Best Toddler Ride-On Toys

Looking for cool, unique toys? Check out our list of the best toddler ride-ons!

Two Children Riding Mini Penny Farthing Bikes photo

In case you hadn’t noticed, toddlers are constantly moving. They never stop. So give them access to toys that let them drive, scoot, ride, and otherwise get their zoomies out through play with ride-on toys! Now, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the ho-hum ride-on options available in every store. But did you know that there are some crazy cool ride-ons available? I mean, a ride-on AT-AT from Star Wars?! A “Mini-Farthing” version of a Penny Farthing bike (all the rage in the 1870s)? Marvel, DC Comics, and Disney? Plus, replicas of real world vehicles? There are so many options to geek out over!

Check out the list below, where we round up 16 of the coolest, most unique ride-ons toys for toddlers!

Pop Culture

Batmobile Ride-On Toy photo

Batmobile Ride-On

Are you a DC comic lover? Let your child channel their inner Batman with this two-in-one ride-on Batmobile. The ride-on seat converts to a raceway ramp for the included toy Batman and Joker cars. Then, they can stow them safely on the dashboard as they race away to their next adventure.

Lights N Sounds Spiderman Activity Plane Ride-On Toy photo

Lights ‘N’ Sounds Spidey Plane

I don’t know about your kid, but mine can’t stop talking about Spidey and His Amazing Friends. If your kid loves the show too (or you’re just a Marvel nerd), check out this great Spidey ride-on plane. It features fun sounds and flashing lights, with different light patterns on the spinning propeller in front. Plus, it’s great for younger kids, with a push bar on the back for help from a parent.

SiSu the Last Dragon Hobby Horse photo

SiSu the Last Dragon

Bring back the original ride-on toy–that is, a hobby horse attached to a broomstick– with this handcrafted SiSu the Last Dragon stick dragon head. SiSu is the lovable last dragon from Raya and the Last Dragon, and your little one can ride her all around the house! Oh, and if you’re into adult-sized dragons to ride, check out this Avatar ride on stick dragon from the same seller.

Star Wars AT-AT Rocking Horse photo

Star Wars AT-AT Rocker

While this ride-on will take work on your part, the end result is the ultimate nerdy ride: a Star Wars AT-AT rocking horse. This woodworking pattern is made for beginners, and includes a tool list, diagrams, and patterns; everything you need to create this masterpiece. According to the artist who created it, “If you can operate a scroll saw and a power drill, then you can make this rocker!”

Minnie Mouse Vespa Ride-on Toy photo

Minnie Mouse Vespa Scooter

Disney geeks and Vespa fanatics be advised: Kid Trax makes a Vespa mini-scooter with a Minnie Mouse dot pattern. It’s also available with a Disney princess theme, if you prefer. Your toddler can be zipping all over the neighborhood in style. My only question is: why doesn’t this come in my size?

Buzz Lightyear My First Ride-On Toy photo

Buzz Lightyear My First Ride-On

This adorable ride-on is perfect for helping Space Ranger cadets aged 1-3 learn the nuances of traveling through interstellar space (aka, zooming around your ENTIRE house). With lights and music, and a pair of the delightful 3-eyed aliens, your little cadet will be blasting off to infinity and beyond!


Young Boy with Chevy Bel Air Ride-On Toy photo

Kidz Motorz Chevy Bel Air

If you’re crazy for classic cars, you’re going to flip over this pint-sized battery-powered Chevy Bel Air. Available in baby pink or baby blue, all your kid needs is a cool pair of shades to complete the look. Then, watch as they cruise down the sidewalk in this chrome-accented classic ride-on, revving their engine with the built-in sound effects.

childrens ride-on p-5 hawk replica photo

Children’s P5 Hawk Replica Airplane

Are you a pilot (or just an aviator at heart)? If so, you’ll have this handcrafted ride-on plane. It’s modeled after the iconic P-5 Hawk biplane. Featuring a spinning propeller and available in 24 different finishes, this toy is simply amazing, and it’s built to last; with its dowel-joined assembly and all-wood construction, your child may hand it down to their own children!

PonyCycle Giddy Up Horse photo

PonyCycle Giddy Up Horse

Available in two sizes, the PonyCycle Giddy Up horse is the perfect gift for the budding equestrian in your life. It features realistic sounds and cleverly engineered kid-powered movement. And maybe it’s just me, but the brown one looks a lot like Epona from Ocarina of Time. So, whether you’re a Zelda fan or just a horse lover, you’re sure to love this toy!

Young Boy next to a Little Tikes Cozy Ice Cream Truck photo

Little Tikes Cozy Ice Cream Truck

For a great twist on the classic red Cozy Coupe of our childhoods, check out the Little Tikes Cozy Ice Cream Truck. This fun truck adds a new dimension of play to the original cozy toddler vehicles. Let your child enjoy the ride-on action and set up shop selling ice cream to every “neighborhood” in your house and yard!

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Two Mini Penny Farthing Toddler Bikes photo

Mini-Penny Farthing Bike

Fans of all things old school will love this vintage-inspired Penny Farthing balance bicycle for children. Its absurdly large front wheel and tiny back wheel are sure to inspire joy, while the handmade leather seat, wooden handles, and hammered metal accents make this toy a treasured collectors item as well.


Ride-On Excavator Toy photo

Albott Ride On Sand Digger Excavator

Got a young engineer in your life? This sandbox digger isn’t just some fake bulldozer ride-on. This rig will actually help your little one dig and build! At the beach, the park, in the sandbox, or in the garden, your child is about to discover the basics of construction. Just how big a hole can they dig? Let’s find out!

Young Boy in a Knight CostumeRiding a Crochet Dragon

Kiefer the Forest Dragon Crochet Pattern

I know I’m not the only nerdy parent who loves to crochet. If you do too, you must check out this award-winning pattern for a life-size baby forest dragon! With a wingspan over five feet and a nose-to-tail measurement of eight and a half feet, your child can ride on a dragon’s back with this amazing pretend-play prop. And if Kiefer isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry, this seller has other dragon patterns available in their shop.

Young Child Riding in a Little Tykes T-Rex Truck photo

Little Tykes T-Rex Truck

Ever seen a truck pulled by a T-Rex? If not, now’s your chance. Your little paleontologist can ride in style with a T-Rex towing them along. Fun fact: a T-Rex could run up to 17 MPH! But don’t worry, this kid-powered ride-on only travels at the speed of your child.

Toddler-Sized Ride-On Bumper Car photo

Ride-On Bumper Car

Growing up, I loved carnivals and arcade games, so I was stoked to see that I could bring a piece of the carnival home with a ride-on bumper car! It comes in six colors, features joystick controls, and is sure to lead to hours of fun. Cotton candy not included.

Two Children Playing with a Radio Flyer 500 with Ramp Toy photo

Radio Flyer 500 with Ramp

As far I’m concerned, this ride-on is the perfect choice because it includes a ramp to ride down! Your kids will love zooming down the 6-foot slope. You’ll love that it packs up nicely, as the ramp and car fit inside the base which has rear wheels, making it a cinch to move. It’s like they designed it with parents in mind! Spoiler alert: They did.