Best Baby Toothbrushes

Keep your baby’s teeth and gums fresh and clean while instilling lifelong habits with our list of the best baby toothbrushes!

Mother Showing Infant How to Brush Teeth photo

From a baby’s first tooth to a mouth full of toddler teeth, it’s important to keep their teeth healthy from the very beginning. It’s also imperative to get those brushing habits built early, for a lifetime of good teeth. With all the options out there, it may be hard to know what all the differences are and which are the best. Well, we’re here to help! A top concern is, of course, safety. So, you’ll be happy to know that all the toothbrushes listed below are BPA-free and safe for your little ones.

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All set? Great, time to get brushing!

Infant Toothbrushes

Infant brushes are known for their little extra perks, whether it be soft bristles, anti-choke guard, or even a teether on the opposite end. When it comes to future brushing habits, it’s crucial to make sure you get the most out of these early stages. For more info about what to expect, go here.

Papablic Training Toothbrush with close up insert of bristles image

Papablic Training Toothbrush

This multicolored 4-pack comes with an easy-grip that is great for infants to use as a teether as well. The bristles are extra soft, boasting 10,000 super soft micro flex bristles. Lastly, the short neck design and oval grip help babies to start learning to brush without gagging themselves.

Lila Training Toothbrush (2-Pack) photo

Lila Training Toothbrush

This toothbrush 2-pack comes in a blue and green and features ultra-soft, food-grade silicone bristles. The lip on the brush prevents choking and the bottom has an extra-strong suction cup for upright storage. Further, the toothbrushes can be sterilized in boiling water and at high temperatures without worrying about ruining the brushes.

Best Baby Toothbrushes: Colgate's My First Toothbrush in package (4-pack) photo

Colgate: My First Toothbrush

A 4-pack of safari-themed toothbrushes. Colgate, a reputable brand in the world of oral hygiene, makes these soft-bristled toothbrushes, and each has an easy-grip handle and a small brush head for the comfort of your growing baby. Plus there’s four, so you can keep one in the diaper bag, one at home, one at the Grandparents, and one for back up, just in case.

2 Kiuimi Panda Brushes (1 in Protective Case) photo

Kiuimi Panda Brushes

These cute panda brushes use bristles measuring 70 microns (if you want to get scientific), meaning they clean deeper yet are much softer than a standard toothbrush. The molding process and materials used for the handle makes the toothbrush easy to grip, even when wet. In addition, unlike other toothbrushes that come with a case for the head, this comes with a protective case for the entire toothbrush. Perfect for traveling!

Best Baby Toothbrushes: Baby Banana Toothbrush in Package photo

Baby Banana Toothbrush

This company makes fun, easy to grip toothbrushes with soft silicone bristles. They have tons of different colors and designs to fit any child’s personality, too. For example, other designs include corn on the cob, a shark, an octopus, a unicorn, and a dragon.

Baby Finger Toothbrushes

Baby finger toothbrushes are the go-to for the best baby toothbrushes. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on in there when trying to brush an infant’s mouth. However, finger toothbrushes are safe and effective and let you know exactly where and what you’re brushing.

Person Wearing an Itsy Bitsy People 360 Finger Brush with 4 Colors Shown image

Itsy Bitsy People 360 Finger Toothbrush

This finger toothbrush is made of 360-degree food-grade silicone bristles. Available in a multicolor 4-pack that also includes cases for travel and storage. Perfect for babies who can’t stay still long enough for an effective brushing session. In addition, they’re strong enough to withstand biting to protect mom and dad’s fingers from baby chomps.

Bassion Finger Toothbrushes (Set of 6) and Baby with Finger in its Mouth image

Bassion Finger Brushes

This finger toothbrush set comes with six different colors of brushes and a case for each one, because we know baby items (especially socks) disappear on us all the time! Opposite the bristles are bumps for the ultimate tongue and gum cleaning as well. Further, the company state that their brushes can also be used for pets (aka fur babies), in case you don’t need all six for your human baby.

Best Baby Toothbrushes: The Brushies Finger Toothbrush packaging (Front and Back) image

The Brushies Finger Toothbrush

First, the Brushies finger toothbrushes are patented to be used from four weeks to four years of age. Second, the silicone material is safe for dishwashers. Lastly, there are four characters to choose from: Momo the monkey, Chomps the dinosaur, Pinky the pig, and Willa the whale.

V-Shaped and U-Shaped Baby Toothbrushes

Beyond standard shaped toothbrushes, a few different kinds have emerged in the market. The V-shaped brushes help ensure that the top and the sides of the teeth get just as much attention. Further, the U-shaped design uses the same concept but with brushing both the top and bottom at the same time.

Fridababy Grow With Me in Package and Out image

Fridababy Grow With Me

This two-pack of V-shaped toothbrushes comes with two different brushes to accompany the growth of your baby. First, the stage-1 toothbrush is for infants 6+ months, and features silicone bristles, an anti-choke stopper, and an easy-to-grip rounded handle. Next, the stage-2 brush is for growing children 18+ months old. Further, stage-2 features regular bristles, and a grip designed for getting kids used to standard toothbrushes, as well as a suction cup on the bottom for upright storage.

RAZOKO 3-Sided Baby Toothbrush in Package with Insert Showing Bristles on a Dotted Line Tooth image

RAZOKO 3-Sided Toddler Toothbrush

This V-shaped toothbrush works for kids 3 and up. Perfect for kids learning to brush on their own. You can be sure your child’s teeth and gums are getting a good cleaning with this brushes 3-sided bristle formation. Plus, the little penguin character is adorable and sure to make any kid happy. In addition, this brush is perfect for cleaning pets teeth too—just be sure not to confuse which brush is your kid’s and which is your pet’s!

Newrichbee U-Shaped Toothbrush (4-Pack) photo

Newrichbee U-Shape Brush 4-Pack

The U shape design is made for children two years and up and features an easy-to-grip handle. Kids wiggle the brush back and forth in their mouths, hitting every tooth, including those hard to reach ones in the back. However, it’s important to point out two things: 1. A U-shaped toothbrush should be used as a gateway before transitioning to a standard toothbrush. 2. This style of toothbrush uses foaming toothpaste. So, be sure to snag a few tubes of foaming toothpaste here!

Gaslike Dinosaur Electric Toothbrush photo

Gaslike Dinosaur Electric Toothbrush

This cute dinosaur toothbrush has tons of features! There are six different cleaning modes, including a 45-second timer. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it accidentally getting wet, which we know is almost unavoidable in a bathroom with children. Further, the toothbrush charges with a USB cable. Finally, it also comes with a removable head, so your child can upgrade to a regular electric toothbrush. Be mindful, the U-shape needs foaming toothpaste (see above for a link).

Toothbrush Sets

What’s better than buying a well-rounded toothbrush? Buying toothbrushes in sets, either to accommodate the baby’s growing mouth and newly emerging teeth or to have enough in a pack to be able to lose one or two without stressing. That’s where these come in.

Frerdui 6-piece set with packaging photo

Frerdui 6-Piece Set

This 6-piece set comes with three different types of brushes for each stage of growth. First, there’s silicone finger brushes for 6+ months. Next, U-shaped brushes with heart-shaped handles for 12+ months. Finally, the third set features standard toothbrushes with ultra-fine bristles and an easy-to-grip handle for 24+ months. Beyond that, this makes a great baby shower gift too!

Dr. Talbots Oral Care Set in Package photo

Dr. Talbots Oral Care Set

Four stages are represented in this set. First, a silicone finger brush with bristles on one side and gum massager on the other. Second, a toothbrush with silicone bristles for emerging teeth. Third, another silicone bristled brush but shaped so you can effectively reach new molars. Lastly, a toothbrush with regular bristles to continue building good brushing techniques, helping make oral care a lifelong habit. Also, another item that would make for an excellent baby shower gift.