Firefly I Aim to Misbehave Onesie

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Take my love, take my hand,
hold me ’cause I cannot stand,
I don’t care, I’m snuggly,
This onesie was made for me!

Who more accurately represents a bunch of toddlers than the cast of your favorite, cancelled show? They’re angry, they’re drunk half the time, they make bad decisions, and then they surprise you with their utter cleverness.

This onesie comes to us from Etsy store ThePolecatAndTheOwl. It features a vinyl print with the delightful silhouette of the Serenity, paired with the perfect phrase for any toddler: “I aim to misbehave.”

This is printed on a super soft Gerber-brand onesie. And like their page says– onesies sizes always run small. So if you want to make sure that it fits, buy at least one size up, just in case.

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