Best Baby Ball Pits Any Kid Will Love!

Boost your child’s motor skills, imagination, and more with our list of the best baby ball pits!

Cute Baby Wearing a Big Bow in a Ball Pit photo

Baby ball pits are a great toy that can be used for both indoor and outdoor play, and I’m not talking about the ones at Chuck E. Cheese (which they don’t have anymore). If you’re interested, go here for an awesome deep dive into the history of the ball pit.

For our list of the best baby ball pits, we’ve got ball pits for babies and toddlers as well as tent and tunnel ball pit combination toys. Many of the baby ball pits available develop cognitive skills, offering calming sensory experiences, and encourage imaginative social play. So, basically, your child will be having a ball !

Speaking of, a lot of baby ball pits don’t actually come with balls, so go here to fix that. Also, while you’re at it, pick up some sanitizing wipes to keep those surfaces germ free!

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Ready to go? Then, let’s get rolling!

Baby & Toddler Ball Pits

Baby Ball Pits: Infant Playing in a Turtle-shaped Ball Pit photo

Turtle Ball Pit

I was looking for a gift for my niece’s first birthday and wanted something unique and educational. I found this Melissa and Doug Turtle ball pit and fell in love. It encourages early childhood development in three key skill areas: physical, cognitive, and social. Further, it has a plush design that your little one can play in or climb on. As always, Melissa and Doug’s travel-ready turtle ball pit holds up to the company’s commitment to cute, high-quality, educational toys.

Two Toddlers Playing with a Little Tikes Slam Dunk Big Ball Pit with Features image

Slam Dunk Big Ball Pit

I reviewed sports-related indoor toys so my toddler could actively play inside on those rainy days without destroying my house. I came across the Little Tykes Slam Dunk Big Ball Pit and loved the design. Firstly, it’s perfect for indoor play and quickly inflates so your toddler can bounce around inside. Secondly, its 3-in-1 design can be used as a bouncer, ball pit, and basketball. Lastly, there’s an easy access crawl-through, so your child can safely enter and exit during playtime.

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Baby Ball Pits: Infant Playing in a Baby Ball Pit & Activity Gym photo

Baby Ball Pit & Activity Gym Combo

The Infantino baby ball pit and activity gym combination is a great toy that offers versatility and multiple play options. I always love to find a multi-functional product that can grow as the child grows. With this, your little one can use it from infant to toddler stages. Further, this baby ball pit quickly transforms from a baby activity gym to a ball pit, and it’s easily packed away with the adorable storage sloth. With toys of different shapes, colors, and textures for motor skills development and sensory play, a linkable teether, and 40 play balls, your infant or toddler will have hours of playtime!

Child sitting in a Memory Foam Ball Pit photo

Memory Foam Ball Pit

The memory foam ball pit is an excellent design for your toddler. Made from high-quality memory foam, non-toxic, and BPA-free, it’s cushy and safe, so you won’t have to worry about your little one getting hurt during playtime. In addition, the soft fleece material has a zippered design, allowing for easy cleaning by removing the outer lining.

Baby Ball Pits: VTech Drop and Pop Ball Pit in Box photo

Drop and Pop Ball Pit

The VTech Drop & Pop Ball Pit is perfect for younger children aged 9 to 36 months. If you’re looking for a fun, interactive, and educational toy that builds cognitive and problem-solving skills, this toy has all those features and more. Further, it comes with an interactive activity panel with a hoop that counts the balls. In addition, it features buttons that play imaginative phrases, animal sounds, and music.

Baby Ball Pits: Infant in a Playpen Ball Pit with Accessories image

Playpen Ball Pit

If you are looking for a gated-in play area to keep your little one safely confined, this item fits the bill. With a length and width of 71 by 47 inches, your little one will have room to crawl and roll around. Further, the gate height of 25 inches, along with the pull-up rings, are perfect for learning to stand. Lastly, the mesh basketball hoop and soccer nets at the ends encourages active play for your toddler. Just be aware that it doesn’t come with balls, so you’ll need to pick up a pack or two of them.

Ball Pit & Kiddie Pool Combo Toy photo

Ball Pit & Kiddie Pool Combo

If you’re looking for a unique and multi-use ball pit for your toddler, I recommend this ball pit and kiddie pool combination toy. Your toddler will have hours of fun swimming in the pool or playing in the ball pit. Even better, you can combine both by adding the balls to pool time. Further, you don’t have to blow up this ball pit and pool combination toy, which means there’s no need to worry about rips or water spills.

Tunnels & Tents

Baby Ball Pits: Rocket Play Tent with Tunnel and Ball Pit with Features Listed image

Rocket Play Tent and Tunnel Ball Pit

If your toddler loves imagination play, then the rocket tent and tunnel ball pit will provide hours of enjoyment. Have your toddler press the blastoff button, so space exploration sounds fill the room. Further, the easy storage and assembly make this ball pit portable, so your child never misses out on space exploration play. 

Baby Ball Pits: 6-piece Tent and Tunnel Playhouse Photo

Tent and Tunnel Playhouse

If you are searching for the ultimate fun in ball pit and tunnel play for your toddler, look no further. With this combination of tents, tunnels, and ball pits, your child can crawl thru and explore for hours of fun. Not only is it large enough for multiple children to use, but it also encourages group play and problem-solving skills with its maze-like design. You can rearrange and add sections to increase outdoor and group play size or remove tunnels or tents for more compact indoor play. 

Infants Playing in an Ocean-Themed Tent, Tunnel, and Ball Pit Playhouse image

Ocean-Themed Tunnel, Tent, & Ball Pit

This toy is an excellent option for any little ones learning to crawl or for toddlers who love to explore. Firstly, separate ball pit areas are attached between two tunnels, and one of the open ball pits includes a hoop for coordinated ball play. Secondly, it’s made with a durable mesh material, so you can easily unfold and set up, or fold and store, the tents and tunnels within minutes. 

6-Sided Ball Pit with Carrying Case photo

6-Sided Ball Pit

The 6-sided ball pit makes an excellent alternative to a playpen for your little movers. The 6-sided tent includes roll-up doors for older toddlers to enter and exit as they want. In addition, the windowed mesh sides allow you to observe your toddler’s playtime, and when done, you can easily wipe everything clean. Further, it pops up quickly, folds down easily, and fits into a small zippered bag for easy storage.

Ball Pit Tent Lit by String Lights by a Christmas Tree and Toys photo

Hearts & Starlights Tent

My child loves their hearts & starlights ball pit and tent toy, and so do I! Firstly, it stores easily, but also fits the bedroom’s decor when we do leave it up. Secondly, if you want to keep any toys and ball pit balls inside the tent, the front flap can be untied and lowered. Lastly, the string of star lights that come included add a nice glow during the evening. We use it as a night light until my child falls asleep.

Toddler in a Food Truck Play Tent With Pretend Food and Carrying Case image

Food Truck Play Tent

Boost your child’s entrepreneurial spirit with this food truck play tent and ball pit. Perfect for any kid who loves mixing food and imaginative play. Roomy enough for multiple children, and spacious enough for kids up to 8 years old. The wide front door unzips for easy ins and outs, and the rear area is the ball pit. In addition, a set of fifty-four play foods come with it as well as a QR code to print a menu and fake money!