Bazinga! Big Bang TV Show inspired baby One Piece – Red

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What self respecting geek isn’t a fan of the Big Bang Theory? Let your love be known with your bouncing baby in this red one piece. Click the image to see the details.

Sheldon quote of the week:
From the episode The Re-Entry Minimization
Sheldon: (About Pictionary) The word is “Polish.” See, look.
Polish sausage. And the-the model of the solar system developed by Nicolaus Copernicus, a Polish astronomer. And then, finally, if that wasn’t enough…which it should’ve been…this is Madame Curie killing herself by discovering radium, who, although she was a naturalized French citizen, was Polish by birth!
Penny: Excuse me,the word is “polish.” See? Small “P”.
Sheldon: Ah! So it is. I guess we both share blame on this one.

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