Best Toddler Bunk Beds & More

Here’s our list of the best toddler bunk beds and other amazing beds kids are sure to love!

Father reads to his two children sitting on the bottom bunk photo

Toddler beds in general are the perfect bridge between a crib and a child-sized bed, making them an excellent option for your little one. They are small, low, have guard rails on all sides, and come in an assortment of styles, themes, and colors. For this, I’ve included single beds, fun beds, and bunk beds that sleep up to 4 at a time! Truly, any of these selections will bring style, comfort, and convenience to your toddler’s room.

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Toddler Bunk Beds

Toddler Bunk Beds with Trundle photo

Bunk Bed with Trundle

The bunk bed with trundle is perfect for a large or blended family. It’s lower than a standard bunk and its staircase gives safe and easy access to the top bunk. In addition, it’s a great option where space is a concern, and you have multiple children needing to sleep in a shared space. This makes it perfect for multiple siblings or the occasional sleepover. As a bonus, this bunk bed can be converted into two individual twin beds and a trundle bed, giving you options for later if needed.

Toddler Bunk Beds House with Privacy Curtains photo

Bunk Bed with Privacy Curtains

This toddler bunk bed is an excellent option for siblings who may need to share a bed but want space of their own. The top bunk has a roof with windows and a curtained area that provides privacy when wanted. Meanwhile, the bottom bunk’s curtains can be rolled up and held with a convenient tie for a seamless look. Plus, this bed is simply adorable!

Low Toddler Bunk Beds with Ladder photo

Low Bunk Bed

This toddler bunk bed is a great budget-friendly option, without sacrificing safety. The wooden frame is durable and stylish and comes in several colors, so you can match the decor of your toddler’s room. Also of note, the floor-level bottom bunk means the top is lower than standard bunk beds. This makes it one of the safer options out there.

Twin Over King Toddler Bunk Beds with Trundle photo

Twin Over Twin/Full/Queen/King Bunk Bed

For the ultimate in functionality, look no further than this bunk bed. The top bunk is a standard twin, while the bottom bunk can be set as a twin, a full, a queen, or even a king. In addition, under the bottom bunk is a trundle bed, meaning this bunk bed can accommodate up to 4 comfortably. The top bunk is the perfect size for your toddler and comes equipped with a full-length safety rail. So, you can sleep knowing your little one is safe.

Single Beds

Contemporary Wood Sleigh Toddler Bed photo

Contemporary Sleigh Toddler Bed

A wood sleigh bed is an excellent option for your child’s first toddler bed. It has a traditional sleigh design and is low to the ground so your child can crawl in and out without risk of injury. The attached guardrails keep your child safe, while the sturdy wood construction prevents damage and unnecessary wear.

Toddler House Bed with Drawers photo

Wooden Frame Bed with Drawers

With its simple look, your kids will love this frame bed for its fun and customizable design. Seeing it as a blank canvas, your child can customize this bed with decorative ribbons, lanterns, or curtains on the eaves. There’s also two functionality options available: a trundle bed or a pair of drawers, adding extra room for guests or storage.

Toddler Day Bed in Bedroom photo

Toddler Day Bed

This fabulous day bed comes in various colors, from blush pink or pebble grey to classic black or white. Its low-to-floor design makes getting in and out of bed safe and easy for children as young as 18 months on up to 5 years (or 50 pounds). In addition, a removable safety rail prevents any accidental falls while sleeping. I’ve always loved daybeds because my children use them as a play area or a mini couch. Just buy a few comfy throw pillows and line them up along the back, and you have an excellent place for your little one to sit and read.

House on Stilts Toddler Bed in Bedroom photo

House on Stilts Bed

With its playhouse design, this bed would have been my top choice when I was a child, so this selection comes from my child at heart. The unique build inspires the imagination and adds to the creativity of your child’s bedroom. Its sturdy, low-to-the-floor design ensures your child’s safety and happy in their new bed/mini-cabin. Best of all, if you don’t like this specific design, the manufacturer offers multiple design options in varying price ranges. Click the link to see all the other fantastic choices!

Fun Beds

Toddler Bunk Beds with Slide in bedroom photo

Bunk Bed with Slide

This house-shaped toddler bunk bed set is a beautiful idea if you have two children that need to share a room. There is the option of twin over twin or twin over full bunk bed sets. Meanwhile, your children will love the attached slide and roof so their bed can become a playhouse for their stuffed animals and toys. The high railings on either side of the upper bunk help prevent accidental falls and ensure your child remains safe.

Low Loft Bed with Rope Ladder & Slide photo

Low Loft Bed with Rope Ladder & Slide

This low loft bed features a rope ladder, or your child can use the attached slide as an optional way to get in and out of bed. Either way, bedtime has never been this fun! The sturdy wood design will stand up to hours of play, and the classic look will function great in any child’s room.

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Toddler Tent Bed in Bedroom photo

Toddler Tent Bed

This tent-style bed is simple in design but unique for a child’s room. The bed itself is only 6 inches off the ground, so there is no need to worry about your child falling out and hurting themselves. Also of note, these beds are made with premium, knot-free, locally-sourced poplar wood and have a wonderful, natural appeal.

Race Car Bed with Remote Control image

Race Car Bed

This bed is any car lover’s dream. Its got all the bells and whistles, like remote-controlled LED headlights and underbody lights as well as engine sound effects. With an upholstered sport seat headboard, interior protective padding, and five-spoke wheels (also with LED lights!), this bed has the look and feel of a genuine sports car.

Multi-Use Toddler Beds

5-in-1 Brody Convertible Crib with Changer photo

5-in-1 Convertible Crib with Changer

I had to add this bed because I am all for any product I can use at multiple stages of my child’s life. This beautiful 5-in-1 convertible crib with changing table can transition from a crib to a toddler bed to a day bed, eventually becoming a full-size bed. As an added bonus, the three-drawer changing table is detachable. That means, it can be used as a beautiful bedside table with drawers once your child transitions out of the crib. Last but not least, this product is  Greenguard Gold Certified.

Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Accessories photo

Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Although not a traditional toddler bed, I wanted to add it to the list. I love this product and its functionality. I personally always had a toddler air bed that could travel easily for a weekend trip to grandma’s house or a stay in a hotel room. Beyond that, this toddler bed has the added benefit of safety bumpers on all four sides, perfect for younger children, and active sleepers. It inflates quickly and comes with an air pump and carrying bag.


I wanted to include a few of my favorite accessories for toddler beds. As a mother, I know naps don’t always occur at home. So, any product that can keep them safe and comfortable is an excellent addition to any parent’s repertoire.

Mom and Infant on Bed that's Using Safety Bed Rail for Toddlers

Bed Rail for Toddlers

An excellent accessory to keep in your car for traveling or visiting family and friends. We all know how little ones can fall asleep anywhere, and as a parent, we tend to worry when our child falls asleep in an unfamiliar bed, especially a big adult bed several feet high off the floor. 

Toddler Bunk Beds Wooden Bedside Shelf Mounted to Bed Frame While Holding Several Small Items

Wooden Bedside Shelf

This little organizer table attaches easily to the frame of any bed, making it an excellent option for your toddler’s bed or bunk bed. Many toddlers love to have water or juice in a sippy cup when they go to bed, and this bedside shelf makes it so your toddler can have a convenient and easy place to set their drink, a book, even a portable nightlight without leaving bed.