Best Star Wars Costumes For Babies and Toddlers

Did you ever dress as a Star Wars character for Halloween when you were a kid? Like Liz Lemon, I wore my Princess Leia costume every year until I outgrew it. The best thing about Star Wars Halloween costumes is that they never go out of style. Whether you were a kid in the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, or if you have one now, it is always an option. There is, after all, a new movie coming out so it would be perfectly timely.


With a new movie coming out in the next couple months, there is no better way to get hyped up than to dress your kid as a time-treasured character.


No matter who your baby or toddler is pretending to be, they will probably need a lightsaber. These handmade, crocheted lightsabers from HandmadeMonster are especially made for tiny hands and tiny play. Whether it’s for a little Luke, a pint-sized Yoda, or even a perfectly battle-worthy Leia, every child needs one.

Whether or not your baby or toddler has started sprouting hair, there’s a good chance they might fit right for a Yoda costume.il_570xN.571716325_rz0u

A crocheted preemie hat from NitaMaesGarden ensures that even the tiniest of babies can get into the Halloween spirit.

What’s the cutest and cuddliest in all the Star Wars universe? Obviously, it’s the Ewok race. Now you can dress your cutest and cuddliest up, too. This made to order costume from RabbitxRabbit is not only adorable, but it can be made of either polyester or faux fur, for a little more money.


And if you’re just looking for the hood and ears, look no further. LittleBirdBands has the perfect cold weather solution for when your tiny bear monster goes out to take down the Empire.


Why settle for just a lightsaber when you can go all the way for your favorite princess? ElliesTiaras makes this adorable crocheted set, complete with hair do, lightsaber, and clothing set. Their yarn is acrylic, so it’s perfect for babies with allergies.


If you have a dress picked out already but just can’t get the hair right– never fear! The bun-hat is available all on its own from SunnyCrochets. This is the perfect solution for those kiddos who have to go trick-or-treating in especially cold environments.


We have featured some of Nerdy With Children’s stuff on this site before, but we are still in love with their cosplay t-shirts and onesies. Their Han Solo and Boba Fetts come in big kid sizes, too, and even adults!

Have you ever looked at R2D2 and thought, “Why yes! That’s the perfect outfit for my baby girl!”? I know I have. Add a tutu to the mix, and it’s the best sort of costume for those girls who love their Star Wars, but also really like to twirl and spin like ballerinas. LDTutus makes one, and so does MamaMadeItShop, which comes with a cap and is pictured below.


If your kid is into low-key costuming, they will love this Darth Vader mask from FiveLittleBlessings. It’s the perfect treat for kids who love their Star Wars, but don’t want the whole, heavy costume– or maybe they want to pair it with another costume. Spiderman Darth Vader is not entirely unheard of, you know.


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