Batman, Superman & DC Comics Baby Clothes

We’ve found the best Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, Justice League, and other DC comics-inspired baby clothes.

J Motive Photography by Mary Grace Pingoy

With the huge increase in superhero films and TV shows, it’s no wonder there’s a large growing demand for comic-themed onesies. All these heroes are household names that are even loved by your own parents. We know you are looking forward to introducing your little one to all these characters, but for now, you’re just going to have to settle for dressing them up like they have super powers.

Wonder Woman Onesie

Kicking off this list is one of the most iconic heroines of all time, Wonder Woman. Props to DC for empowering women early on without all that rescue the princess, damsel in distress nonsense.

Batman Logo Onesie

I’m a sucker for some classic baby clothing designs and this Batman logo reminds me of the original Tim Burton movies. Remember when Michael Keaton was Batman? Either way, there’s something to be said for a simple logo that everyone recognizes.

Superman Costume Onesie

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope it’s a super baby! Your little one can take to the sky with this outfit that includes a onesie and a cape. Perfect for family pictures, fighting crime, and filming a successful Warner Bros. movie.

Flash Costume Onesie

Zip, zoom, goodbye. That’s what it feels like once your child learns to roll or crawl. They become little miniature Flashes that have the ability to vanish in a blink of an eye. Which makes Flash a perfect outfit for your baby. This set comes with a onesie, hat, and booties.

Pink Supergirl Onesie photo

Supergirl Costume Onesie

For those of you who love pink and want an alternate version of the classic Superman costume. This one doesn’t include a cape, but you can still have lots of fun flying your baby throughout the house. Just don’t drop them.

Aquaman Onesie photo

Aquaman Onesie

Are you ready, kids? I said, are you ready? Ohhhh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongeb…
Oops, wrong underwater hero. This is Aquaman and he sleeps with the fishes. He also speaks to them. If Disney purchased DC, do you think they’d make a Little Mermaid crossover movie?

Green Lantern Logo Onesie

The real master of the universe next to your baby. If only Green Lantern could take on Thanos in a one on one. Who would win? You would, because that movie would rock.

Green Arrow Logo Onesie

I don’t think anyone imagined that Green Arrow would be the breakout DC television show. Unfortunately, your child will have to wait quite a few years to watch it with you, but you can get them a toy archery set in about 4-5 years.

Robin Logo Onesie

Before becoming Nightwing, Robin helped Batman keep Gotham safe. Your child will be able to assist you in a few years with washing dishes, cooking, and putting clothes away. Seriously, they might not be as efficient as you, but little kids do like to help.

Nightwing Mask Onesie

Nightwing is a great metaphor for your child growing up and becoming a strong independent adult. Sure, your offspring will make an awesome sidekick, but they got to leave the nest someday.

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Joker Costume Onesie

I love this onesie, mostly because babies look extremely silly dressed up like the Joker. With all the silly faces and gestures they make, they sort of capture the essence of every Joker during the day. Also, who doesn’t love a baby in purple?

Cyborg Onesie

This is the real Terminator. Yes, this is a Mega Man/Cyborg crossover, but Victor Stone is an amazing superhero. Who knows, maybe when your child is 100 years old they’ll have cool cybernetic replacements as well.

King Shark "Hand" Onesie photo

King Shark “Hand” Onesie

The true star of James Gunn’s Suicide Squad is King Shark. Nanaue, as his friends call him, is a perfect comic book character. Maybe it’s the dad bod, maybe it’s that he tries hard to fit in with us surface dwellers, or maybe it’s that he’s invincible and can tear people in half without straining. Whatever it is, King Shark is DC comics royalty as far as we’re concerned.

Batman Up All Knight Onesie photo

Bat Baby & Up All Knight Onesie

Personally, I love the Up All Knight romper simply due to the fact that babies tend to sleep in patterns, regardless of the actual time. It’s one of the more unique Batman-inspired designs we’ve seen for sale. Also comes in white and with your choice of long or short sleeves as well.

Straight Outta Arkham Onesie

This is great for when your baby is being naughty. You know those days when you’re frustrated, feeling the blues, and your baby just won’t cooperate. It’s okay, that’s normal. Raising kids is hard work. Dress your little one in this and pretend they just broke out of Gotham’s notorious asylum.

Blue Beetle Onesie

I don’t know about you guys, but I really enjoy stories with Blue Beetle. I love the origin stories and the internal struggle of morality that is waged with the alien entity. Your baby has a couple of years left before they can think on that kind of level, but you are probably facing those tough internal decisions every day. Keep up the good fight.

Swamp Thing NES Cover Onesie

We try to feature lots of unique baby clothes here, but this Swamp Thing onesie is quite the rare find. It’s the box cover of the classic Nintendo game. We know that there are those of you that love the green superhero made of plants, so I hope you can give this onesie a good home.

Beast Boy Onesie photo

Beast Boy Onesie

Do you remember the Teen Titans series? A superhero show with lovable characters and wholesome themes. It’s hard to believe that it aired almost 15 years ago. Who didn’t love Beast Boy? He might be one of the cutest DC characters of all time.

Teen Titan's Raven Onesie photo

Raven From Teen Titans Onesie

Next to Beast Boy, Raven was easily the most popular of all the Teen Titans. Half demon, half goth her wit is unmatched throughout DC. This onesie is the perfect gift for those of you that are a little on the dark side.

Yeet! Batman with Bomb Onesie photo

Yeet! Batman Onesie

The 1966 Batman movie starring Adam West is the epitome of campy, but dang it if it isn’t entertaining as heck! The bomb scene is the perfect summation of everything Batman was before Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil, Alan Moore, and Frank Miller all got a hold of him.

Justice League Blocks Onesie

This romper symbolizes the foundation of building a great superhero team. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the blocks for sale anywhere, so I guess the best alternative is this onesie with building blocks. I’ll let you debate why certain Justice League members are not included here or why Batman is on top.

Superheroine Onesie Pack

If you’re simply looking for packs of cute onesies that you can dress your baby in, then we’ve got you covered. First up is this superheroine set featuring Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman.

Batman Characters Onesie Pack

If you live in a Batman house, then you’re in luck. This Gotham pack contains Batman, Robin, Joker, and a Riddler onesie. I’m a big fan of that Riddler romper. This whole set is worth it just for that.

Justice League Characters Onesie Pack

Finally, we have the Justice League pack with Superman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Batman. Unfortunately, they didn’t include Wonder Woman which is just a shame. Still, these onesies all come in a convenient pack for a good price.

Wonder Woman with Cape Onesie photo

Wonder Woman Costume Onesie

We featured a regular Wonder Woman logo onesie above, but this one is more of a costume. It comes with a detachable cape, and is the perfect outfit for those parents that dream of their babies becoming superheroes.

Green Arrow Onesie

He’s kind of like a superhero version of Robinhood. The equivalent of Marvel’s Hawkeye. The nicer version of Batman. Green Arrow fights alongside some of the most popular Superheroes in the DC Universe. However, he doesn’t really have any super powers. I guess he really is just a nicer version of Batman.

Deathstroke Onesie

Originally the Arch Nemesis of the Teen Titans, Deathstroke has more recently been featured in the Green Arrow television series where he’s gathered a cult following. Luckily, if you’re a fan you can now show it off by dressing your baby in this romper. Comes in multiple colors.

Nightwing In Action Onesie

This onesie accomplishes two things. First, it’s a simple design and I know some of you out there are really into minimalism when it comes to art. Second, I know there are a bunch of Nightwing fans out there. We featured the logo romper, but I think this design does Nightwing a little more justice.

Aquaman Costume Onesie

For those of you that love a more classic Aquaman, like the one featured in the comics, then this romper is probably up your alley. It’s simple, comes in multiple colors, and lets people know you’re a true fan.

Be Shazam Onesie

If there’s one thing DC has managed to get right over the years, it’s the film Shazam. It’s fun, funny, and quite an ode to Tom Hanks in the classic movie Big. We’re proud to feature this superhero in our list of the best DC Comics baby clothes.

Batman Costume Onesie

Sometimes you just want a Batman costume outfit to dress your little one in. Great news, that’s exactly what you get with this one, including a detachable cape. Perfect for those parents that love everything Batman. And, don’t worry, that utility belt is not real.

Robin Onesie with Green Bloomers photo

Robin Costume Onesie

Finally, you can now dress up your baby as your number one sidekick. Now when you take them to the grocery store, the mall, or park everyone will know you two are a superheroic duo. Just don’t let the Joker get ahold of them.

Baby Batman Booties

You can’t fight crime without wearing something on your feet. This goes for your little one as well. These action-packed booties boost kicking, flying, and brainpower! Okay, they don’t, but holy baby toes, Batman, they sure are cute!

Justice League Baby Socks (Set of 12) photo

Justice League Socks

These socks feature logos of most of your favorite Justice League heroes and come in different sizes. You’ll now be able to complete your baby’s DC comic outfit. For reasons I can’t comprehend, they again didn’t include Wonder Woman among the selection even though I’m certain she’s an important member of the Justice League, but that’s okay I guess, because Wonder Woman gets her own assortment all to her powerful, Amazonian demigod self. Whichever set you go with, you’ll rest easy knowing that your child’s mere presence is keeping criminals at bay.

Doom Patrol Onesie photo

Doom Patrol Onesie

The world’s strangest superheroes are now available on baby clothes. Wonders never cease. Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, Crazy Jane, Cyborg, and the Chief are already famous for their hit TV show and your little one is probably going to grow up watching them.

Justice League Girl Power Bibs (Set of 5) photo

Justice League Baby Bibs

Superheroes are messy. Even the best of them, like Superman, get into trouble because of their messes. And babies are just as messy! This set of five bibs will help you keep the collateral damage to a minimum, and keep the mayor off your back, at least for a little while. Also, comes in a version without Wonder Woman, if that fits your needs better.