Best Toddler Slides From Simple to Extravagant

Need help finding the perfect toddler slide for your home or yard? Have we got the list for you!

Kid playing on a Avenlur Toddler Playground Wooden Indoor Slide photo

Slides, the most primitive of almost any playground equipment, but for some reason, kids can go down them a thousand times before getting bored. Although slides are a simple design, nowadays there are so many styles and extra baubles that can make playtime even more fun. A big bonus: It gets the kids out of your hair for a while. So, let’s climb the ladder and slide on down into our list of the best toddler slides for your home or yard!

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Simple Toddler Slides

Child playing outdoors on a Starplay - Durable Toddler Slide photo

Starplay – Durable Slide

Starplay is a family-owned company that sells all sorts of stuff including tons of durable outdoor items. Recommended for smaller toddlers, this slide is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Baby Joy - Dinosaur Toddler Slide photo

Baby Joy – Dinosaur

This dinosaur-inspired design comes in both soft blue and pink colors. On the side, you can play ring toss or basketball with your little ones. Also, it plays music accompanied by lights. Adorable, sturdy, and easy to assemble, really, what more could you want from a simple slide?

Three kids playing on a Naice Toddler Slide photo

Naice – Variety Set

This slide comes in four designs: a blue giraffe, a pink giraffe, a dinosaur, and an elephant, and all of them are delightful. With a basketball hoop (or ring toss for the elephant design) and a slide that extends to a whopping 63 inches, this slide is perfect for somewhere with lots of space!

Little Baby Bum Bus Toddler Climber and Slide photo

Little Tikes – “Little Baby Bum” Climber

Some of us have our YouTube constantly recommending Little Baby Bum because of the all the hours dedicated to the lullaby videos. What if I told you that you can get the LBB bus? Equipped with a steering wheel and music and a slide, attached to the back for a quick escape.

Two kids playing on a Baby Joy Giraffe Toddler Slide photo

Baby Joy – Variety Set

This slide also comes in a variety of designs: a green dinosaur, a green dolphin, a pink dolphin, a moon, and a giraffe. (I’m really loving the giraffe design on this one.) With sturdy stairs and an anti-skid wide base, these slides are as safe as they are fun!

Child on a JOYLDIAS Blue Castle Toddler Slide image


This castle-inspired design inspires imagination while also providing the fun! With wide, anti-slip stairs and a long slide, your toddler can protect his or her castle from a pack of wild stuffed animals, or the dreaded Papa Giant! Moat not included.

GLACER - Castle Toddler Slide photo

GLACER – Castle

Another castle design taking it one step further with a telescope and a realistic stone design. This comes with a crawl-through space on the bottom, and it’s able to hold up to 110 pounds.

Child playing on a Avenlur - Wooden Slide photo

Avenlur – Wooden Slide

This modern and sleek design is sure to make any space look elegant. Made from pine and water-based non-toxic paint, it’s enough to spruce up any room without the look of a plastic toy. It also comes in three colors: white, pink, and blue.

Space Saver Toddler Slides

Not everyone is blessed with enough space for a 6-foot slide in their house. Maybe you don’t have a place to store it or put it out of the way. When it comes to the millions of toys that kids have in their play areas, anything that’s lightweight and folds to save space is always a plus.

HOMGX - 3 in 1 Folding Slide photo

HOMGX – 3 in 1 Folding Slide

This bright-colored slide is great for on-the-go moments when your kid wants to play inside or outside. It’s smooth and quick to fold up, and it’s certified to hold at least 110 pounds while only weighing 9 pounds total, making it lightweight, hassle-free, and good for older kids to slide on too.

YOLEO - Circles Toddler Slide (folded and unfolded) image

YOLEO – Circles

With anti-slip stairs and a padded base, this futuristic design would fit almost any decor. Colors includes gray, green, and blue. Really, this slide is ideal for small toddlers and features a basketball hoop on the side.

3 children with parent playing on a Little Tikes Easy Store Toddler Slide photo

Little Tikes – Easy Store

Little Tikes have been making indoor/outdoor play toys for decades. This slide folds up easily and is designed for younger kids up to 50 pounds. This is a great beginner slide made for homes with small play spaces, indoors or out!

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Child playing on a Costzon Climbing Ladder photo

Costzon – Ladder Play Set

This play set is truly unique in its own way. Made of birch and beech wood, it features three pieces, a curved ladder, a mat, and a board. The ladder can flip either way, making it a climbing toy or by using the mat, can turn into a comfortable rocker. The board is two sided, one for climbing and one for sliding. And with a weight capacity of 132 pounds, it’ll provide years of entertainment or relaxation.

Two kids playing on a Pop2Play Cardboard Slide image

Pop2Play – Foldaway

Looking for something eco-friendly and low cost? This cardboard slide is perfect for those who want a slide but don’t want the hassle of discarding plastic toys once the kids outgrow them. Fun, durable, 100% recyclable, and cheap—the perfect a combo!

Extravagant Toddler Slides

So you have the space? Go all out! These items will have not only a slide but lots of extras for entertainment, making your half coffee break into a full coffee break.

Parent and Child in room playing on a Merax 6-in-1 Toddler Slide Play-set photo

Merax – 6-in-1

This set has it all! Equipped with an extra long slide, it also has a connected toddler swing with an extra-wide base for stability. The weight limit and extended height are appropriate even for older toddlers. The set also comes with a standalone basketball hoop that has a kicking net attached for playing soccer. Not only that, there’s a ring toss, and the basketball hoop can be adjusted for your growing child, making this play set something that lasts longer than other toys.

3 children playing on a Naice - 5-in-1 Toddler Slide play set image

Naice – 5-in-1

Calling all nautical lovers! This colorful set is sure to be lots of fun. The slide features a long buffer zone and the swing attached has a bit more safety space than similar sets. Another cool feature is the swing has a music player, so your little one can listen to tunes while they play. Also attached is the ever-popular basketball hoop and kicking net for soccer.

3 kids playing on a Avenlur - Indoor Playground Set photo

Avenlur – Indoor Playground

Brightly colored and filled to the brim with activities, this indoor playground is ideal for those with little to no access to outdoor playgrounds. With a rock climbing wall, monkey bars, a rope ladder, a slide, a swing, and a lots of climbable sections, this will keep your kids busy and, most importantly, active even indoors!

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer photo

Little Tikes – Jump ‘N’ Slide Bouncer

How bout something more outdoorsy? This bounce house and slide combo is perfect for fun outdoor play. Obviously, this is for older toddlers and kids ages 3-8, but what kid that age wouldn’t want this in their backyard? Thankfully, this comes with everything you need to set it up, so there’s nothing extra to buy, except maybe a bigger yard.

Many Children playing on a Creative Playthings - Spring Hill Play Set (with descriptive bulletpoints) image

Creative Playthings – Spring Hill Play Set

This fits the definition of extravagant quite well. I mean, look at it! It’s huge and loaded with fun features. If you’ve got the yard for it, this set is designated for ages 2 months to 15 years old, making it a great value over the long run. This also has the longest slide of any item on this list!