Anime Nursery Ideas Including Totoro Decor

Your non-stop guide to finding the best anime nursery ideas and decor for your baby’s anime-themed room!

Crochet Pokemon Mobile photo

Awww. Your baby is peacefully sleeping and all is quiet and tranquil throughout your home. Well, that would certainly be a dream right? And speaking of dreams, why not have a gorgeous nursery that is decorated and designed for Anime enthusiasts alike? Your playful and sleepy nerdy baby will have a serene calm ambiance that is filled with magical, wonderful characters to grow up with. Geek Baby Clothes has compiled a fantastic list of excellent items to have for your little one’s anime-themed nursery room. Also, be sure to head over to our curated list of the cutest anime baby clothes.

Lamps 🛋️

Pikachu Table Lamp photo

Pokémon Table Lamp

Pikachu, the electric mouse Pokémon, will surely illuminate the room! This darling Pikachu lamp will surely bring some bright light to your baby’s nursery room. There’s also one of the classic anime cat Doraemon (not related to Pokémon)—just select Cat under Style 1.

Also be sure to check out our favorite Pokémon baby clothes.

Jiji the Cat Table Night Lights photo

Kiki’s Delivery Service Jiji Lamp

Who doesn’t love Jiji, the black sarcastic cat in Kiki’s Delivery Service? This gorgeous lamp features the lovable cat itself with a lantern-like look to it. Absolutely perfect for a Ghibli-themed nursery room or just because Jiji is so darn cute.

totoro nightlight

Totoro Dome Nightlight 

Your infant will certainly feel safe with this adorable Totoro dome nightlight. This nightlight features a glowing big Totoro, a mini Totoro, little mushrooms, and tiny sprouts. It comes in two colors of blue and pink for your choice in aesthetics for your nursery.

dragon ball z nightlight

Dragon Ball Z Nightlights

Your little Super Saiyan in training can now possess the power of the mighty Dragon Balls! Each Dragon Ball has its own number up to seven, just like in the anime. There is an option to purchase each separately or all of them. Your baby’s wishes will soon come true with these nightlights in their room! 

tony tony chopper

Tony Tony Chopper

Sail the seas with Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece! Your pirate baby will be adventuring for buried treasures on a nursery room voyage! This precious lamp features Tony Tony Chopper, a treasure chest, and the One Piece insignia presented on the lampshade. 

Curtains 🪟

pokemon drapes

Pokemon Window Drapes

Whether your baby is a Pokémon Trainer or just a Pokémon fan by proxy, these Pokémon Window drapes are perfect! Showcasing Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander surrounded by Pokéballs and stars, these will make any nursery ready to be the very best!

cherry blossom curtains

Cherry Blossom Curtains

The ambiance of Springtime in Japan will be beautifully displayed every day in your baby’s nursery with these gorgeous Cherry Blossom Curtains. Simple and sweet, these sakura curtains will look perfect paired with any anime decorations in the baby’s room.

Crib Sheets 👶🏼

Pokemon Crib Sheets photo

Pokémon Crib Sheets

Your tiny Pokémon Master can be sleeping in style with these really charming crib sheets! These fully customizable crib sheets mix your baby’s name with precious, watercolor interpretations of various Pokémon and Pokémon characters.

sushi crib sheet

Yummy Sushi Crib Sheets

Your little one may work up an appetite while sleeping on this super kawaii sushi crib sheet. With a lovely bright teal fabric with different color sushi rolls all over the print, these sheets are a delicious delight! Quite possibly, your baby may even dream of sushi! 

Baby Blankets 👶🏾

Charmander Security Blanket photo

Soft Charmander Security Blanket

What could be more perfect than an adorable Charmander security blanket for your adorable baby? There are other options here, here, or here, if fire Pokémon aren’t your type.

Sailor Moon Baby Blanket photo

Sailor Moon Security Blanket

As parents, we want our offspring to feel safe. As nerdy parents, we want our offspring to feel safe but a plus would be in a nerdy way, naturally. With this security blanket beautifully crocheted with a Sailor Moon doll attached, our little ones will surely be protected by the Moon Guardian herself.

Kiki's Delivery Service Blanket image

Kiki’s Delivery Service Sherpa Blanket

It’s time to cuddle up with this adorable Jiji the cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service sherpa blanket! The blanket is soft and cozy with Jiji and his kids looking cute as ever, and sherpa blankets are safe-for-baby alternatives to cotton blankets. At 27.5 x 39.4 inches, this medium sized blanket is great for nursing chair or crib!

Soot Sprite Baby Blanket photo

Soot Sprite Baby Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle your babe up with this too-cute Soot Sprite blanket! Once baby grows beyond swaddling age, then you can use this as a crib blanket, and if all goes as planned, that blanket becomes a woobie, binky, or whatever your child decides to call their security blanket. Perfect for a Ghibli-themed nursery room or just for any family who are fans of the films.

Mobiles 👩‍🍼

Crochet Pokemon Mobile with Pikachu photo

Pokémon Crochet Mobile

Your little trainer will be counting Pokémon instead of sheep with this gorgeous crocheted mobile of Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Vulpix, Manaphy, Chikorita, and Pokéballs. This mobile is the perfect gift idea for baby showers too! The Etsy shop that makes this has two other mobiles with different Pokémon on them, including the one from the picture at the top of this article!

Studio Ghibli Characters Mobile photo

Studio Ghibli Mobile

With Autumn leaves, acorns, soot sprites, and characters from My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle, this beautifully designed, handmade, felt mobile will whisk your child’s imagination away to a magical dreamland. There are other options available as well!

Decorations 🎍

pikachu print

Sleeping Pokémon Watercolor Portraits

The sounds of snoozing will be a relieving sound when your Pokémon-obsessed baby recovers from their long journeys exploring. With choices of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and Togepi you can have an entire team of sleepy Pokémon famed beautifully or choose your favorites to decorate with.

Pokemon Wall Vinyl in Child's Bedroom photo

Pokémon Wall Vinyl

Your little Pokémon trainer will feel right at home with this precious Wall Vinyl. Pokémon eating watermelon is undeniably adorable and will surely make the nursery a lovely space to be in. There are other designs available as well, so be sure to click on each of the Styles for a preview!

Soot Sprites 3-D Decoration photo

Studio Ghibli Soot Sprite 3-D Decoration

Soot Sprites pop up in two of Studio Ghibli’s finest films, My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. I’m convinced they used them more than once because they totally understand how stinking cute Soot Sprites are. These felt, 3-Dimensional decorations comes with thin, hard to see nylon cords to hang them by to give them the appearance of them floating.

Studio Ghibli Characters Area Rug photo

Studio Ghibli Rug

Whether your baby is crawling or just enjoying tummy time, this Studio Ghibli rug is perfect for playing and relaxing. Featuring characters from some of the studio’s most famous films, this stunning magical rug will surely whisk away you and your baby off to unknown lands and magical adventures.

My Hero Academia Pillow photo

My Hero Academia Pillow Cover

Babies can’t use pillows until they are at least two years old, but the chair in your heroic baby’s nursery (and your back) sure can. Every nursery needs a cool pillow or two, so why not one with amazing heroes your baby can look up to? Regardless if your little one has a quirk or not, this My Hero Academia pillow can surely give your baby’s room some action-packed fun! Don’t forget to snag the perfect pillow for this cover.

Organization 🗑️

Canvas Pikachu Laundry Basket photo

Canvas Pikachu Storage Basket

Whether used as a hamper for baby clothes, or a basket for toys and accessories, this super cute canvas storage basket may have a simple design but definitely have multiple uses for your nursery while giving your baby’s room a lovely touch.

sailor moon basket

Sailor Moon Storage Basket

A magical baby saving the world will always need adequate storage space. Whether it’s for diapers, socks, or accessories like pacifiers and rattles, why not have your nursery decorated with a kawaii atmosphere!

cinnamoroll baby wipe

Cinnamoroll Baby Wipe Container

Compact AND cute? What more could you want? Exchanging a typical baby wipe container to a kawaii one with Sanrio’s precious Cinnamoroll will make any type of cleaning as lovely as the character itself!