Dinosaur Baby Clothes & Onesies

Long ago, gigantic reptiles roamed the Earth and ate each other. Fortunately, all that’s left are fossils and these adorable dinosaur baby clothes. We’ve done our best to feature dino onesies for everyone. Whether you love science, 90’s fashion, scaly cuteness, or pop culture this selection of rompers will empty your bank account faster than you can say,

Raawr Means I Love You Onesie

Rawr! That’s the sound that your baby will make – and you for that matter – at 3 in the morning. Feeding time, little dinosaur. This onesie is the perfect baby shower gift.

Babysaurus Jurassic Park Onesie

Hold onto your butts! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. It’ll be worth it, though. Thankfully your baby will never grow teeth that are 9 inches long. THEN we’d be in trouble.

Brontosaurus Romper with Headband

If you like boho style baby clothes, this romper is it. Between the dangling pom-poms, tiny headband and happy dinos, how can you say no?

Newborn Dinosaurs

We love these little pastel hatchlings! Did you know that dinosaur eggs were thought to be 20 times heavier than chicken eggs? Dino eggs not your thing, check out our Pokemon baby clothes for some awesome Poke balls.

Sleeveless Dino Jumpsuit

This one is perfect for the summer. The white background is bright and the miscellaneous dinosaurs are playful! Oh, and it has a zipper instead of snaps. How neat is that?

Boobivore Onesie

Besides being a clever play on words, this onesie promotes normalizing breastfeeding. Nom nom nom. Who said dinosaur baby clothes couldn’t be progressive?

Reading Dino

Reading to your baby builds listening, memory and vocabulary skills and is a great way to bond. When they’re older, you can read the long dinosaur names to them in silly voices and broaden their vocabulary even further. Check out our other baby tips in our most essential things a newborn baby needs.

Tacosaurus Onesie

We thought this design was incredibly clever…and delicious. T-Rex could bite off 500 pounds in one bite! How many tacos would that be? This onesie comes in a variety of colors. What, you didn’t think we’d throw in a taco reference on our best dinosaur baby clothes list?

Unstoppable T-Rex Onesie

Your baby is like T-Rex in more ways than one. Eating all the time, terrorizing the world that they live in, and limited by short, stubby arms. However, they don’t have to battle ufos. This romper is just an excuse to put awesome things on your little one.

Fossilized T-Rex Onesie

Remember the Night at the Museum movies? That’s what this onesie reminds me of. Thankfully, your little one isn’t going to roam the halls of the museum at night terrorizing the security guard.

Indominus Baby Onesie

This onesie is rad. Indominus Rex from Jurassic World was a T- Rex hybrid experiment gone horribly wrong. I’ll bet your baby will be just as good at camouflage, wreaking havoc and devouring food.

Ugly Christmas Rex Onesie

Re-live your ugly Christmas sweater childhood memories through your baby. They’ll be begging for a dinosaur for Christmas in just a few years. Merry Clawmas!

Stegosaurus Onesie

This simple Stegosaurus onesie has very vibrant colors, is handmade and super soft! This is a good baby shower gift for your favorite science enthusiast.

Dinosaur Space Onesie 2 Pack

Why did the dinosaur cross the road? To eat the chickens on the other side. This jumpsuit comes with a space-themed onesie as well.

Just Hatched Onesie

We did feature a hatchling snapsuit above, but this one was too cute not to include. Look at those little feet on the egg and the broken shell on top of its head. All hail baby D! Make sure you check out our baby checklist: how to prepare for newborn article.

Lochness Monster Onesie

This original piece allows your imagination to run wild. Nessie’s vibrant colors and the little adventurer in the boat are the perfect example of the young mind and its creations.

Rainbow Dinosaur Onesie

We think this green T-Rex looks super rad beneath this rainbow. Your little one will totally be decked out like a 90’s baby while sporting a unicorn riding a dinosaur. I feel like this should be a show on the Cartoon network.

Cretaceous in Space Onesie

Meanwhile, in space…dinosaur meetups are occurring. Your baby can wear this onesie while you read them the children’s comic book series Dinosaurs in Space by Pranas T. Naujokaitis. You’ll thank us later.

T-Rex Costume Onesie

I’ve always wanted to try painting on a canvas. I just can never find the time, but if I did I would definitely want Bob Ross holding my hand via Youtube.

Godzilla Chaos Onesie

This is the perfect gift for your expectant friend or family member. Warn them of the chaos that’ll ensue once their little one enters Tokyo.

Organic Onesie

Dinosaurs once went on an organic only diet when they roamed the Earth. That’s a little known fact, but they pre-dated us by about 50 years. Yeah, that’s not a typo. The more you know!

Know Your Dino Onesie

Now is the time to start teaching your child all the names and types of dinosaurs. If you are dedicated you’ll have your child impressing relatives, friends, and co-workers by spouting a hundred different dinosaurs off the top of their head.

Jurassic Park Quote Onesie

This classic Jurassic Park onesie comes in three different colors. We’ll let you decide whether this onesie is about tangling with the orders of nature or if it just means that your baby is indestructible. Your choice.

Long Sleeve T-Rex Onesie

We love T-Rex, can you tell? This duo is so colorful and menacing, your baby will look bad to the bone in this romper. It’s got long sleeves and comes in 3 different colors.

Nerdasaurus Onesie

Talk about a onesie that screams geeky baby! Bright colors, fun design and a dinosaur wearing reading glasses. Not sure what the star is all about, but it’s cute right?

Book Worm Dino Onesie

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that dinosaurs couldn’t read. However, early people couldn’t read either. Therefore, if dinosaurs were still around today there might be a chance that they’d love reading Michael Crichton. Just sayin’

Distressed Dinosaur Onesie

No, this T-Rex isn’t emotionally distressed, like you will be at 3 am when your little one wants to be fed. We like this one because it looks like an array of constellations makeup the giant lizard’s silhouette.

Pterodactyl Onesie

Did you know that Pterodactyl’s aren’t actually dinosaurs? It’s true! Thankfully, your baby won’t be able to fly around and terrorize all their nursery animals while you’re sleeping.

Calvin and Hobbes

This Disney dinosaur version of Calvin and Hobbes is really a creative idea. Rather than Calvin and Hobbes, we have Arlo and his beloved Apatosaurus Spot. It doesn’t get much cuter than this for dinosaur baby clothes fans.

Clever Girl Onesie

Babies are smart or at least very lucky. Their ability to learn is paramount to how humans sit at the top of the food chain. Also, Jurrasic Park is the best dinosaur movie ever!

Disco Unicorn Onesie

If you’re looking for a snapsuit that is going to give you strange looks in the grocery store, this is the one for you. What’s more interesting than a unicorn riding to the disco on the back of a triceratops? I’ll wait.

Bodacious Cretaceous

These boldly dressed dinos are totally rockin’, dude. Bill and Ted would be proud to dress their baby in this romper. What’s your excuse? The neon colors really make this eye-catching onesie one for the books.