Best Nursing Chair for Your Baby’s Room

Whether bottle-fed or breastfed, this list will help you find the best nursing chair for your baby’s room.

Mother Sitting in a Nursing Chair Kissing an Infant Held in Her Arms photo

A nursing chair is a must-have item in your baby’s room. You’ll spend hours lulling your little one to sleep before they’re old enough to rock in it by themselves. But you might be feeling overwhelmed by the options. How do you choose the best nursing chair for you?

Comfort is a factor, of course. You’ll be putting in late-night work on this chair. But let’s face it: the nursing chair is going to take up a big chunk of space in the nursery, so don’t let this decor opportunity be wasted!

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You can find swivel rocking chairs, gliders, and recliners in all sorts of patterns and styles. Whether it’s a classic or modern design, with or without an ottoman, nursery chairs give you lots of room to express your personal style. You can even find some awesome rocking chair and glider cushions to match your nerdy interests! So, if the search for a rocking chair sounds time-consuming, fear not! We’ve done the work for you and rounded up some of the best nursing chairs on the market. Whether you’re looking for classic nursery styles or want fresh ideas to shake things up, we’ve got you covered.

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Upholstered Rocking Chairs

Green Leopard Patterned Mid Century Retro Nursery Rocker photo

Mid Century Retro Rocker

This rocker combines a sleek retro style with your choice of upholstery colors. Our personal favorite is the chic Leopard Teal pattern. It features a real wood frame for a  minimalist design that’s inviting but trendy. It even has a side pocket to hold bottles, binkies, and more.

Boho Linen Patchwork Nursery Rocker photo

Boho Linen Patchwork Rocker

This beautiful patchwork-upholstered rocking chair would make a great finishing touch in a fun, colorful nursery. Or, add it as the splash of color in an otherwise muted palette. Either way, the wood accents and delightful patterns are sure to please, and the style is a classic.

A Pair of Beechwood Rocking Chairs photo

Unique Beechwood Rocking Chair

You won’t find many other rocking chairs that look like this unique beechwood rocker. From the ultra-thick cushions to the full-length armrests, this chair is in its own class. If you want to make a statement, you’ll want to look at this rocking chair. It comes in your choice of color and ships all the way from Istanbul for free!

Green Upholstered Rocking Chair photo

Upholstered Rocking Chair

This chair is simple but elegant, and its gentle rocking design makes it easy to smoothly rock your child to sleep. If you love dinosaurs, try pairing this green rocking chair with this adorable green triceratops ottoman. Together, these will look amazing in your nursery! Bonus: the ottoman’s lid comes off and gives you more nursery storage space! And if green isn’t your thing, both the chair and the ottoman come in multiple colors, so you can mix and match for the perfect pair!

Respawn Racing Style Gaming Rocker / Recliner photo

Racing Style Gaming Rocker / Recliner

Ok, so this is a gaming chair, but hear me out: if you love video games, you know it doesn’t get any better than a gaming chair. Available in a rocker or recliner model and with several colors to choose from, this chair is shaped for ergonomics, features a cupholder, a side pouch, a plush headrest, and is just an all-around awesome chair. If you planned your whole nursery around a gaming theme, this chair would fit right in!

Swivel Glider Chairs & Nursery Glider Recliners

Babyletto Swivel Glider nursing chair in Navy Blue Microsuede photo

Micorsuede Swivel Glider

If you need a chair with a small footprint and a smooth, quiet swivel and glide, then this swivel glider by Babyletto is for you. In addition to this chair being durable and easy to clean, it’s also Greenguard Gold Certified. Plus, once it has served its nursing chair purposes, the classy design makes it a great fit for any room in the house.

High-Back Leather Glider photo

High-Back Leather Glider

This coffee brown tufted leather glider adds old-school class to your nursery. It works great with neutral colors, or it can ground a room that’s filled with bright hues. Pair it with an old-fashioned globe and some leather-bound books and your nursery can have an 1800’s explorer feel. Best of all, it comes fully assembled!

Nursing Chair Glider and Ottoman w/ Lumbar Pillow in Nursery photo

Glider and Ottoman w/ Lumbar Pillow

Available in a number of color combinations of wood and fabric to suit every room, this glider comes with an ottoman and a matching lumbar pillow. Best of all, for a fully custom look, it’s compatible with the nerdy covers featured later in this article. Get the perfect fit for your nursery with a themed cover that matches your decor!

Modern Rocking Chairs & Nursery Rocker Recliners

Wine Barrel Rocking Chair photo

Wine Barrel Rocking Chair

Wine lovers, listen up: for the ultimate rocking chair bragging rights, check out this wine barrel rocker. Made from a real wine barrel and oiled oak accents, this unique rocker will serve its purpose in your nursery AND be a great conversation piece for years to come!

Heated Massage Rocker Recliner photo

Heated Massage Rocker Recliner

Let’s face it, trying to soothe a fussy baby at 2 AM is never going to feel like a relaxing spa trip. But with a heated massage rocker recliner in your nursery, you may feel a little closer. This steel-framed nursery chair has it all:  reclining, rocking, swiveling, eight-point massage with four modes, and heat. Oh, and it has pockets and two cup holders. What more could you ask for?

Camouflage Rocker Recliner photo

Camouflage Rocker Recliner

For the hunting enthusiast, this camouflage rocker recliner will definitely add some character to your nursery. You can even get a matching mini recliner for your little one when they’re older! Oh, and did we mention it also features heated massage and USB ports? This rocker is an all-around winner!

Yellow Compact Rocking Chair photo

Colorful Compact Rocking Chair

Looking for a nursery rocker that packs a color punch without taking up a ton of space? Check out this compact and modern rocking chair. Available in six colors, it’s just 26.5 inches wide and has a smaller profile than other rockers, making it perfect for a nursery with limited space.

Nursing Chair Cushions

Nursing Chair Dino Cushions photo

Dino Nursing Chair Cushions

If you love dinos and this dinosaur ottoman wasn’t enough for you, then double down with these great glider cushions. The muted blue colors are soothing while the pattern adds a bit of fun. They come in your choice of 5 sizes, or you can request custom-fitted cushions to fit any rocker, glider, or recliner chair.

Schooner Boat Print Glider Cushions photo

Schooner Boat Print Glider Cushions

Get an authentic nautical look complete with schooner, compass, and more on these great glider cushions. Hypoallergenic and are made to order, meaning you can get the exact right fit no matter which rocking chair you choose. From the detailed piping to the reversible style, these are heirloom quality cushions made to last for years to come!

Elephant Print Nursing Chair Cushion photo

Elephant Nursery Rocker Cushion

If you love elephants as much as we do, then this rocking chair cushion is for you! Celebrate the world’s largest land animal with your little one with this 100% cotton reversible cushion. But perhaps yellow isn’t what you’re looking for. Thankfully, there are a variety of delightful colors to choose from here.

Pineapple Nursing Chair Cushions photo

Pineapple Nursing Chair Cushions

What is it about pineapples that so many find irresistible? Maybe it’s the memory of a tropical island paradise, maybe it’s the many things pineapples symbolize. Maybe you just like eating pineapples. Whatever the reason, you can deck out your nursing chair with this pineapple-printed cushion set!