Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Dress

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A “The Starry Night” and TARDIS mash-up, who could ask for a better dress for your little Whovian? The famous painter’s Impressionist style with swirling stars mixes perfectly with science fiction theme. The exploding TARDIS motif is a metaphorical and stylish expression of the Doctor’s travels through space and time; not to mention a nod to the source of the TARDIS’ primary power source: an exploding star.

As a bonus, this cute little A-line dress is reversible, with spacey blue galaxy swirls and stars on the inside. There are blue snaps at the top for easy on/off and bodice lining for a bit of style. The dresses are made to order and take about a week for Etsy seller BraveGirlBoutique to produce. 

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