Best Gender Reveal Gifts Ideas

Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party? If so, what kind? Read on to discover the best gender reveal gifts that any new parent will love!

Man and Woman Kissing While Holding a Sonogram Photo

The arrival of a baby is a big deal, and the wait is so long! One of the best moments for parents is learning the gender of the baby. Above all, gender reveal parties are always fun because it’s a surprise for everyone involved, especially with all the creative ways to reveal. 

However, do you need to bring a gift to the party? The answer is simple. If the hosts didn’t say to, it’s entirely up to you! Moreover, even if the parents are planning to host a baby shower, it’s nice to get the extra gifts in the anticipation of the little one. Subsequently, since you don’t know the gender of the baby until the party, everything for the baby should be gender-neutral. Since gender reveal parties come early in the pregnancy, you can also choose gifts for the father-to-be, or the newly pregnant mother. Trust us, they’ll love them!

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Ready? Great! Then, let’s begin!

Gender Reveal Gifts for Parents

Gender Reveal Gifts: Bump Boxes 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box photo

Bump Boxes

Firstly, let’s kick off our list of the best gender reveal gifts right. These boxes are specifically for the second and third trimesters. Secondly, they are designed for mom’s comfort and pampering in mind because pregnancy can be tiring! The second-trimester box comes with belly butter to help with stretch marks, bath soak, a frame for the sonogram, a sleep mask, and a face cloth. The third-trimester box comes with a headband, hair wrap, under-eye treatment, a wood massager, foot soak, and grip socks.

Bump Boxes Dad To Be Gift Box photo

Dad-to-be Box

Brought to you by the same makers of Bump Box, this is the dad version of the above. This gift set includes a handbook for new dads, I love my daddy onesie, a super dad keychain, manly soap bar, a book for baby, and a pair of “#1 DAD” socks. In short, even though he may not be too tired during the gender-reveal, he definitely will be once the baby comes.

Best Dad in the Galaxy T-Shirt photo

Best Dad in the Galaxy Tee

There are tons of dads in the galaxy, so make sure you snag the “Best” title with this shirt. With the classic Star Wars look and font, sizes range from small to 3XL and you also have the option to have the words printed on the front or back.

Mama Bear Slippers photo

Mama Bear Slippers

Certainly, when you’re carrying around a lot of extra weight, your body feels the pressure, especially your feet. With numerous different colors to choose from, these slippers are made with ultra comfy memory foam and a faux-sherpa lining. In addition, they also have sturdy bottoms for both indoor and outdoor use and are even safe to toss into the washing machine.

Man Wearing a Daddy Shark T-shirt photo

Daddy Shark Tee

We all know the song, and as parents we can’t escape it. So, may as well give in, and get the daddy shark t-shirt that comes printed with a vintage look and Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo. The image can be placed on the front or back and sizes are from small to 3XL.

Expecting Patronum Maternity Tshirt image

Harry Potter: Expecting Patronum Maternity Tee

Will it be a new wizard or a witch? Whichever is expected, this maternity tee casts the perfect spell! Firstly, it comes in a variety of Hogwarts House colors, and is available in sizes up to 2XL. Further, you can choose a short sleeved, long sleeved, or tank top option.

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Pregnant Woman Wearing a The Force is Strong Maternity T-Shirt photo

The Force Maternity Tee

“The force is strong with this one.” At least, that’s what I always thought when my baby was kicking directly into my bladder. Made with a soft, ringspun cotton, this tee comes in four different colors: black, pink, blue, and purple. Further, it also runs from small to 3XL.

Gender Reveal Gifts: That’s No Moon Maternity Tee photo

That’s No Moon Maternity Tee

Normally, we wouldn’t highlight two similar products back to back, but this shirt is too funny not to feature! So, continuing with the Star Wars theme, the Death Star awaits on this funny maternity tee. In addition, this shirt also comes in a variety of colors: black, gray, pink, blue, and navy and sizes go up to 3XL.

 LOTR: My Precious Tee photo

 LotR: My Precious Maternity Tee

Firstly, this is a cute tribute to the One Ring. Next, it makes a perfect gift for moms who demand to have Lord of the Rings marathons once a year (yes, that includes me). With sizes up to 5X, this shirt can be ordered as a maternity shirt and a regular t-shirt.

D20 Critical Success Maternity Tee photo

D20 Critical Success Maternity Tee

Taking geekiness to the next level, this D20 maternity shirt makes a great gift for those who love tossing dice in their favorite tabletop role playing game. There’s sizes all the way up to 5X, and it can be ordered as a maternity shirt and/or a regular t-shirt. Roll for initiative!

Gender Neutral Baby Wearables

Player 3 Baby Onesie photo

Player 3 Onesie

Perfect for gamer parents who are having their first child. This “Player 3 has entered the game” onesie features the classic D-Pad and 4-button controller layout. It comes in several different colors and has short and long sleeve options as well.

Gender Reveal Gifts: NASA Astronaut Suit Baby Bib photo

NASA Astronaut Bib

Anything NASA is a great gift! This bib is shaped like a little astronaut with all the bells and whistles. It has a plastic liner to keep things from getting super messy. But even if things do, the bib’s machine washable, so don’t worry if every docking procedure isn’t a perfect success.

A Baby's Gotta Do What A Baby's Gotta Do Baby Onesie photo

Tommy Pickles Onesie

Bring back memories from the 90s with this Tommy Pickles onesie. Even though the little one probably won’t get the opportunity to enjoy the classic show (at least until the inevitable reboot/remake), this onesie sure to be a hit among your friends. In addition, this onesie comes in short and long sleeves with multiple color options.

Gender Reveal Gifts: Legend of Zelda Link outfit and Hylian Shield Bib Set photo

Legend of Zelda Bib Set

This adorable bib has it all for Zelda lovers. The front features Link’s usual green outfit and straps, but the best part is the Hylian Shield cape that snaps onto the back. The fabric is waterproof and has a catching pouch for stray food. If you’re more into Mario, check out these super cute Mario Bros bibs!

Gender Reveal Gifts: Level 1 Human Character Sheet Onesie photo

Level 1 Human Onesie

For those who play RPG’s, we know the importance of stats and leveling up. Unfortunately for babies, we all start at Level 1. Could you imagine a baby born with ultra high, epic level stats? I don’t know about you folks, but I would be scared of a baby who could take down doors. Temper tantrums would be terrifying. Anyways, this onesie comes in a variety of colors with short or long sleeves as an option as well.

StormPooper Onesie photo

StormPooper Onesie

Another Star Wars-inspired item (because we can never have too much Star Wars), this onesie plays a twist on the word Stormtrooper because we all know what babies do best. This outfit comes in long and short sleeves and in a variety of colors.

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Gender Reveal Gifts

Gender Reveal Gifts: Baby's First Years Memory Book Cover photo

Baby’s First Years Memory Book

This gender neutral baby memory book is a sweet gift for lasting memories from pregnancy on up to age five. The pages are already pre-designed because scrapbooking can take up a lot of time that a new mother doesn’t have. Further, it’s easy to fill out and has an attractive layout. In addition, this book even comes with a pocket to store small items like your child’s hospital wristband. 

Gender Reveal Gifts: Baby Hand and Foot Print Keepsake Kit photo

Hand and Footprint Keepsake

This photo frame features two slots for pictures and a clay area for capturing a handprint and footprint. Further, the company has a smooth finish guarantee for the clay, so the prints turn out beautiful and professional. In addition, the kit even includes number and letter stamps for an even more personalized finish.

Baby Milestone Keepsake Storage Box with 9 Tuck Boxes photo

Baby Milestone Keepsake Storage Box

This box comes in several colors and designs, all with nine compartments for treasured memories. In total, it comes with the following drawers to keep baby’s “firsts” safe and in one place: tooth, hair curl, booties, pacifier, bracelet, treasures, shoes, spoon, and a special keepsake.