Best Toddler Boots for Cold, Rain, or Fun

For cold, rain, or fun, our list of the best toddler boots has something for every pair of tiny toddler feet.

Kid in Winter Boots Playing by a Frozen Lake photo

What’s better than a brand-new pair of boots for your toddlers? Boots that you and your kids will absolutely love. Sure, the yellow rubber rain boots and the black insulated snow boots are always going to be classics but that’s not really what you want with all the choices out there. Comfort and sturdiness are key when finding new shoes for the kids but who says they can’t look absolutely awesome too? Bonus points: Your toddler will be the most popular kid around, making you the most awesome parent around. Read on to see the coolest boots we found for your little ones.

Cold Weather Boots

When winter is around the corner, it’s time to start preparing (especially, if you’re in the midwest). It’s important to make sure you have a snow shovel, rock salt, gloves, hats, and, last but not least, cold weather boots to keep everyone safe and warm.

Construction Design Winter Boots for Toddlers photo

Construction Design Winter Boots

These snow boots are heavy duty with a temperature rating of -25°F (not that we recommend being out in that). They have a zipper on the side for easy on and off. These boots are also lined with fur on top to keep out the pesky snow that always seems to clump inside the boots. This company features a few other designs as well.

Winter Fun Fur Toddler Boots photo

Winter Ultra-Suede Fun Fur Boots

These cold weather booties are sure to get people talking about your feet. With a fun animal foot pattern, they are equally as sophisticated as they are cute. For little kids, they are super easy to slip on and off so there’s no fuss on a tight schedule. These come in EU sizes, so here’s a size conversion chart if you need it.

Toddler Size Shark Snow Boots photo

Shark Snow Boots

These ankle-high booties are sure to be a favorite among toddlers that absolutely love sharks. The boots come complete with eyeballs, razor-sharp teeth, gills, and fins that pop out. They are made with slip resistant material on the bottom but are also extremely flexible. The inside has a thick lining for warmth and color options come in blue, gray, and khaki.

Outer Space Winter Boots for Toddlers photo

Outer Space Winter Boots

Calling all future astronauts! These space inspired boots not only feature rocket ships, stars, and planets, but are a great snow boot all around. The outside material is made with waterproof fabric and the bottom is made with heavy duty anti-slip material. There’s a zipper on the side for easy slip-on, keeping tiny feet nice and cozy in cold weather. If outer space isn’t your thing, this seller had many other adorable options and colors available.

Kid's Fur Covered Yeti Boots photo

Kid’s Yeti Boots

These are the ultimate fur boots especially if you live where it gets extremely cold. Made with sheepskin and nutria fur, these boots are made with the highest quality. Wearing these will not only keep your toddler safe from the elements but will be a howling favorite among wookie fans.

Kid's Fur-Lined Unicorn Snow Boots photo

Unicorn Snow Boots

Who doesn’t love unicorns? The number one most popular mythical creature is now in cozy boot form. The boots come in black or striped pink and features unicorns, rainbows, ice cream cones, and stars. Don’t let the lightweight material fool you, its got warm fur lining to keep magical feet warm too.

Kid's Spiderweb Mid-Calf Boots photo

Spiderweb Mid-Calf Boots

Although there are a few different options with this brand, what really catches the eye are the red and black snow boots. The Spider-Man design is sure to be a hit for the kids who love the web-swinging superhero. Complete with a zipper, Velcro tightener, and a spring-loaded buckle, these have the basics of a good sturdy snow boot with a superhero look.

Kid's Camouflage Winter Boots photo

Camouflage Winter Boots

Outdoor enthusiasts look no further! These camouflage boots scream adventure in the woods, unless you want to be stealthy, then screaming probably isn’t a great idea. These stylish boots are sturdy and durable—which is just what you’ll need for those woody escapades!

Rain Boots

Rain boots are in a class of their own. As parents, we are so grateful that this type of shoe has been invented because if there’s a puddle in the vicinity of a toddler, the rules are, they have to jump in it. This is the way.

Disney Cars Rubber Rain Boot photo

Disney Cars Rubber Rain Boots

You know when kids talk about how their shoes make them run faster? Well these rain boots are sure to get the same bragging rights as the light up shoes they got last summer. With a picture of Lightning McQueen, these boots will help keep their pants dry while they show you how fast they run through puddles with them on.

Kid's Construction Vehicle Rain Boot

Construction Vehicle Rain Boots

Prepare for some work to be done in these heavy duty rain boots. Featuring heavy-duty construction vehicles, you may even convince your kid to help you with outside work.

TMNT Kid's Rain Boots photo

TMNT Rain Boots

Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo. Most people would think we’re talking about artists of the Renaissance, but not people like us. Growing up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we practiced our ninja skills and ate pizza. Now your kids will have the rain boots to match those golden days.

Kid's Firefighter Rain Boot photo

Firefighter Chief Boots

When kids are young, they always talk about being something cool and heroic. There’s nothing much more heroic than a firefighter. If your kid loves the idea of being a firefighter, these are the perfect boots for them. They’ll also go great with a firefighter costume for Halloween!

Kid's Unicorn Rain Boot photo

Unicorn Rain Boots

These boots have a lot going on! With a cute unicorn design, it includes a small horn extending out of the boot. With a happy unicorn and rainbow colors, your toddler is sure to love these!

Kid's Shark Fin Rain Boots photo

Shark Fin Boot

It looks just like a shark is eating your leg! Your toddler will definitely be showing how tough they are in these, with an added bit of humor. Not only is it going to be a favorite for shark lovers, but also a design you don’t see anywhere else. Other options include dinosaurs and unicorns.

Kid's Super Mario Rain Boots photo

Super Mario Rubber Boots

Go retro with these Super Mario rain boots, Featuring Mario, coins, and Super Stars, these colorful boots will fill you with nostalgia while letting your little one shine as they triple jump from puddle to puddle!

Kid's Baby Shark Rain Boots photo

Nickelodeon “Baby Shark” Rain Boots

We all know the song. Whether you can handle hearing it over and over again is up to you. Get your baby shark these cute rain boots and hope they sing the song in their head.

Kid's Dinosaur Light-Up Rain Boot photo

Dinosaur Light-Up Rain Boots

Rawr! Something I hear all too often in a house of toddlers. Dinosaurs are always the beasts of fascination, so it’s obvious that dinosaur rain boots should be a design of choice. The best part about these boots is that they light up! This company sells tons of other designs from unicorns to sharks.

Kid's Space-Themed Rubber Rain Boot photo

Space Adventure Rain Boots

These boots by Bogs adorable! Just so you know, Bogs is a household name to those of us living out in the country. These super sturdy rain boots come in a space themed design with astronauts, rockets, and planets. Seriously, if durability is a priority, Bogs are the best!

Kid's Knee High Rain Boots photo

Unisex Insulated Rain Boot

Although these aren’t as decorative as the rest, they’re getting tossed in here as the all-around ultimate waterproof insulated boots. Originally designed for farmers in Oregon, and because they’re made by Bogs, these heavy-duty almost knee-high boots are sure to last through anything and in any weather.

Fun Boots

Not every boot has to be able to withstand extreme weather. Sometimes boots can just be fun to wear. That’s what this selection of boots are all about!

Kid's Fur-Lined Glitter Cowgirl Boots photo

Fur-Lined Ombre Glitter Boots

These glitter boots are perfect for girls who love My Little Pony or Elsa from Frozen. If the cute MLP x Frozen design on the side doesn’t catch your eye, then the ombre glitter and the jeweled buckle will! With fur lining and a zipper on the side, these fashionable boots function just like a regular pair of boots.

Toy Story Woody & Bullseye Cowboy Boot photo

Toy Story Woody & Bullseye Cowboy Boots

When I think cowboy, one of the first things that pops into my mind is Woody from Toy Story. A classic hit for both adults and children, these boots will have your kids pretending to be Woody in no-time. Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

Dinosaur-themed half-boots for kids photo

Dinosaur Half-Boots

These stylish dinosaur half-boots are the definition of “cool kid on the block.” With an urban design and dinosaur print, these handmade leather boots are sure to be a roaring success! They’re sold using EU sizes, so this conversion chart may come in handy.

Toddler Biker Boot photo

Toddler Biker Boots

These boots look great—perfect for any budding motorcycle enthusiasts, but they’re also perfect for a fun Halloween costume, or cosplay accessory, or to complete an outfit for a renaissance festival. With multiple colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair you and your little one will love!

Custom-Made Toddler Boots with Galaxy Pattern and Glitter photo

Custom Toddler Boots

If you didn’t find any boots you liked, you can always go custom! This Etsy seller offers a lot of different options, including Jack Skellington and Harry Potter, but you can also message the seller to request something specific. Isn’t Etsy amazing?