Cute Baby Shoes & Soft Sole Booties

Your baby’s cute baby toes deserve cute baby shoes and soft sole booties! Our list can help!

Baby Feet in Mother's Hands photo

This list is made up of the coolest and cutest baby shoes we’ve found on the internet. We’ve filled it full of cute baby shoes from pop culture references, STEM ideas, and booties that are just too adorable not to feature. If you are searching for a gift, make sure you head over and view all our ideas for a baby shower gift.

Star Wars Chewbacca Baby Shoes photo

Star Wars Comic Baby Shoes

Your little one will be using the force with these cute little booties featuring Chewbacca and RD-D2. Before you know it, they’ll be heading off to the Jedi Temple for proper training. Unless, they’ve chosen the dark side. NOOOOO!

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Leather Skull Baby Shoes

Yo-ho-Yo-ho a pirate’s life for me. Whether it’s a Halloween pirate costume or your baby’s everyday footwear, these are sure to beach any on-looker’s ship!

Rainbow Baby Booties

Rainbows aren’t exactly nerdy, but they are super cute. These little baby shoes remind us of Rainbow Brite from the 80s.

Dinosaur Baby Shoes

Dinosaurs grew TWICE in size after hatching from their eggs – in just six weeks! Thankfully, your little one won’t do that, but it might feel like they are growing at the same rate! Yo, don’t forget to look at all our dinosaur baby clothes.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Shoes photo

Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Shoes

Based on one of the greatest kid’s books of all time, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, these delightful baby booties are as cute as they come. You may as well pick up the board book while you’re at it!

Unicorn Baby Shoes

A long time ago, in a faraway forest Narwhals, known for their long majestic horns fell in love with massive pure white horses. The exact mating ritual still remains a mystery to this day, but we know that their love children were called Unicorns.

Comic Book Sound Effects Baby Shoes photo

Comic Book Baby Booties

Stan Lee would definitely be proud of these cute baby booties featuring action comic “sound” effects. It will be a while before your little one will be doing any superhero moves, but for now, you can pretend.

Whale Baby Shoes

Moby Dick isn’t a children’s story, but it is one of the most famous literary novels in history. For bookworms, very few things get any better. Plus, whales are awesome, they cruise our oceans and eat microscopic organisms. How cool is that?

Periodic Table Baby Shoes

Future chemists need to know the periodic table if they ever want to wear a lab coat and safety goggles. Luckily, you can get your little one started early with these little booties. Don’t worry you won’t have to worry about them mixing any explosives just yet.

Spider-Man Baby Shoes photo

Spider-Man Baby Shoes

These Spider-Man booties are amazing! Sure, your little one won’t be swinging from the crib or walking on the ceiling, but these adorable baby shoes are perfect for any Spidey fanatic in training. Need more Spider-Man? Check out all our featured Marvel baby clothes.

Jack Skellington Baby Shoes photo

Nightmare Before Christmas Booties

These cute baby shoes are appropriate any time of the year not just Halloween or Christmas. Of course, Halloween is always in fashion no matter what month the calendar is showing. Be sure to check out our list of more Nightmare Before Christmas baby clothes!

Rocket-ship Baby Shoes

Blast off with these little infant booties. We don’t know if your child is going to be an astronaut, a space tourist, or galactic rebel. However, for the time being, take this chance to expose your little to everything you love.

Mummy Eyes Baby Shoes photo

Glow-in-the-Dark Mummy Baby Shoes

Classic Universal monsters will always have a place in our hearts, and these cute mummy booties are no exception. We’re happy to include them in our cute baby shoes article. Plus, they aren’t too spooky for little kids and glow in the dark!

Jack-O-Lantern Baby Booties

Your little one might be a little young to go parading around the pumpkin patch, but don’t worry you can still dress them like it’s Halloween 24/7. No tricks here, this is all treats.

Baby Yoda Converse Baby Shoes photo

Custom Baby Yoda Converse

Converse seem to always be in fashion, and these custom Cons will have your little one traveling throughout the galaxy in style. Add your little Jedi’s name to them at no extra cost. These would also make a great baby shower gift!

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Superman S Baby Shoes photo

Superman Baby Shoes

There’s no shortage of superhero-inspired baby clothes on the market today. Especially, for more popular characters like Superman. Your baby might not have superpowers, but they certainly can dress like one.

Crochet Harry Potter Beanie and Baby Booties photo

Hogwarts House Baby Booties and Beanie Set

This cute baby shoes/beanie combo is perfect for colder days, cosplaying, and just being adorable. Choose from the colors of the four Hogwarts’ houses, or pick up all of them if your little hasn’t been sorted into a house by the Sorting Hat just yet.

Batman Bat Signal Baby Shoes photo

Batman Crib Shoes

Who doesn’t love the dark knight? Mysterious, ridiculously intelligent, and kind of a jerk, Batman represents the more realistic side of superheroes. These crib shoes are perfect for when your little one is sneaking around the room trying to solve crimes. Make sure you visit our article featuring DC comic baby clothes.

Star Wars Galaxy Baby Shoes

Classic Star Wars booties for the family that loves the original trilogy. No glitz or glamor here—your family is old school. These shoes even have adorable little stars just like the opening crawl scenes.

Math Problems Baby Shoes photo

Math Baby Booties

It’s going to be a long time before your child is calculating slope, using differentiation formulas, or finding derivatives. Help them get a head start by dressing your tike in these cute baby shoes.

Planets of the Solar System Baby Shoes photo

Space Baby Booties

Space, the final frontier, these cute baby shoes will take your little one on out of this world adventures. Before you know it, they’ll be naming planets, star gazing, and playing spaceship and aliens.

Game of Thrones Dragon Baby Shoes photo

Game of Thrones Baby Shoes

You might not be the mother of dragons or father of the wolves, but you are still entitled to dress your child up in these sweet GOT booties. Make sure you check out all our Game of Thrones baby clothes.

Marvel Avengers Baby Shoes photo

Avengers Crib Shoes

These awesome baby booties are worn by all young Avengers. Yup, that’s Shield policy. Feel free to take it up with Nick Fury. X-men baby shoes? No, those mutants just go barefoot until they’re four years old.

Monster Baby Shoes photo

Monster Baby Booties

Any fans of monsters out there? If so, check out these not-too-scary cute baby shoes. Appropriate for children that are born sharp-toothed, four-armed, and prone to gobbling down the occasional family pet.

Maleficent Baby Shoes photo

Maleficent/Cruella Baby Shoes

Talk about two classic Disney characters, Maleficent and Cruella are flawlessly designed villains. The striking Maleficent design on the front of these shoes is complemented by Cruella on the back.

Harry Potter Baby Shoes photo

Harry Potter Baby Booties

If only you could watch your kids on a map and track them everywhere they go. Well, I guess we do have creepy apps that do that already. What a time to be alive. Don’t worry, these Harry Potter baby shoes will cheer you up! Check out all our Harry Potter baby clothes while you’re at.

Pac Man Baby Shoes photo

Pac Man Baby Shoes

Who doesn’t love some old-school arcade cabinet mayhem every once in a while? Maybe you play the old classics on your Raspberry Pi or you’re lucky enough to have an arcade in your city. Either way, there’s no way your child is growing up without experiencing the true skill of getting to level 10.

Dragon-themed Baby Shoes (Set of 4) photo

Dragon Feet Baby Booties

Transform your little one into a young dragon by purchasing a pair of these Dragon-themed baby shoes. Don’t worry the claws aren’t real.

Polyhedral Dice Baby Booties

For you gamer parents out there, these rad retro dice baby shoes are just for you. Please, no rolling your child to see if you scored a critical hit.