetti

No need to shatter any pots to find these Rupees. Easily order them to create the most astonishing decorations! Bright colors, glittery and shiny in red, green, blue, and gold these whimsical Rupees will be a fabulous addition to your event.

Legend of Zelda Hylian Crest Balloons

Donning the colors of green, yellow, and gold, these Hylian Crest Balloons will be a fantastic way to decorate your legendary baby shower. Everyone loves balloons so why not enhance the celebration!

Video Game Baby Shower Gift Ideas 🎁

8-Bit Video Game Monthly Onesie Set

It’s no secret that babies grow up fast, so why not have a commemorative way to cherish a baby’s milestone with this precious onesie set? With 12 months’ worth of onesies in an 8 bit video game theme, each month will surely be looking forward to! Featuring Megaman, Bubble Bobble, Metroid, Mario, and other nostalgic characters to truly have baby’s first year come to life. For More Video Game Onesie Ideas, check out Video Game Baby Clothes for Future Gamers!

XBOX Game Controller Chewy Teether

Teething is a dreaded phase in a baby’s life, so why not make it more bearable with a radical teether shaped like a video game controller? Customizable to have the newborn’s name, colorful buttons, super easy to wash, and best of all fun and safe! Your little one will be leveling up in no time.

GameBoy Silicone Teething Toy (Set of 3) photo

GameBoy Teether

If XBOX isn’t your family’s style, why not give a gaming family’s tiny gamer a GameBoy controller teether? The resemblance is uncanny, and it’s safe for baby’s unpleasant ride through their teething journey. Can be easily attached to a pacifier strap, to curb those times when baby decides everything looks better on the floor.

I’m Baby Kirby Car Sign Accessory

Driving with your toddlers can be a stressful endeavor, so why not let everyone know that your baby is on board with this super cute and nerdy “I’m Baby” car sign of the lovable pink Kirby. Perfect for meme lovers too!

Yoshi Baby on Board Window Decal photo

Yoshi Baby on Board Vinyl Decal

Maybe you want something that encourages other drivers to use caution, but want something with a little more commitment than a suction cup. This vinyl window decal is waterproof and UV protected, so it’s made to last! Comes in a variety of Yoshi colors too!

Pokemon Diaper Cover Bummies

Pokemon Bummies is a pure delight! This blue diaper cover bloomers with Pokemon all over will surely be a smash hit gift for any Pokemon obsessed family. Fashionable, stretchy, and no snaps, zips, or buttons to easily get baby in and out. Be sure to head over and check out our anime baby shower ideas as well.

Video Game Themed Sensory Tag Toy photo

Video Game Themed Sensory Tag Toy

Every baby needs sensory input. It’s essential. But why not go above and beyond and have a tag toy that has a video game theme? Perfect for your new born or as a gift, this tag toy will be a sensation while encouraging the little one’s development.

Video Game Baby Shower Games 🎲

Super Mario Party 

Every baby shower needs exciting entertainment and party games, but why not go back to the roots of all video game parties and play Super Mario Party at your event? Super Mario Party is the next addition to the smash hit Mario Party games that started back on the Nintendo 64 console. It’s interactive, fun, and multiple players can join in! 

Minecraft and Super Mario Uno Boxes

Minecraft and Super Mario Uno

Interactive party games keep events like baby showers entertaining and fun. These Minecraft and Super Mario Uno decks are sure to bring some laughter and competitive spirit and even mingling between the guests. Each deck has a new rule and card to add to the theme and freshen up your baby shower with nostalgia and excitement. You can get the Minecraft deck and the Super Mario deck separately as well. There’s even a Mario Kart deck!

Pin the Tail on the Pikachu 

More than likely, there will be other children attending the baby shower so why not have fun games to entertain them? Pin the Tail on the Pikachu is a nerdy and cute rendition of the classic game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It’s a digital download but comes with everything needed and multiple Pikachu tails to keep the entertainment going.

Super Mario Bros Baby Shower Games

This list of Super Mario Bros baby shower games is perfect for Nintendo theme parties or any video game baby showers in general. Baby games included are Baby Name Race, Baby Word Scramble, What’s In Your Purse? The Price is Right, M&M Guessing Game, Who Knows Mommy Best?, Who Knows Daddy Best?, Bingo, MAD LIBS, Diaper Raffle, and Books for Baby.