Breast Milk Jewelry: a One-of-a-Kind Keepsake

If you want a unique and personal keepsake of parenthood, breast milk jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind!

Baby and Mother Laying on Their Backs Smiling photo

Many new parents want to hold on to every token of a cherished moment of parenthood. Some hold on to their baby’s first locks cut from their first haircut. Other parents may hold on to the first nail clipping or the remainder of their baby’s umbilical cord after it falls off. So, what about turning breast milk into a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) piece of jewelry? If you haven’t considered this option, you may want to. It’s been around for years and is becoming more and more common amongst modern moms.

You may be wondering how this is possible. There are breast milk jewelry kits you can order to make breast milk jewelry at home. So, this do-it-yourself (DIY) concept allows you to be in control, making this token of motherhood that much more potent and meaningful.

The DIY kits have step-by-step instructions, along with ways that you can contact the seller to ask specific questions while creating your masterpiece. However, each DIY kit is different from another. Some sellers have created their own method for the breast milk preservative and jewelry making process. In addition, some kits may include preservatives to help maintain the color of the breast milk. Other kits may involve freezing, boiling, or dehydrating the breast milk. Whichever method is used, after a period of time, the milk is ready to be poured or mixed to create a plaster-like solid. After that, the mixture’s shaped into your chosen jewelry setting. In the end, many of these final pieces are shaped like hearts, ovals, circles, or other shapes used by fine jewelry. However, keepsakes like these pack more meaning and symbolism.

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Okay then, let’s get crafting!

Breast Milk Jewelry: Necklaces

Keep your OOAK creation close to your heart with a beautiful necklace. If you have more than one child, perhaps you would be interested in creating a breast milk necklace to represent each child you spent precious time with during this intimate bonding experience. Necklaces can be worn alone or styled together using a variety of setting shapes and chain lengths.

Breast Milk Neckalces Kit and gift box image

DIY Breast Milk Necklaces

Easily create a breast milk necklace in about thirty minutes with this DIY kit. Create two unique mementos with only two tablespoons of breast milk. Further, the kit comes with a beautiful “Mom” necklace you can wear alone or with your breast milk necklaces.

Breast Milk Necklace with Four precious metal Pendants photo

Heart Pendant

Choose from a variety of pendant and chain colors for this heart-shaped breast milk necklace. Decide between the following settings and chain colors: platinum, gunmetal, rose gold, or 18k gold. In addition, if you don’t have a breast milk preservation kit, one can be easily added to your purchase prior to check-out. 

Breast Milk Jewelry Crown Necklace photo

Milky Treasures Crown Necklace

With this kit from Milky Treaures, you can make up to twelve breast milk stones. Included in the kit: a sterling silver chain and setting, preservation powder, and a UV lamp to help protect the longevity of each of your stones. Further, add some extra décor to your stones, with the tiny gold flecks included in the kit. In addition, milk can be freshly pumped or frozen for up to five years.

Breast Milk Tree Pendant photo

Tree Pendant

The tree of life blooms from within this breast milk pendant. Choose from either a black cotton or stainless-steel chain when you order. In short, this pendant is sure to catch compliments whenever you wear it. Another bonus: this pendant is available in four different colors: silver, rose gold, gunmetal, or gold.

Gold Breast Milk "Love" Pendant photo

Love Pendant

Love: the main ingredient to create that special bond between a mother and her baby. What better way to express your adoration for the special time you share with your baby than by creating a “Love” necklace to have and to hold? Furthermore, you can be creative by adding bits of glitter or ground flower into the breast milk pendant, complimenting the gold setting.

Breast Milk Jewelry: Rings

Whether you’re stroking your baby’s wispy hair aside from their sweet forehead or rubbing your baby’s back as they fall asleep snuggling against you as you rock back and forth in your nursing chair, your hands play a vital role in caring for your baby. So, smile and reflect on these precious memories as you gaze upon your hand adorned with a breast milk ring.

Breast Milk Jewelry Teardrop Ring photo

Teardrop Ring

Reminiscent of a Victorian era, this teardrop ring is made of sterling silver with white gold and cubic zirconia. Interested in purchasing a 10k/14k gold ring, made with real diamonds? Simply contact the seller and make the request. In addition, these breast milk rings come as a DIY kit, so you can create your very own OOAK piece to wear for many years to come.    

Silver Breast Milk Ring on silk photo

Oval Ring

Available in whole sizes, this ring is elegant in that it perfectly cradles the oval resin of breast milk. This art deco styled ring comes in three types of metal. Either the silver featured here, or in rose gold, or in classic gold. In short, you’ll look elegant wearing this as a stand-alone piece, or as a compliment to your other jewelry.

Silver Eternity Ring photo

Eternity Ring

If looking for a dainty ring, the eternity band is small yet packed with charm. Includes everything needed to create an OOAK breast milk eternity ring. The kit itself comes with mixing cups, a spatula, solvents, preservatives, and easy to understand directions. Express delivery is available, if you need this in a hurry, whether it be for a baby shower gift or to wear for an up-and-coming event. 

Six Different Stackable Birthstone Rings Displayed on Fingers photo

Stackable Birthstone Ring

Whether you have one or more babies, these stackable birthstone and breast milk rings are ideal for those who want something small yet fashionable. An array of ring sizes and colors are available. In addition, you choose which birthstone and setting color you want, ultimately complimenting your very own breast milk resins. However, the resin kits are not included. So, be sure to purchase a resin kit too!

Sunburst Ring with Flower photo

Sunburst Ring

Your baby is your sunshine. All the more reason to celebrate the bond between a mother and her baby with a sunburst ring. Dazzling cubic zirconia around the breast milk stone will sparkle as bright as your love for your little one. Certainly, this ring will catch the eye of many, giving you the opportunity to wax poetic about all the memorable times you’ve had with your baby. 

Additional Jewelry Masterpieces

Breast milk can be preserved and used for many other things, besides necklaces or rings. Consider creating a pair of OOAK breast milk earrings or a bracelet. Both items perfectly reminding you of the treasured time spent bonding with your baby, providing the ultimate in love and care.

Gold Breast Milk Earrings on Glass table photo

Breast Milk Earrings

Add color to your breast milk resin through shimmers, flakes, birthstone inspired pigments. Included with the stud earrings is a kit with everything you need to turn your breast milk into stunning pieces of jewelry that will go with any outfit. Comes in either rose gold, gold, or silver ,and all are stainless steel.

Silver Sunflower Earrings photo

Sunflower Earrings

Instead of purchasing flowers that will only last for days, treat yourself to a pair of sunflower earrings that surround a breast milk resin made by you. These are solid, Victorian-style, sterling silver earrings made with cubic zirconia. Included with the kit is everything needed to make these decorative earrings. Further, the shop’s newly improved preservative prevents breast milk from bubbling, creating smooth resin stones that should fit snugly within the earring settings. 

Silver Keepsake Bracelet photo

Keepsake Bracelet

Enjoy a fun and quick project that will last for years, by creating a keepsake breast milk bracelet. Included with this is everything needed to create an OOAK silver bracelet. This bracelet’s a great way to commemorate the time spent breastfeeding your baby. Similar to creating other breast milk jewelry, the milk can be dehydrated or mixed with preservatives.

Breast Milk Bracelet Bead photo

Breast Milk Bracelet Bead

Already have a bracelet and want to add on an addition charm or bead? Create your own using breast milk! This fits on any modern-day charm or Pandora bracelet thanks to the European Murano-style bead. Express your own quirkiness by combining sprinkles, glitter, or flecks of gold into the mixture using the included kit.