Game of Thrones Maternity Shirt – Baby is Coming

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Ah, maternity clothing; as if being giant, perpetually hungry, and tired isn’t bad enough, the powers that be in the clothing biz decided we need to have as few choices as possible for cool things to wear. At least we’ve moved beyond moo-moos, but for those used to sporting a daily combo of nerdy mash-up tee/tank top with jeans, this can be an especially frustrating time. Believe it or not, World, pregnant women retain all of their likes/dislikes and their sense of humor throughout the gestation period. If you give us nerdy shirts that fit, we will buy them.

For the Game of Thrones fangirl out there cuddling her eggs in the fire, CutieButtsBoutique can print you up your very own “Baby is Coming” tee in either House Stark or House Targaryen theme.

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