Dinosaur Print – You Won’t Exist Until the Cretaceous Period

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Without fail, almost every dinosaur book, fabric, or artwork features an array of cartoonish dinos frolicking about together in a land of mountain, grass, and palm trees. This can cause some head shaking among those who know about the different eras and the variety of animals within each one, and it also might confuse your future paleontologist who is eagerly studying.

Etsy designer Tiffany Ard feels your pain and has illustrated this playful print as a slight jab to those who would dare place a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a Stegosaurus (we’re looking at you, The Land Before Time). Your young one can have a chuckle every time they pass by this print in their room, and you can feel satisfied that you purchased an accurate piece of whimsical dinosaur art.

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