Baby Superman Cape T-Shirt Set

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What could make your average Superman shirt a hundred times better? A bird? A plane? No! It’s a cape!

This cape attaches to this world class Superman tee, meaning that it’s perfectly safe for any and all adventures. The cape attaches with velcro, which means it’s easy to get off if it gets stuck while turning the world back in time by flying around and around really, really fast. That’s right– no Incredibles accidents in this house, but still plenty of fun.

Snuggly soft, this shirt cape combo is the perfect thing to get your little hero through the dark night. Both are printed on 100% cotton, making them easy to wash, even in a machine. And don’t worry about this design fading or the colors running. Our designs are tough, like the Superman himself.
As always, we suggest ordering a size up so that your little hero can have this stylish and imaginative outfit for plenty of time.

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