Doctor Who Sleep Sack

This item is listed for $25.00 by Etsy
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Allonsy! There’s nothing safer and nicer to snuggle up and sleep in than the TARDIS. Now, your baby can have their own nap sack (get it?) with your favorite fictional home depicted in the fabric.

A sleep sack is sort of like a onesie, but also like a blanket, so it will be sure to keep your little Time Lord snuggly warm and comfy.

This sleep sack is made by Etsy store SopkaStyles and is made for babies who are 3-9 months old. As always, we strongly suggest checking with the seller about the exact measurements so that you can be sure you little one will fit.

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One response to “Doctor Who Sleep Sack”

  1. Susan says:

    Just wondering what this material is. Is it fleece or flannel or cotton?? PLMK. Thank you!!

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