Best Cloth Diapers For Nerdy Parents

Poop happens, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen in style! Check out our list of the best cloth diapers for babies of nerdy parents!

Baby in Cloth Diaper photo

Cloth diapers are all the rage these days for multiple reasons. The most popular reason has to do with reducing your family’s carbon footprint and helping to limit the amount of trash being dumped in a landfill. Another reason is to save money on reusing diapers instead of running up a disposable diaper expense every month. No matter your reason, we’ve spent a few hours searching for our favorite cloth diapers for all you nerdy parents out there.

How I Roll Cloth Diaper

Most babies learn to roll before they crawl. Once they start rolling there’s no stopping them. From one side of the room to the other. Unfortunately, you can’t give them any dice until they are older, unless you purchase these giant foam dice. Either way, you’ll see them rolling.

Pikachu Cloth Diaper photo

Pokemon Pikachu Cloth Diaper

If you’re a Pokemon fan, then you are in luck. These super cute Pikachu diapers will brighten up anyone’s day. You’ll be able to play your own version of Pokemon Go around the house.

Letter from Hogwarts Cloth diaper photo

Harry Potter Cloth Diaper

I know you have big aspirations for your little one. You want them to go to Hogwarts, train to become a wizard, and then save the planet from super villains. I’m just joking, but this diaper will definitely show off how serious you are about the fantasy genre. Plus, we have lots Harry Potter baby clothes to match!

Batman Cloth diapers (Set of 3) photo

Batman Cloth Diapers 3 Pack

As much as your baby stays up at night you’d think that they might don a mask and fight crime during those wee hours. Sadly, your baby is not capable of leaving your home without being carried or sitting in a stroller. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress them in this adorable Batman diaper.

Deadpool Maxaloones photo

Deadpool Maxaloones

If you’re going to put a superhero on your baby, why not make it Deadpool? This pair of maxaloones are made to fit over fluffy cloth diapers, and is wonderful for days when your child is being sassy. Dress your baby right, with Maximum Effort!

Assorted Designs Cloth Diapers 6-Pack

This bundle of diapers comes with six different designs making it a great value. You get a little of everything here; dinosaurs, monsters, mustaches, skulls, whales, and a basic geometric design. This pack comes with 12 inserts.

Assorted Designs Cloth Diapers 6-Pack

Here’s another fantastic six-pack of cloth diapers. These designs include a rocket ship, dinosaur, happy suns, birds, more birds, and even more birds. Inserts are also included with this pack.

Star Wars Grogu Cloth Diaper photo

Grogu Cloth Diaper

Imagine being snatched up and taken to the Jedi temple at a very young age, only to never see your parents again. The more I learn about the Jedi, the less appealing their Order sounds to me. Maybe, you should train your little one in the ways of the Force all by yourself, or perhaps Ahsoka or Luke will show up to help.

Star Wars Droids Cloth Diaper photo

Droids Cloth Diaper

These ARE the droids you’re looking for! Featuring C-3PO, R2-D2, BB-8, and D-O, and few Resistance symbols for good measure, these cloth diapers are perfect for any leaks your little droid may be having. Beep-boop-ooo.

Legend of Zelda Cloth Diaper

Before your baby can save Hyrule and the princess Zelda, they’ll need to learn to run, carry a sword, and of course, use a potty. This awesome cloth diaper will encourage you to keep raising that baby until they’re old enough to play some video games with you.

Animal Crossing Characters Cloth Diaper photo

Animal Crossing Cloth Diaper

As far as cute characters go, Animal Crossing can’t be beat. From regulars like Isabelle, Tom Nook, and his Nooklings to special visitors like K.K. Slider and Daisy Mae, this cloth diaper is full of cute! Well, at least on the outside, the inside might be full of something decidedly not cute.

Star Wars Character Panels Cloth Diaper photo

Star Wars Panel Print Cloth Diaper

This Star Wars cloth diaper features panels with many of the memorable characters. It’s quite colorful, plus Boba Fett is on it. How can you pass up a diaper with the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy on it?

Mario Brothers Question Mark Block Cloth Diaper photo

Game Over Cloth Diaper

Is your family made up of gamers? If the answer is yes, then this cloth diaper, outfitted with one of retro gaming’s most famous symbols, the Question Mark Block from the Super Mario games, is perfect for you little one. Just don’t expect to find any gold coins or power-ups inside.

Ren and Stimpy Cloth diaper photo

Ren & Stimpy Cloth Diaper

The hardest part of raising a baby is that you can’t share all the things you love with them yet. Guess you just have to dress them in the things you love until then. For us 90s cartoons geeks, Ren and Stimpy are amazing. I personally still wonder how that super-trippy, gross cartoon made it onto Nickelodeon, but you bet you powdered toast I’m glad it did! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Home Alone Cloth Diaper photo

Kevin McCallister’s Battle Plan Cloth Diaper

There’s a shortage of perfect movies in this world, but we’re pretty sure the first Home Alone is definitely one of them. Is it a geeky movie? Not really. But anything can be geeky if you look hard enough. This cloth diaper makes an obscure reference into a diaper. And you know what is geeky? Obscure references.

Justice League Maxaloones photo

Justice League Maxaloones

Are you a big fan of the Justice League but hate it when they somehow “forget” to include Wonder Woman in their merch? Well, this pair of maxaloones, made to fit over fluffy cloth diapers, not only includes Wonder Woman but Supergirl too! Thank you! On the item page, make sure to select the Heroes Turquoise option in the Finish drop down menu.

Original Star Trek Cloth Diaper

Your baby is boldly going into their future. They are also going to love going potty in this diaper.

Jack and Sally Cloth diaper photo

Nightmare Before Christmas Cloth Diaper

This diaper is for those of us that consider ourselves to be a little more alternative than the rest of the population. It’s no surprise we tend to be attracted to the weirder sides of love and affection. The Jack and Sally story found in Nightmare Before Christmas is a good example of just that.

Science Cloth Diaper

Your baby might be a little young to receive their first chemistry set, but they certainly aren’t too young to rep this adorable cloth diaper. You can even pick your color!

Flying Spaghetti Monster Cloth Diaper

All hail the supreme pasta deity. Millions of people are known to devote their lives to this noodlely entity. Now you can start your baby off on the right meatball by dressing them devoutly every day.

You Are Not Alone Cloth Diaper

It’s true, babies are never alone. That goes for you as well. How much legit alone time do you really have? Sometimes, you might be wishing for those aliens to come and abduct you.

Labyrinth Movie Cloth Diaper photo

Labyrinth Cloth Diaper

Remind yourself of the babe with this adorable Labyrinth themed cloth diaper. Sarah, Jareth, Ludo, Hoggle, and my favorite, the Worm are featured. And the front of the diaper even has the pair of riddle-giving Door Knockers! Dance magic, dance!

Galatic Space Cloth Diaper photo

Galaxy Cloth Diaper

Don’t worry, we’ve got something for you astronomer geeks as well. This highly rated cloth diaper will have your baby staring up into the stars…when you’re feeding them at 3 am.

Don’t forget to pick up some inserts!

Cthulhu Loves You Cloth Diaper

Did you think we’d forget the mighty Cthulhu? Heck no, and you know what? Cthulhu loves you. Each and every one of you. That’s why you should buy this for your baby. Cthulhu fhtagn!

Where the Wild Things Are Cloth Diaper photo

Where the Wild Things Are Cloth Diaper

The best book about temper tantrums ever written is Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. Not only is the book deep on a psychological level, but, from Max in his wolf-suit to all the wild things, the art is wonderfully inventive and delightful. Now, with this cloth diaper, your little wild thing can have its own wild rumpus!

Lord of the Rings Cloth Diaper photo

The One Diaper Cloth Diaper

One diaper to clothe them all! Unfortunately, you’re going to need a lot more than just one, so let this Lord of the Rings cloth diaper join your fellowship!

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Lord of the Rings Cloth Diaper

Lord of the teething rings, is more like it. Babies are comparable to Gollum: innocent, but vicious.